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Version: 3.0.0-bp152.4.8
* Mon Jan 06 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
- Do not depend on xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis, but on generic
  xml-apis provider
* Mon Dec 03 2018
- Updated license statement in spec file to SPDX 3.3 notation
Version: 3.0.0-bp151.1.1
* Wed Nov 21 2018
-  Only recommend libreoffice-draw on aarch64 %{ix86} x86_64
* Thu Nov 08 2018
Public/final release DAPS 3.0.0
  * New Features:
  - added support for ASCIIDOC sources
  - added support for LibreOffice Draw images (*.odg)
  - added support for specifying a config file on the command line
    (with --config)
  - added SVG support for HTML builds
  - integrated hunspell and make aspell optional
  - initial well-formedness check ignores duplicated IDs (this
    allows to have identical IDs in parts that get profiled)
  - initial well-formedness warns about missing xi:include files
  - daps-autobuild now supports building single books (via the
  - -dcfiles option)
  - DAPS prgram name and version are passed to stylesheets with
    xslt parameters "" and "converter.version"
  - implement file not found for XIncludes
  - FOP and XEP version numbers are shown in debug/verbose output
  - various improvements for the DocBook to NovDoc conversion
  - split lib/daps_functions into several files to improve speed
    and maintainability
  * Bugfixes:
  - #476: DAPS generates ODG->SVG files into images/src
  - #475: Tab completion creates error
  - #474: Potentially wrong variable assignment
  - #437: lodraw tries to convert empty SVG
  - #469: RPMLINT complains about permissions of XSLT stylesheet
  - #468: xmlwellformed script creates RPMLINT warning
  - #466: Build issues with daps-xmlwellformed
  - #464: xmlformat incorrectly formats variablelist terms
  - #462: Implement file not found for XIncludes
  - #459: By default, use the xep-daps.xml configuration from
  - #457: Ship the asciidoc postprocessing stylesheet
  - #455: Transform glosslist into variablelist (NovDoc conversion)
  - #453: Cleanup stylesheet for results from ASCIIDoctor
  - #452: Make it possible to specify the ASCIIDOC doc type
  - #439: Make xmlformat more verbose in debug mode
  - #435: require java-devel >= 1.8.0
  - #425: Well-formedness check fails with double occurrences
    of xml:ids
  - #424: Fix XML catalog generation
  - #422: Integrate hunspell and make aspell optional
  - #421: Show FOP and XEP version in debug/verbose output
  - #419: HTML and PDF builds need different paths for Admonition
    and Callout Images
  - #416: DAPS Won't Built With UTF-8 Characters in XML Filenames
  - #415: Add support for LibreOffice Draw files
  - #397: Spaces in path problem
  - #322: Add documentation for  --xmlonly / --imgonly switches
    for the list-srcfiles subcommand
  - #226: Let stylesheets know which version of DAPS calls them
  - #119: daps-init: also include example for set
  - show a warning when an existing PDF has a size of 0 bytes
    (usually the result of a failed FOP build)
  - PDF fails when static links in build/.tmp already exist
  - fixed DocBook identifiers in
  - made unpack-lopcdrop more robust against non-critical issues;
    improved its debugging output
  * Documentation:
  - new guide: ASCIIDOC Quick Start
  - Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  - Improve help text for daps-xslt
  - Improve error message for IDs defined multiple times
  * Removed support for:
  - sourcing DC-files
  - help texts for deprecated daps 1.x commands
  * Misc:
  - converted Python scripts to Python 3; changed build
    dependencies to python3
* Tue Oct 23 2018
- Workaround to make it possible to build things
* Fri Oct 19 2018
Stable release DAPS 3.0.0:
  * New Features:
  - added full support for Python3
  - added SVG support for online-docs
  - added support to build AsciiDoc documentation
  - integrated hunspell and make aspell optional
  - implement file not found for XIncludes
  * Bugfixes:
  - #419: HTML and PDF builds need different paths for Admonition
  and Callout Images
  - #322: Add --xmlonly / --imgonly switches to list-srcfiles
  - #416: DAPS Won't Built With UTF-8 Characters in XML Filenames
  - #397: Spaces in path problem
  - #469: RPMLINT complains about permissions of XSLT stylesheet
  - #464: xmlformat incorrectly formats variablelist terms
  - #466: Build issues
  - #475: Tab completion creates error
  - PDF fails when static links in build/.tmp already exist
  * Documentation:
  - Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  - Improve help text for daps-xslt
* Tue Jun 20 2017
- another try to get the Changelogs for openSUSE and SLES aligned
  (no code changes)
* Wed Jun 14 2017
Hotfix for 2.4.0:
- fixed fatal typo in lib/daps-functions
- fixed spelling/grammar issues in error messages
- merged SLE 12 and Factory Changelogs
- remove daps-dont-complain-about-deprecated-option.patch
* Tue May 30 2017
Stable release DAPS 2.4.0:
  * New Features:
  - added a dependency checker for DAPS (/usr/bin/daps-check-deps)
    that makes it easy to check for missing programs/packages
  - added a "--lean" parameter to PDF generation for creating PDFs
    with a reduced file size (by reducing the quality of included
    images); useful for sharing PDFs via e-mail
  - added a srylesheet for returning all IDs from an XML file
  * Bugfixes:
  - #408: The list-file-* commands now work with ROOTIDs from all
  possible elements
  - #390: When an ID appears twice in the XML and this ID is used
  with --rootid, DAPS's error message is unhelpful
  - #365: Improved error messages on "File not found" errors
    (now tells whether the path was provided by command-line
  or config file)
  - #371: Make path to the xmlformat config file configurable
  - #372: Adjusted debian dependency list
  - #373: Check unpack-locdrop
  - #379: Output error of list-images-multisrc with
    pretty | wc option
  - #380: Proper error messages when binaries/packages are missing
  - #392: daps-xmlformat writes name of config file into output
  - SVGs were not included in ePUBs
  - Setting a default value for db5_version in
    otherwise the DB5 URN in etc/config will be set to an invalid
    value if DB5 is not installed when running make
  - fixed a few minor issues with the config file parser that was
    introduced with 2.3.0 (among them #387)
  - Increased Java stacksize for jing
  - Improved the DocBook5 -> DocBook 4 (-> NovDoc) conversion
  - compatibility: Debian's version of "which" does not support
    long parameters
  * Documentation:
  - Various updates to reflect changes in the code
  - #345: added documentatioon for the xmlformat subcommand
  - #362: added documentation for the --jobs option
  - #363: added documentation about building a bigfile from
    invalid sources
  - #364: added documentation for the --norefchecks option
  - #403: improved documentation about stylesheet customizing
    (also see #407)
  - #404: clarify doc about listing unused images
  - completely revised the doc (spelling, language and grammar)
  - doc is not yet 100% on par with the code, but we are getting
  * Compatibility:
  - successfully tested DAPS on Linux Mint 18.1
* Wed Oct 05 2016
- Try to fix broken link
- Remove SVN fetch source script
* Tue Aug 09 2016
- Increased the Java Stacksize for jing to 4096k since otherwise
  building manuals on s390x is failing, see bsc#992755
* Thu Aug 04 2016
Stable release DAPS 2.3.0:
  Just to please the SLES submission bot: bsc#992546
  * New Features:
  - Config File Parser:
    Up to now, config files (DC-files, /tec/daps/config and
    ~/.config/daps/dapsrc) have been sourced. This has been a major
    security issue, since every shell code gets executed when a file
    is being sourced. DAPS 2.3.0 now comes with a parser that fixes
    this security hole. Apart from one exception (see below) existing
    config files do _not_ need to be changed. However, the parser
    offers more flexibility, see
    for documentation (the manuals has not been upfdated, yet).
    The only exception that requires changes in the config file is
    something like FOO="$FOO bar" To concatenate values, use "+="
    now. See the following commit for an example:
  - Bash Completion:
    TAB-completion for DAPS has been one of the very first feature
    requests we opened (almost five years ago). Now we finally
    managed to conquer the black Bash magic required to get it!
  - Automatically detect the DocBook 5 version: If you have
    DocBook 5.1 installed, docbookxi.rng from 5.1 will
    automatically be used as the validating schema for DocBook 5
    documents. If you rather want to use the 5.0 schema
    or a custom schema, set DOCBOOK5_RNG_URI accordingly in
    /etc/daps/config (for a system wide configuration), in
    $HOME/.config/daps/dapsrc (for a user specific configuration),
    or in the DC-file (for a document-specific configuration)
  * Bugfixes:
  - subcommand "locdrop" failed when the book did not include
  - spellcheck now ignores text in <replaceable> tags
  - obsolete daps-susespell has been removed (replaced by
    daps ... spellcheck long ago)
  - paths starting with "~" were not always correctly resolved
  - several fixes for ePUB, among them a fix that now correctly
    chooses mediaobject entries with role="html" rather than
    choosing the first one listed ion the XML source
  - #10 : Generate TAB completion
  - #359: Drop bash 3 suppor
  - #369: Code review: Check Variable Assignments
  - #375: Issues with the xmlformat target
* Wed Jun 15 2016
Stable release DAPS 2.2.0:
  * New Features:
  - new subcommand "xmlformat" prettyfies the XML sources of a
    given DC-file or ROOTID using daps-xmlformat with
    (Note: this command will modify the original XML sources!)
  - SVG image support for HTML builds. To use it, make sure to
    provide the images in SVG format ad reference to them as follows:
    <imageobject role="html">
    <imagedata fileref="<SVG-FILE>" format="SVG"/>
  - the new global switch --jobs lets you specify how many parallel
    jobs to use. The default is set to the number of CPU cores (as was
    done in previous versions).
  - all commands generating file lists (e.g. "list-srcfiles") now
    generate human readable output on STDOUT. When the output goes
    to a pipe or subshell, it will be generated as a a one-liner.
  - Debugging of XML errors has been made easier. Sometimes the error
    message of the validator only points to an xi:include line, making
    it impossible to find the real location of the error. The option
  - -novalid for the target "bigfile" will create the bigfile
    without performing a validation check on the sources. A single XML
    will be built and validated. Now the error message points to the
    exact location of the error in the bigfile. From there it should be
    easy to find the error in the original sources.
  - Verbose and debugging output now also show all profiling
    attributes set in the DC-file, plus version information for
    the sytlesheets (if available)
  - added the option --norefchecks to all output-generating targets
    ("html", "pdf", ...), "validate", "bigfile" and others. Allows
    to build/validate documents without checking internal links
    (<... linkend="<ID>">).
  - subcommand "online-docs" now always converts the bigfile that is
    created to NovDoc. To keep the same format as the original
    sources, specify --dbnoconv. To create a DocBook4 bigfile from
    DocBook5 sources, specify --db5todb4.
  * Bugfixes:
  - #368: db4tonovdoc.xsl generates invalid NovDoc
  - #367: daps does not validate fop output
  - #366: Spellcheck trying to check the files "Cannot", "stat:", "No",
    "such", "file" ...
  - #364: DocBook5: Allow validating without checking xrefs
  - #363: Allow building a bigfile from invalid sources
  - #362: Make the number of parallel jobs configurable
  - #361: Externel xrefs are resolved to "????"
  - #360: Check Rootid fails on Debian 8.4.0
  - #356: file list output should default to pretty format
  - #354: Validate the result of online docs when it has been
    converted from DB5 to DB4 or novdoc
  - #353: Make db5 to db4 conversion default for online-docs
  - #351, #348, #342, #282: Fixes for the daps spec-file
  - #346: daps-xmlformat writes its messages into the output
  - #343: daps-init warning messages
  - #340: ePUB builds always show remarks
  - #335: on Debian, make install creates incorrect group in
  - #330: Enable SVG2Grayscale stylesheet to handle new color
  - #305: locdrop produces no "non-trans" image tarball for a
    complete set
  - #301: SVG to PNG conversion creates very large PNGs
  - #289: Verbose / Debugging Output Should Show Profiling
  - #251: Write XSLT to Return xml-model PI
  - #226: Let stylesheets know which version of DAPS calls them
  - subcommand "clean-all" fails if run from within a directory
    that will be removed with that command
  - daps fails when called from a directory that no longer exists
  * Cross-Distribution Support
  - first release with full Debian/Ubuntu support--manual
    adjustments after the installation are no longer needed
    (was required in previous releases for DocBook5 support).
    Many thanks to Tomá? Ba?ant and Christoph Berg for their help!
  - GitHub checkouts now also work for Fedora/RedHat and
    Debian/Ubuntu--refer to
    for details
  - tested on Debian 8.5.0 / Fedora 23 / openSUSE 13.2 and
    Leap 42.1 / SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 / Ubuntu 16.0
  * Misc:
  - removed "daps-envconvert", a script for converting susedoc
    ENV-files to DAPS DC-files. susedoc was the predecessor of
  * Documentation:
  - the documentation has _not_ been updated for this release, so
    new features mentioned above are not yet covered
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Add reproducible.patch to fix build-compare
* Mon Dec 07 2015
Stable release DAPS 2.1.5:
  * New Features:
  - parameters for text generation can be set in the config files
    via TXT_PARAMS or via --param/--stringparam on the command line
  - a change introduced in 2.0 made using the original DocBook
    stylesheets for text generation the default. Since this behavior
    is confusing and unexpected, it is reverted with this change:
  * the stylesheets configured via STYLEROOT or --styleroot are
    used by default for text generation
  * to ignore _any_ STYLEROOT definitions, set
    TXT_IGNORE_STYLEROOT="yes" in the config files or use
  - -ignore-styleroot on the command line
    (daps -d <DC> text --ignore-styleroot)
  * Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #294: xmlcatalog returns file:<PATH> rather than
    file://<PATH> on Debian Jessie and openSUSE Tumbleweed and
    caused DAPS to fail with DB5 sources
  * Misc
  - added basic debugging output to test suite (--debug)
* Wed Dec 02 2015
Stable release DAPS 2.1.4:
  * Bugfixes:
  - Target text shows remarks (issue #293)
  - DAPS checklink doesn't work (issue #296)
  - ASPELL_EXTRA_DICT from ~/.config/daps/dapsrc is ignored
    (issue #297)
  - DAPS package includes SUSE wordlist (issue #298)
  - Parameter passed with --param is ignored with subcommand
    "text" (issue #299)
  - Target locdrop does not generate
    (issue #302)
  - Translation check for locdrop (issue #306)
  - Add --optipng to unpack-locdrop (issue #307)
  - Add --xmlonly / --imgonly switches to list-srcfiles (issue #310)
  - bigfile creates unresolved xrefs for  DocBook5 (issue #314)
  - Improve DocBook5 -> DocBook4 -> Novdoc Stylesheets (issue #311)
  - Enhancements in user guide, thanks to Martin Koeditz
    (issue #315)
  - FO contains wrong image paths when XML contains no profiling
    PI (issue #316)
  - DB-4-to-5 migration: missing book titles/productnames/productnumbers
    (issue #319)
  * New Features:
  - Option --schema lets you specify an URN to a DocBook 5 schema that
    is to be used for validation. Will be ignored when validating Docbbok4
    now also point to a local file. If the URN begins with the prefix
    "file://", it will not be resolved via xmlcatalog, but rather taken as
    is (minus "file://").
  - Add conversion options to online-docs:
    . --db5todb4: converts DocBook 5 sources to a DocBook 4 bigfile
    . --db5todb4nh: converts DocBook 5 sources to a DocBook 4
    bigfile without a DOCTYPE declaration
    . --dbtonovdoc: converts DocBook 4/5 to Novdoc
  * Misc:
  - Do not set -nocs, hurts us when building Arabic (related:
    issue #108)
  - Avoid adding version attribute on all elements (commit 3a273d5)
* Tue Sep 22 2015
Stable release DAPS 2.1.3:
  * Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #284 (spellcheck / getimages use wrong filelist
    when called with --debug
  - "--param" and "--stringparam" were missing for the subcommands
    package-pdf and package-html
  - all warning messages now go to STDERR, making it possible to
    always catch the output of a DAPS command with FOO="$(daps...)
  * Misc:
  - added a wrapper for jing allwing to customize java flags,
    jars, and options
  - standardized customising options for all java programs (fop,
    jing, xep)
* Wed Aug 26 2015
- Do not print warning about deprecated --xsltparam option to
  standard output.  At least some sub-commands (e.g, package-html)
  haven't been moved to the new method of passing parameters to
  the xslt processor, so it is incorrect to say it is deprecated.
* Tue Aug 04 2015
-  Stable release DAPS 2.1.2:
  * Bugfixes
  - man page for daps-init was named daps_init
  * Miscellaneous:
  - renamed daps_autobuild to daps-autobuild for consistency
* Fri Jul 10 2015
- Stable release DAPS 2.1.1:
  * Bugfixes:
  - Fix for issue #274 (PDF Index Building Fails Because of Empty
    Profiling Directory)
  - fix for issue #275 (Avoid Same Target Names in Different
  - fix for issue #276 (PROFILE_URN Detection Depends on Position of PI
    in Document)
  - fix for issue #277 (Debugging Targets Fail when xml:lang is
    not set)
  - fix for issue #278 (Avoid Using "LANGUAGE" as a Variable Name)
  - fix for issue #280 (Webhelp: Common/ Directory Contains Dead
    Symbolic Links)
  * New Features:
  - added support for profiling attribute "outputformat" by
    intrducing PROFOUTPUTFORMAT (issue #279)
  * Miscellaneous:
  - replaced Chinese font "FZSongTi" with "wqy-microhei" in the
    default config file for XEP
* Mon Jul 06 2015
- no changes this version is just for the sake of the maintenance
  process: DAPS update is required by bsc #936253
* Thu Jul 02 2015
Stable release DAPS 2.1:
- added support for webhelp
- added support for <xi:include ... parse="text"> (issue #71)
- handling of passing XSLT parameters on the command line has been
  improved (issue #263)
- improved handling of doxcuments that do not need to be profiled
- daps_autobuild: changed the order of builds to increase performance
- Bugfix package-src: removed extraneous text
- Bugfix daps_autobuild: in case no rebuild was necessary, rsync
    deleted the previous results
- Bugfix DB4 -> DB5 migration: Fixed various issues in the migration