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Change Logs

* Fri Mar 25 2022 Bruno Pitrus <>
- Add Fix-processing-of-download-errors.patch backported from upstream
  * Fix dnf incorrectly aborting on non-English systems when packages already cached (rh#2024527)
* Mon Jan 10 2022 Neal Gompa <>
- Add /etc/dnf/modules.d directory to -data subpackage (boo#1193706)
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Neal Gompa <>
- Update 4.10.0
  + Add support for autodetecting packages to be excluded from being
    installed as weak dependencies (rh#1699672)
  + Add support for excluding packages to be installed as weak dependencies (rh#1699672)
  + Add fail_fast parameter to download_payloads methods for use in reposync
  + Acquire all relevant locks during "dnf clean"
  + API: Raise CompsError when group/env not found in install_group
    and install_environment (rh#1947958)
  + [API] Add method "set_or_append_opt_value" to BaseConfig (rh#1967925)
  + Add aliases for commands: info, updateinfo, provides (rh#1938333)
  + Add report about demodularized rpms into module info (rh#1805260)
  + Remove DNSSEC errors on COPR group email keys
  + Documentation inprovements - rh#1938352, rh#1993899, rh#1963704
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to 4.8.0
  + Do not assume that a remote rpm is complete if present
  + Use positive percentage for "Failed delta RPMs" message
  + Remove redundant new line in Groups output
  + Format empty group names outputs to <name-unset>
  + [doc] Document default colors
  + Use rpmkeys alone to verify signature
  + Add dnf.error message to explain rpm.error traceback when package
    not found after resolving a transaction (rh#1815327, rh#1887293, rh#1909845)
  + Bugs fixed (rh#1946975, rh#1955309)
- Refresh patch for changing dnfdb path
  + Remove patch: dnf-4.6.0-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
  + Add patch: dnf-4.8.0-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
Version: 2.7.5-bp150.1.3
* Mon Apr 30 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Re-enable boolean dependencies now that Leap 15.0 and Tumbleweed
  both only use rpm-md repository metadata, which supports this
- Adjust changes entries to use full author identities
* Sat Jan 20 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Fix build-time detection of Python 2
  * Add patch: dnf-2.7.5-Fix-detection-of-Python-2.patch
* Thu Jan 04 2018 Neal Gompa <>
- Ensure DNF can recognize SUSE distro-release and kernel packages properly
  * Add patch: 0001-Add-additional-default-distroverpkg-and-installonlyp.patch
* Mon Nov 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 2.7.5:
  + Improved performance for excludes and includes handling (rh#1500361)
  + Fixed problem of handling checksums for local repositories (rh#1502106)
  + Fix traceback when using dnf.Base.close()
- Bump required pythonX-hawkey version
* Tue Oct 10 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Update to version 2.7.3:
  + Added new option '--comment=<comment>' that adds a comment to
    transaction in history
  + Added 'pre_configure()' method for plugins and commands to
    configure dnf before repos are loaded (rh#1212341)
  + 'dnf.Base.pre_configure_plugin()' configure plugins by running
    their 'pre_configure()' method (rh#1212341)
  + Support '--advisory=' with install (rh#1461171)
- Bump required pythonX-hawkey version as some APIs moved to libdnf
- Purge libreport configuration files instead of using exclude
* Tue Sep 05 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Add missing pythonX-curses Requires
* Tue Aug 29 2017 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- Disable the boolean dependencies: this is a hack (sorry) as none
  of the released products support this in the susetags metadata,
  which resulted in no distro being able to add the TW repo. Once
  we migrate to the new prod builder, this can be re-enabled.
* Fri Aug 18 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Add dnf-lang subpackage for lang content
- Downgrade logrotate from Requires to Recommends in dnf-conf subpackage
- Switch (currently unused) BR from systemd-devel to systemd-rpm-macros
  as we only need macros
- Delete commented out BR on python-sphinx_rtd_theme as it's definitely
  not needed
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Create /etc/dnf/repos.d on install
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Always build with Python 3 support
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Create /etc/dnf/repos.d on install
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Always build with Python 3 support
* Sun Aug 13 2017 Neal Gompa <>
- Disable systemd units and do not install dnf-automatic by default