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Change Logs

* Sun Dec 06 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.5.2
  + Change behaviour of Package().from_repo
  + Add a get_current() method to SwdbInterface
  + Add `from_repo` attribute for Package class (rh#1898968, rh#1879168)
  + Correct description of Package().reponane attribute
  + Add unittest for new API
  + Make rotated log file (mode, owner, group) match previous log settings (rh#1894344)
  + [doc] Improve description of modular filtering
  + [doc] add documentation for from_repo
  + [doc] deprecated alias for dnf repoquery --deplist <deplist_option-label>
  + New config option module_allow_stream_switch allows switching enabled streams
* Sun Nov 29 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.4.2
  + Warn about key retrieval over http
  + Fix --setopt=cachedir writing outside of installroot
  + Add vendor to dnf API (rh#1876561)
  + Add allow_vendor_change option (rh#1788371) (rh#1788371)
- Rename dnf-conf package to dnf-data, in line with upstream
* Sat Oct 24 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.4.0
  + Handle empty comps group name (rh#1826198)
  + Remove dead history info code (rh#1845800)
  + Improve command emmitter in dnf-automatic
  + Enhance --querytags and --qf help output
  + [history] add option --reverse to history list (rh#1846692)
  + Add logfilelevel configuration (rh#1802074)
  + Don't turn off stdout/stderr logging longer than necessary (rh#1843280)
  + Mention the date/time that updates were applied
  + [dnf-automatic] Wait for internet connection (rh#1816308)
  + [doc] Enhance repo variables documentation (rh#1848161, rh#1848615)
  + Add librepo logger for handling messages from librepo (rh#1816573)
  + [doc] Add package-name-spec to the list of possible specs
  + [doc] Do not use <package-nevr-spec>
  + [doc] Add section to explain -n, -na and -nevra suffixes
  + Add alias 'ls' for list command
  + remove after reboot (rh#1863006)
  + comps: Raise CompsError when removing a non-existent group
  + Add methods for working with comps to RPMTransactionItemWrapper
  + Implement storing and replaying a transaction
  + Log failure to access last makecache time as warning
  + [doc] Document Substitutions class
  + Dont document removed attribute ``reports`` for get_best_selector
  + Change the debug log timestamps from UTC to local time
* Thu Jul 16 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
- Use systemd_ordering instead of sytemd_requires, we don't want
  systemd in our containers.
* Tue Jul 07 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.23
  + Fix completion helper if solv files not in roon cache (rh#1714376)
  + Add bash completion for 'dnf module' (rh#1565614)
  + Check command no longer reports  missing %pre and %post deps (rh#1543449)
  + Check if arguments can be encoded in 'utf-8'
  + [doc] Remove incorrect information about includepkgs (rh#1813460)
  + Fix crash with "dnf -d 6 repolist" (rh#1812682)
  + Do not print the first empty line for repoinfo
  + Redirect logger and repo download progress when --verbose
  + Respect repo priority when listing packages (rh#1800342)
  + [doc] Document that list and info commands respect repo priority
  + [repoquery] Do not protect running kernel for --unsafisfied (rh#1750745)
  + Remove misleading green color from the "broken dependencies" lines (rh#1814192)
  + [doc] Document color options
  + Fix behavior of install-n, autoremove-n, remove-n, repoquery-n
  + Fix behavior of localinstall and list-updateinfo aliases
  + Add updated field to verbose output of updateinfo list (rh#1801092)
  + Add comment option to transaction (rh#1773679)
  + Add new API for handling gpg signatures (rh#1339617)
  + Verify GPG signatures when running dnf-automatic (rh#1793298)
  + Fix up Conflicts: on python-dnf-plugins-extras
  + [doc] Move yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions to dnf-plugins-core
  + Remove args "--set-enabled", "--set-disabled" from DNF (rh#1727882)
  + Search command is now alphabetical (rh#1811802)
  + Fix downloading packages with full URL as their location
  + repo: catch libdnf.error.Error in addition to RuntimeError in load() (rh#1788182)
  + History table to max size when redirect to file (rh#1786335, rh#1786316)
Version: 2.7.5-bp150.1.3
* Mon Apr 30 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Re-enable boolean dependencies now that Leap 15.0 and Tumbleweed
  both only use rpm-md repository metadata, which supports this
- Adjust changes entries to use full author identities
* Sat Jan 20 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Fix build-time detection of Python 2
  * Add patch: dnf-2.7.5-Fix-detection-of-Python-2.patch
* Thu Jan 04 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Ensure DNF can recognize SUSE distro-release and kernel packages properly
  * Add patch: 0001-Add-additional-default-distroverpkg-and-installonlyp.patch
* Mon Nov 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 2.7.5:
  + Improved performance for excludes and includes handling (rh#1500361)
  + Fixed problem of handling checksums for local repositories (rh#1502106)
  + Fix traceback when using dnf.Base.close()
- Bump required pythonX-hawkey version
* Tue Oct 10 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 2.7.3:
  + Added new option '--comment=<comment>' that adds a comment to
    transaction in history
  + Added 'pre_configure()' method for plugins and commands to
    configure dnf before repos are loaded (rh#1212341)
  + 'dnf.Base.pre_configure_plugin()' configure plugins by running
    their 'pre_configure()' method (rh#1212341)
  + Support '--advisory=' with install (rh#1461171)
- Bump required pythonX-hawkey version as some APIs moved to libdnf
- Purge libreport configuration files instead of using exclude
* Tue Sep 05 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Add missing pythonX-curses Requires
* Tue Aug 29 2017 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- Disable the boolean dependencies: this is a hack (sorry) as none
  of the released products support this in the susetags metadata,
  which resulted in no distro being able to add the TW repo. Once
  we migrate to the new prod builder, this can be re-enabled.
* Fri Aug 18 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Add dnf-lang subpackage for lang content
- Downgrade logrotate from Requires to Recommends in dnf-conf subpackage
- Switch (currently unused) BR from systemd-devel to systemd-rpm-macros
  as we only need macros
- Delete commented out BR on python-sphinx_rtd_theme as it's definitely
  not needed
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Create /etc/dnf/repos.d on install
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Always build with Python 3 support
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Create /etc/dnf/repos.d on install
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Always build with Python 3 support
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Disable systemd units and do not install dnf-automatic by default
Version: 4.10.0-bp154.2.65
* Fri Mar 25 2022 Bruno Pitrus <>
- Add Fix-processing-of-download-errors.patch backported from upstream
  * Fix dnf incorrectly aborting on non-English systems when packages already cached (rh#2024527)
* Mon Jan 10 2022 Neal Gompa <>
- Add /etc/dnf/modules.d directory to -data subpackage (boo#1193706)
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Neal Gompa <>
- Update 4.10.0
  + Add support for autodetecting packages to be excluded from being
    installed as weak dependencies (rh#1699672)
  + Add support for excluding packages to be installed as weak dependencies (rh#1699672)
  + Add fail_fast parameter to download_payloads methods for use in reposync
  + Acquire all relevant locks during "dnf clean"
  + API: Raise CompsError when group/env not found in install_group
    and install_environment (rh#1947958)
  + [API] Add method "set_or_append_opt_value" to BaseConfig (rh#1967925)
  + Add aliases for commands: info, updateinfo, provides (rh#1938333)
  + Add report about demodularized rpms into module info (rh#1805260)
  + Remove DNSSEC errors on COPR group email keys
  + Documentation inprovements - rh#1938352, rh#1993899, rh#1963704
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 4.8.0
  + Do not assume that a remote rpm is complete if present
  + Use positive percentage for "Failed delta RPMs" message
  + Remove redundant new line in Groups output
  + Format empty group names outputs to <name-unset>
  + [doc] Document default colors
  + Use rpmkeys alone to verify signature
  + Add dnf.error message to explain rpm.error traceback when package
    not found after resolving a transaction (rh#1815327, rh#1887293, rh#1909845)
  + Bugs fixed (rh#1946975, rh#1955309)
- Refresh patch for changing dnfdb path
  + Remove patch: dnf-4.6.0-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
  + Add patch: dnf-4.8.0-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
Version: 4.2.19-bp152.1.13
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.19
  + List arguments: only first empty value is used (rh#1788154)
  + Report missing profiles or default as broken module (rh#1790967)
  + repoquery: fix rich deps matching by using provide expansion from libdnf (rh#1534123)
  + [documentation] repoquery --what* with  multiple arguments (rh#1790262)
  + Format history table to use actual terminal width (rh#1786316)
  + Update `dnf alias` documentation
  + Handle custom exceptions from libdnf
  + Fix _skipped_packages to return only skipped (rh#1774617)
  + Add setter for tsi.reason
  + Add new hook for commands: Run_resolved
  + Add doc entry: include url (RhBug 1786072)
  + Clean also .yaml repository metadata
  + New API function base.setup_loggers() (rh#1788212)
  + Use for all dnf timers (rh#1798475)
* Sun Jan 19 2020 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.18
  + [doc] Remove note about user-agent whitelist
  + Do a substitution of variables in repo_id (rh#1748841)
  + Respect order of config files in aliases.d (rh#1680489)
  + Unify downgrade exit codes with upgrade (rh#1759847)
  + Improve help for 'dnf module' command (rh#1758447)
  + Add shell restriction for local packages (rh#1773483)
  + Fix detection of the latest module (rh#1781769)
  + Document the retries config option only works for packages (rh#1783041)
  + Sort packages in transaction output by nevra (rh#1773436)
  + Honor repo priority with check-update (rh#1769466)
  + Strip '\' from aliases when processing (rh#1680482)
  + Print the whole alias definition in case of infinite recursion (rh#1680488)
  + Add support of commandline packages by repoquery (rh#1784148)
  + Running with tsflags=test doesn't update log files
  + Restore functionality of remove --oldinstallonly
  + Allow disabling individual aliases config files (rh#1680566)
* Sun Dec 01 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.17
  + Set default to skip_if_unavailable=false (rh#1679509)
  + Fix package reinstalls during yum module remove (rh#1700529)
  + Fail when "-c" option is given nonexistent file (rh#1512457)
  + Reuse empty lock file instead of stopping dnf (rh#1581824)
  + Propagate comps 'default' value correctly (rh#1674562)
  + Better search of provides in /(s)bin/ (rh#1657993)
  + Add detection for armv7hcnl (rh#1691430)
  + Fix group install/upgrade when group is not available (rh#1707624)
  + Report not matching plugins when using --enableplugin/--disableplugin
    (rh#1673289, rh#1467304)
  + Add support of modular FailSafe (rh#1623128)
  + Replace logrotate with build-in log rotation for dnf.log and dnf.rpm.log
  + Enhance synchronization of rpm transaction to swdb
  + Accept multiple specs in repoquery options (rh#1667898)
  + Prevent switching modules in all cases (rh#1706215)
  + [history] Don't store failed transactions as succeeded
  + [history] Do not require root for informative commands
  + [dnssec] Fix UnicodeWarning when using new rpm (rh#1699650)
  + Print rpm error messages during transaction (rh#1677199)
  + Report missing default profile as an error (rh#1669527)
  + Apply excludes before modular excludes (rh#1709453)
  + Improve help for command line arguments (rh#1659328)
  + [doc] Describe a behavior when plugin is removed (rh#1700741)
  + Add new modular API method ModuleBase.get_modules
  + Mark features used by ansible, anaconda and subscription-manager as an API
  + Prevent printing empty Error Summary (rh#1690414)
  + [doc] Add user_agent and countme options
  + Improve modularity documentation (rh#1730162, rh#1730162, rh#1730807, rh#1734081)
  + Fix detection whether system is running on battery (used by metadata caching timer) (rh#1498680)
  + New repoquery queryformat: %{reason}
  + Print rpm errors during test transaction (rh#1730348)
  + Fix: --setopt and repo with dots
  + Fix incorrectly marked profile and stream after failed rpm transaction check (rh#1719679)
  + Show transaction errors inside dnf shell (rh#1743644)
  + Don't reinstall modified packages with the same NEVRA (rh#1644241)
  + dnf-automatic now respects versionlock excludes (rh#1746562)
  + Fix downloading local packages into destdir (rh#1727137)
  + Report skipped packages with identical nevra only once (rh#1643109)
  + Restore functionality of dnf remove --duplicates (rh#1674296)
  + Improve API documentation
  + Document NEVRA parsing in the man page
  + Do not wrap output when no terminal (rh#1577889)
  + Allow to ship alternative dnf.conf (rh#1752249)
  + Don't check if repo is expired if it doesn't have loaded metadata (rh#1745170)
  + Remove duplicate entries from "dnf search" output (rh#1742926)
  + Set default value of repo name attribute to repo id (rh#1669711)
  + Allow searching in disabled modules using "dnf module provides" (rh#1629667)
  + Group install takes obsoletes into account (rh#1761137)
  + Improve handling of vars
  + Do not load metadata for repolist commands (rh#1697472, rh#1713055, rh#1728894)
  + Don't show older install-only pkgs updates in updateinfo (rh#1649383, rh#1728004)
  + Add --ids option to the group command (rh#1706382)
  + Add --with_cve and --with_bz options to the updateinfo command (rh#1750528)
  + Make DNF compatible with FIPS mode (rh#1762032)
  + Return always alphabetically sorted modular profiles
  + Enable versionlock for check-update command (rh#1750620)
  + Add error message when no active modules matched (rh#1696204)
  + Log mirror failures as warning when repo load fails (rh#1713627)
  + dnf-automatic: Change all systemd timers to a fixed time of day (rh#1754609)
  + DNF can use config from the remote location (rh#1721091)
  + [doc] update reference to plugin documentation (rh#1706386)
  + [yum compatibility] Report all packages in repoinfo
  + [doc] Add definition of active/inactive module stream
  + repoquery: Add a switch to disable modular excludes
  + Report more informative messages when no match for argument (rh#1709563)
  + [doc] Add description of excludes in dnf
  + Report more descriptive message when removed package is excluded
  + Add module repoquery command
  + Fix assumptions about ARMv8 and the way the rpm features work (rh#1691430)
  + Add Requires information into module info commands
  + Enhance inheritance of transaction reasons (rh#1672618, rh#1769788)
- Rename dnf-yum package to yum and have it replace removed yum package on Tumbleweed
Version: 4.2.6-bp151.1.1
* Fri May 10 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.6
  + Turn on debug logging only if debuglevel is greater than 2 (rh#1355764, rh#1580022)
  + Fix issues with terminal hangs when attempting bash completion (rh#1702854)
  + Better detecting of file provides (rh#1702621)
  + Rename man page from dnf.automatic to dnf-automatic to match command name (rh#1703609)
- Drop patch included in this release
  * 0001-Python2-3-compatibility-for-exceptions-representatio.patch
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.5
  + Fix multilib obsoletes (rh#1672947)
  + Do not remove group package if other packages depend on it
  + Remove duplicates from "dnf list" and "dnf info" outputs
  + Installroot now requires absolute path
  + Allow globs in setopt in repoid part
  + Fix formatting of message about free space required
  + [doc] Add info of relation update_cache with fill_sack (rh#1658694)
  + Fix installation failiure when duplicate RPMs are specified (rh#1687286)
  + Add command abbreviations (rh#1634232)
  + Allow plugins to terminate dnf (rh#1701807)
  + Fix installation of bash completion helper (rh#1695853)
- Drop patches that are part of this release
  * 0001-Add-command-abbreviations-RhBug-1634232.patch
  * 0002-CMake-Actually-install-aliases.patch
- Backport fix for rendering exception messages in Python 3
  * 0001-Python2-3-compatibility-for-exceptions-representatio.patch
* Sat Apr 20 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Ship systemd units and enable dnf-automatic subpackage
- Backport fix to reintroduce subcommand abbreviations (rh#1634232)
  * Patch: 0001-Add-command-abbreviations-RhBug-1634232.patch
  * Patch: 0002-CMake-Actually-install-aliases.patch
- Backport fix to correctly install the bash completion helper (rh#1695853)
  * Patch:
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 4.2.2
  + Allow to enable modules that break default modules (rh#1648839)
  + Enhance documentation - API examples
  + Add --nobest option
  + Do not allow direct module switch (rh#1669491)
  + Use improved config parser that preserves order of data
  + Fix alias list command (rh#1666325)
  + Update documentation: implemented plugins; options; deprecated commands (rh#1670835, rh#1673278)
  + Support zchunk (".zck") compression
  + Fix behavior  of ``--bz`` option when specifying more values
  + Follow RPM security policy for package verification
  + Update modules regardless of installed profiles
  + Fix ``list --showduplicates`` (rh#1655605)
  + [conf] Use environment variables prefixed with DNF_VAR_
  + Enhance documentation of --whatdepends option (rh#1687070)
  + Allow adjustment of repo from --repofrompath (rh#1689591)
  + Document cachedir option (rh#1691365)
  + Retain order of headers in search results (rh#1613860)
  + Solve traceback with the "dnf install @module" (rh#1688823)
- Drop upstreamed patch that is part of this release
  * 0001-doc-Use-the-correct-sphinx-build-binary-for-Python-2.patch
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Reduce generated boilerplate by joining %systemd_* calls.
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Neal Gompa <>
- Rebase to version 4.0.10:
  + Migrated large amounts of code to libdnf
  + Add support for RH/Fedora modules
  + Migrate from YUMDB to new SWDB
  + Add dnssec extension for repodata
  + Add support for aliases
- Drop Python 2 subpackage
- Drop unneeded patches
  * 0001-Add-additional-default-distroverpkg-and-installonlyp.patch
  * dnf-2.6.3-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
  * dnf-2.7.5-Fix-detection-of-Python-2.patch
- Add patch to fix detecting Sphinx in a Python 3 only build
  * 0001-doc-Use-the-correct-sphinx-build-binary-for-Python-2.patch