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Change Logs

* Sat Dec 09 2017
- Do not build against Qt WebKit 4
* Tue Jul 25 2017
- Do not recommend fluendo as mp3 is enabled out of the box now in gst
- Remove if0 conditional that is never triggered
* Tue Jul 25 2017
- Added clementine-1.3.1-support-chromaprint-1.4.patch to fix
* Mon Apr 03 2017
- Fix gcc 7 build with clementine-gcc7fix.patch
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Mon Jul 11 2016
- Fix factory build for x86_64 with clementine-moodbar-fpic.patch
* Fri Jun 24 2016
- Add clementine-1.3.1-fix-library-clicks.patch: fix a misbehaviour
  while clicking on tree items, from upstream commit b85d09c by
  Ivan Leontiev.
* Sun Jun 19 2016
- Added udisks2-support-for-devicemanager.patch from upstream
* Wed Apr 20 2016
- Update to version 1.3.1:
  * Fix ratings being deleted when upgrading from older versions.
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Remove unused ffmpeg-devel
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Add clementine-fix-sqlite.patch (fix startup with default
  SQLite 3.12+) from
- Add -fno-strict-aliasing to CXXFLAGS (strict-aliasing-punning).
* Sat Apr 16 2016
- Update to version 1.3.0:
  * support.
  * Seafile support (server >= 4.4.1).
  * Add Ampache compatibility (through Subsonic service).
  * Add new analyser "Rainbow Dash".
  * Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and
  * Add "Psychedelic Colour" mode to all analysers.
  * Add left click to fullsize cover on playing widget.
  * Add m4b support for non-drm files.
  * Ignore English articles for library sorting.
  * Improve the organise dialog.
  * Add an option to warn before closing a playlist tab.
  * Add an option to disable the pause notification.
  * Add options to hide some internet services.
  * Add an option to disable inline song metadata editing.
  * Add "details below" and "no details" now playing widget
  * Add "no song details" now playing widget option.
  * Add icons to the extras menu.
  * Add a source icon for CD tracks.
  * Allow user to remove directories in the Files tab.
  * Add ability to remove unavailable items from playlist.
  * Add a button to the transcode dialog to add all files in a
  * Make it impossible to collapse either side of the MainWindow
  * Add menu items for updating and doing a full rescan of
    Google Drive.
  * Increase Soundcloud cover image size.
  * Add the ability to pause Spotify tracks.
  * Add the ability to add or remove a Spotify track to a Spotify
    playlist through context menu.
  * Add Spotify tracks to Spotify playlists by drag and drop.
  * Add ability to get a link to share Spotify playlists and songs.
  * Improve handling of Spotify Top Tracks and compilations.
  * Add playlist actions to Spotify songs.
  * Add ability to automatically set podcast as listened after
    successfully sending it to a device.
  * Add ability to order podcasts by age.
  * Allow user to download multiple podcasts at the same time.
  * Add ability to cancel podcast downloads in progress.
  * Allow user to hide listened podcast episodes.
  * Huge improvement of the speed at startup.
  * Improve performance of mass rating changes.
  * Improve ripping performance.
  * Persistent cache for pixmaps. Huge improvement of the
    performance when scrolling the library for example.
  * Add AppData file for Clementine (for GNOME and KDE Software
  * Add iPod-like behaviour to previous button.
  * Add HipHop and Kuduro equalisers.
  * Remember current playlist between restarts.
  * IDv3 tag lyrics support.
  * Scroll to last played track when switching playlists.
  * Add stop after each song repeat mode.
  * Sort discs numerically when using Group by disc.
  * Add ability for sort by group and performer in the library view.
  * Parse the year of a disc from musicbrainz.
  * Add track intro mode.
  * Add ability to add a search term with tab and space in the
    smart playlist window.
  * Add love/ban ( global shortcuts.
  * Add support for "original year" tags.
  * Send album artist to with liblastfm >= 1.0.0.
  * Add sample rate selection.
  * Add option to change the time step when seeking using the
  * Playlist sort by album considers disc and track numbers.
  * Add options for double clicking song in the playlist.
  * Volume slider handles glow effect using system theme.
  * Library view sort line themable.
  * Show track durations in the CD ripper dialog.
  * Add ability to read REM DISC tag from Cue sheet.
  * Add ability to lock/unlock rating edit status.
  * Add the support of trackNum elements in XSPF.
  * Add "Smart Playlists" for Subsonic.
  * Add lyrics from AZLyrics.
  * Add lyrics from
  * Add lyrics from
  * Add lyrics from
  * Add lyrics from Musixmatch.
  * Add lyrics from
  * Fix crash when click on a SoundCloud entry in internet tab.
  * Fix crash when marking podcast as listened.
  * Fix crash after pressing OK in the device properties window.
  * Fix stop after track which doesn't remove now playing.
  * Fix play bleeding into next track after auto stop.
  * Fix analyser framerate when mouseover play scrubber.
  * Fix issues with buffers sent to analyser.
  * Fix block analyser framerate.
  * Fix divide-by-zero possibility with small buffers at end of
  * Fix divide-by-zero possibility in moodbar.
  * Fix oversized album cover art.
  * Clean cover art from /tmp.
  * Fix the rendering of the little numbers in the boxes on queued
    items in the playlist.
  * Fix parsing of MusicBrainz data for discid.
  * Fix random artifacting on nyanalyser on startup.
  * Fix podcasts length issues (which caused issues with seeking
    for example).
  * Fix too small equaliser window size.
  * Fix labels which don't inherit system text colours in the edit
    tag dialog.
  * Fix the mess of the queue manager after playlist re-sort.
  * Fix for queue ordering issue in the playlist view when using
    Ctrl+D to dequeue a track.
  * Fix detection of parent-relative paths in playlist saving.
  * Fix path seperators issue when reading playlists.
  * Fix m3u parser issue when an artist's name has a hyphen.
  * Fix bug with percents when fetch the Jamendo catalogue.
  * Fix a little dropout when transition to next track.
  * Fix broken for premium users.
  * Fix Subsonic login with + characters in the password.
  * Fix accents issue in when save playlist in xspf format.
  * Fix issues with some songs length thanks to Taglib. People with
    Taglib installed on their system will have to wait a new
    release of Taglib.
  * Fix moodbars not generating correctly.
  * Fix socket leak in moodbar.
  * Fix memory leak in tagreader.
  * Fix crash when trying to fingerprint but missing a plugin.
  * Fix infinite scan with Subsonic when the library is empty.
  * Fix performer tag for mpeg.
  * Fix parsing issues with "innovative" datetime formats.
  * Fix playback breaks in Spotify.
  * Fix memory leaks.
  * Fix crash when stopping song that is fading after pausing.
  * Fix crash when trying to download a track but there is no
    current one playing.
  * Fix default spinner gif image which shows white pixels around
    the image.
  * Fix setting album artist tag for FLAC files if it already
  * Fix crash when Clementine lists the albums on Ampache.
  * Fix scrobbling after seek.
  * Fix metadata not processed properly for some streams (Akamai).
  * Fix save state when the song was paused.
  * Fix some issues in Boom and Turbine analysers.
  * Fix song continuously rewinding when seeking using keyboard
    arrow keys.
  * Fix OSD re-posistioning which doesn't work on multiple monitors.
  * Fix Sonogram state while paused.
  * Fix crash when changing 'group by' while album covers are still
  * Fix loss of valid data from an mp3 file when using the metadata
  * Fix track slider twitching.
  * Fix stations stuck when try to play them without Internet.
  * Make mood files hidden in NTFS.
  * Fix time labels blinking when playing streams without known
  * Fix tag fetcher which applies incorrect tags for songs without
    any results.
  * Fix Clementine getting stuck when transitioning from a local
    track to a Spotify track with crossfade disabled.
  * Fix previous track when playing a dynamic random mix.
  * Fix fullscreen album covers for monitors in portrait mode.
  * Don't scale down star icons by 1 pixel.
  * Remove Ubuntu One support.
  * Remove Discogs support.
  * Remove GrooveShark support.
  * Remove Radio GFM support.
  * Update to GStreamer 1.x.
  * Don't compile vreen with link-time optimisations.
  * Use the system's sha2 library if it's available.
  * Remove libindicate-qt.
  * Remove internal copy of libechonest and add it as dependency.
  * Use libcrypto++ instead of QCA.
  * Update TagLib to 1.10.0.
  * Follow specifications for icons.
  * Add a 128x128 version of the Clementine icon.
  * Remove internal copy of chromaprint and add it as
  * Don't depend on libplist or usbmuxd.
- Use built-in libmygpo-qt: Clementine needs currently
  not released libmygpo-qt 1.0.9+.
- Add sni-qt to recommendations.
- Remove
  merged upstream.
- Some spec cleanup.
* Sat Mar 05 2016
- Added recommends for gstreamer-0_10-plugins--fluendo_mp3 to fix
  missing plugins message. See boo#904155
* Sun Nov 02 2014
- check for 1230 in spec-file and do not use cmake-rpm-macro for 12.3
* Wed Oct 15 2014
- Update to 1.2.3
  * Fix compilation with GCC 4.9
  * Fix poor search performance with sqlite 3.8.
- Dropped clementine-1.2.2-add-missing-header.patch:Fixed upstream
- Dropped clementine-1.2.2-add-missing-include.patch:Fixed upstream
* Fri Mar 28 2014
- Added clementine-1.2.2-dont-use-hacks-but-proper-sintax-for-non-wrapping-in-namespace.patch,
  fixes build with newer/stricter CMake
- As per patch, re-enable DBus
- Drop udisks BuildRequires, not needed
* Thu Mar 27 2014
- Version bump to 1.2.2:
  * upstream moved homepage
  * android remote support
  * Rename SkyDrive to OneDrive.
  * Don't include the user's IP address in the log (from the network remote
    settings dialog).
  * (Debian) Fix a bug with HTTPS logins to all cloud storage providers.
  * (Mac OS X) Fix a bug in the workaround for a weird font issue on 10.9.
  * (Mac OS X) Fix rendering of source icons on retina displays.
  * (Android Remote) Don't advertise songs that aren't available.
  * (Android Remote) Fix playing songs with special characters in filenames.
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner
- Remove support for < 12.3 codepaths
- Remove unused patches:
  * clementine-1.1.1-fixboostparseerror.patch
  * clementine-desktop-fix.patch
- Add patches for build from upstream:
  * clementine-1.2.2-add-missing-header.patch
  * clementine-1.2.2-add-missing-include.patch
- Disable building with Werror, it is always bad idea to do so.
- Add dependency over udisks as it is used by build
- Use system projectM again as it seems to build fine.
- Bug workaround: disable DBUS interface as it fails to build for
  some non-aparent reason.
* Thu Nov 28 2013
- Update to 1.2.1:
  * Fix library download in the network remote.
  * Fix removing songs from playlist in the network remote.
  * Fix login failures with
  * Fix a typo that would prevent the Spotify downloader button from
    ever being shown.
* Thu Oct 17 2013
- Update to 1.2.0:
  * Add support for indexing and playing music from Box, Dropbox, Skydrive,
    and Ubuntu One.
  * Add support for Subsonic.
  * Remote control support for Android.
  * Add a Playlist tab to the sidebar.  Starred playlists are saved in here
    when their tabs are closed.
  * Add configurable blur & opacity to album art when used as a playlist
  * Support Opus where available.
  * Support .mka and .oga file extensions.
  * Parsing support for WPL playlists.
  * Sort providers by user preference.
  * Add year and bitrate to MPRIS2 messages.
  * Add "not equals" operator to fields in the smart playlist wizard.
  * Add an option to write ratings, play count and scores to files.
  * Add options to show the rating and score on the OSD.
  * Add support for POPM tags.
  * Add support for FMPS tags in Ogg, FLAC, MP4 and ASF files.
  * Compile the bundled Taglib with ASF, MP4 and Opus support.
  * Make it possible to cancel cover searches.
  * Add an option to resume playback on startup.
  * Add support for Performer and Grouping tags.
  * Add Radio GFM.
  * Add an Apply button to the settings dialog.
  * Make it possible to mark all episodes of a podcast as new/listened.
  * Add an option for fading in/out on pause/unpause.
  * Add stereo balance slider to the equalizer.
  * Add a --restart-or-previous commandline flag.
  * Allow files to be transcoded directly from the playlist.
  * Export downloaded album covers
  * Removed iDevice support - it doesn't work well with modern devices and
    libgpod isn't being updated to support them.
  * Many bugfixes
- Drop sites.js and ultimate_providers.xml: fixed upstream.
- Drop clementine-nowerror.patch: fixes upstream.
- Drop Add-a-setting-for-disabling-moodbar-generation.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop clementine-libimobiledevice-fix.patch: iDevice support dropped upstream
* Wed Oct 02 2013
- Only apply clementine-libimobiledevice-fix.patch on 13.1 or later
  to fix build