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Change Logs

Version: 5.1.1-bp150.2.4
* Tue Jan 09 2018
- update to 5.1.1
  * Fixed: texture name array: the maximum possible string size is
    now supported.
  * Fixed: some warnings and errors with old versions of pkg-config
    and gcc
  * Fixed: Aliasing errors (caused crashes on some architectures,
    such as sparc64)
  * Can now build WADs with an arbitrary number of lumps. A warning
    is emitted when more than 4046 are included (vanilla Doom limit).
- remove 0001-increase-array-size-for-char-tname-variable-51.patch
  * upstreamed in 7024dd74a33780ef2dbdf614f4e52526cc3ab457
- remove 0001-Fix-strict-aliasing-violations.patch
  * upstreamed in 85d821dd3c145be1a998ca2a704930caaad73030
- remove deutex-proto.diff
  * upstreamed in 07bd0a5083fc15db20bee9056511bd3e10dd1362
- remove deutex-nolimit.diff
  * fixed in f8b1336bbcb7bc387d3e856cc7c9f75697cd0f0b
- remove deprecated BuildRoot option
* Mon Jan 01 2018
- Add 0001-increase-array-size-for-char-tname-variable-51.patch,
- Explain some changelog entries better.
* Mon Jan 01 2018
- update to 5.1.0
  * The -overwrite option now works.
  * Levels are extracted/inserted in a way to preserve GL nodes.
  * Inserting pictures with a height of 1 pixel no longer causes
    a malloc error, and allows the operation of rebuilding a
    Doom 1 or 2 IWAD.
  * Texture lump file names can now be overridden.
  * Support reading and writing sprite offsets based on PNG
    "grAb" chunks (cf. grabpng package) in a manner compatible
    with SLADE and ZDoom. wadinfo.txt overrides these offsets
    unless -pngoffsets is used.
- includes 5.0.0
  * Removed DeuSF program mode.
  * Removed command line options used by WinTex.
  * Removed MS-DOS and OS/2 support code.
  * Removed the "-man" option from deutex.
  * Removed incomplete Rise of the Triad support.
  * PNG support added. This is the default extraction format now.
  * Sun Audio (.au) and Creative .voc sound file format support
    has been removed. RIFF WAVE is the only supported format.
  * Full sound lumps from the WAD are always extracted (-fullsnd
  * MIDI files can be included just by being named *.mid, and are
    extracted to the same file name extension.
  * Log file support has been removed, in favor of the user doing
    a shell redirection (e.g. with > or 2>) instead.
  * Arch-vile sprites are now extracted and inserted using
    literal names for sprites with the '[' and ']' characters in
    names (were illegal in DOS), and sprite names with '\' are
    now altered to use '^' on-disk, matching the ZDoom PK3
  * Graphics with a height > 128 and < 256 are now inserted into
    Doom WAD files correctly.
  * UDMF (Universal Doom Map Format) support.
- remove patches obsoleted by upstream cleanup and refactoring
  * deutex-automake.diff
  * deutex-braces.diff
  * deutex-init-stdfp.diff
  - check_types removed (b76fafa6fee9a64929e7b1087ac36ea3ce39e27d)
  * deutex-soundbuf.diff
- rebase deutex-proto.diff
- rebase deutex-nolimit.diff
- renumber patches
* Fri Jul 07 2017
- Add deutex-nolimit.diff: raise limit for WAD directory reading
* Wed Feb 22 2012
- add explicit buildrequires for autotools
- use license format conforming SPDX
* Tue Jun 07 2011
- update to deutex-4.4.902
- start specfile afresh
* Mon Aug 23 2010
- (imported changelog entry from non-Fedora based spec file)
  * deutex-4.4.0 package
  * fixed crash in check_types
  * fix types such that deutex works on 64-bit
* Sat Nov 08 2008
- fix overflows (overflow.patch)
* Sun Dec 23 2007
- Initial package built from Fedora package (4.4.0-6)