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Change Logs

* Tue Jun 15 2021 Steve Kowalik <>
- Refresh remove-python-class-shebang.patch to remove a requirement of
- Switch BuildRequires for pkgconfig(python3) to link against it instead
* Tue Feb 23 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- switch to non-deprecated enchant-2 library
* Fri Nov 20 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
- Update to 2.2.12
  * fix for a crash in simple search
  * Python 3 compatibility has been further improved
  * Encoding detection in python files has been improved.
  * Triple click now selects the line.
  * Several programming languages have improved syntax highlighting
  * Bluefish now works fine with Enchant2 for spell checking.
* Sun Aug 23 2020 Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 2.2.11
  * Bluefish 2.2.11 is a minor maintenance release and minor feature release.
  * The only exception to that is the python 3 compatibility which is a major
    change. If you compile Bluefish with python 3, you might experience new
  * There are various minor changes as well.
  * Double click selection has been improved (for example selecting a function
    name that has underscores), and is now configurable per language.
  * Bluefish now has a feature to fill a line with spaces up to a mouse click,
    so you can start typing in any position on the screen (with a fixed width
  * A crash when running very large replace actions on disk on many files has
    been fixed.
  * Search and replace now ignores backup files by default.
  * Cursor highlighting and line highlighting have been fixed for a rare bug.
  * A small new feature has been added, to insert output from an external
    command in the current cursor position.
  * Many language files have seen updates, most notably CSS, Python and HTML.
  * A data loss bug - when an unknown encoding was selected - was fixed, the
    fallback is now to save as UTF-8.
  * A bug when saving with unknown characters in the filename has also been
  * Printing has been improved such as printing in landscape.
  * Some small tweaks to the UI have been implemented. For example you can now
    search in files in the filebrowser (right click a directory). Search
    results can now be shown in the output pane.
  * The current identifier can be selected using <shift><control><i>.
  * Last there various fixes when Bluefish is run on top of Wayland.
- Update gpgkeyring to correct for source validation
- Refresh patch remove-python-class-shebang.patch
- Remove in %post since they are not needed anymore (triggers)
  * %mime_database_post
  * %desktop_database_post
- Remove in %postun since they are not needed anymore (triggers)
  * %mime_database_postun
  * %desktop_database_postun
- Run spec-cleaner
  * Remove rpm groups
  * use make macros
Version: 2.2.10-bp150.2.3
* Tue Nov 28 2017
- Drop obsolete and unused BuildRequires, not needed after the
  switch to gtk3: pkgconfig(libglade-2.0),
  pkgconfig(libgnomeprint-2.2) and pkgconfig(libgnomeprintui-2.2)
- Align with what configure looks for:
  Drop enchant-devel and gtk3-devel BuildRequires.
  Add pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0), pkgconfig(gdk-3.0), pkgconfig(glib-2.0),
  pkgconfig(gmodule-2.0), pkgconfig(gobject-2.0), pkgconfig(pango),
  pkgconfig(gdk-pixbuf-2.0), pkgconfig(gio-unix-2.0),
  pkgconfig(gthread-2.0), pkgconfig(libxml-2.0) and
  pkgconfig(enchant) BuildRequires.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Remove aspell and rely on enchant for spellcheck
  * This means the bluefish will use hunspell now
* Thu Mar 23 2017
- Update to version 2.2.10
  * Various language files have been improved
  * Various fixes for newer gtk versions and for gtk on wayland
  * New feature: Possibility to import/export syntax color styles,
    included are styles for a light and a dark theme.
  * Fixes for a few rare crashes.
  * Fixes incompatibility with Gtk 3.20.
  * Some small dialogs have been improved.
  * Some user interface parts have been polished.
  * Fixes a few serious but rarely occurring bugs.
  * Options defined in the language definition files
    are now translated.
  * Various default settings have been improved, most notably the
    command to launch Firefox for preview.
  * The looks on newer gtk versions have been restored.
  * CSS can now be compressed and decompressed.
  * Character encoding detection has been improved.
  * Auto-completion for HTML attributes has been improved.
  * The SASS style language has been added.
- Removed upstream merged fix_ptr_from_int.patch
- Added keyring / signature file for verification
- Added remove-python-class-shebang.patch to remove shebang from
  python class files (this ones get never executed as scripts).
* Wed Mar 08 2017
- Edited %files section to clear unpackaged files builderror
  in openSUSE:Factory
* Fri May 15 2015
- update to version 2.2.7:
    Bluefish 2.2.7 is mostly a bug fix release. It fixes rare
    crashes in the autocompletion, the filebrowser, the htmlbar
    plugin preferences, and in file-load-cancel, fixes a rare case
    of broken syntax highlighting after multiple search/replace
  * It furthermore displays better error/warning output when
    parsing language files.
  * It also finally fixes javascript regex syntax highlighting.
  * The loading of files with corrupt encoding has been improved,
    and project loading over sftp has been improved.
  * Various HTML5 tags have been added, and HTML5 is the default
    now for php, cfml and other languages that can include html
  * Saving and loading of UTF-16 encoded files was broken and has
    been fixes.
  * Various languages have better support, such as javascript, css,
    html, pascal/deplhi, and html has improved autocompletion.
  * On OSX the keys for tab switching no longer confict with some
    keyboard layouts, and behavior at shutdown was improved.
  * The upload/download feature has a new option to ignore backup
  * The home/end keys now work better on wrapped tekst.
  * And finally the search and replace dialog correctly shows the
    number of results when searching in files on disk.
- point the source URL to the master download server
- add fix_ptr_from_int.patch: fix pointer from integer assignment,
  already upstream
- avoid aliasing warnings: add -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS
* Wed Jun 25 2014
- update to 2.2.6:
  + mostly a bug fix release. This release fixes a critical bug
    (segfault) in filebrowser that could be triggered if the root
    directory was set as basedir.
  + It also has a fix for a specific CSS-in-HTML-tag highlighting issue.
  + The filter code furthermore caused a segfault if the command did not exist. T
  + Next to these bugs many small issues have been resolved.
  + Various language files have small improvements, most notably C,
    Javascript and CSS.
  + Several translations have been updated.
  + A corner case for a new document from a template that does not exist
    was fixed.
  + The "open" submenu now opens SVG files from the filebrowser instead
    of inserting an image tag.
  +  The included cssmin and jsbeatify have been updated.
  + A syntax scanning issue when replacing large chunks of text was
  + the "Report bug" link was broken,
  + a new "conditional" option to the language file that makes re-using
    certain blocks of language files easier was added,
  +  and error reporting in outputbox was improved.
- recommend make and libxml2-tools (xmllint) for easier programming
* Tue Feb 11 2014
- update to 2.2.5:
  + The syntax scanning engine is faster after small changes to the text.
  + The filebrowser is also much faster with less memory usage, with
    various fixes and new features.
  + Projects now store the active document and active line numbers.
  + Indenting is improved in auto-completion and the smart indenting.
  + Bookmarks and paste special also have been improved.
  + Furthermore almost all syntax highlighting has been improved, most
    notable jquery in javascript, HTML5, and HTML5 in PHP files.
  + There are also many bug fixes, such as in wrap text on right margin,
    in the replace engine, the jsmin licence, the split lines feature,
    the auto-recovery and many obscure bugs.
* Tue Feb 12 2013
- update to 2.2.4:
  + minor bugfix release
  + various fixes for the tab-width on gtk 3.6
  + improved auto-completion popup speed
  + more simple search options
  + paste improvements (to paste for example images from Libreoffice)
  + pylint, cssmin, jsmin, csstidy and php_beautifier integration
  + various language syntax definition files have also been improved
* Thu Jan 17 2013
- license update: GPL-3.0+
  See the COPYING file and the majority of the source code file headers
* Sun Oct 07 2012
- update to 2.2.3:
  + new feature: Zencoding support
  + works with gtk-3
  + faster syntax scanner
  + new search and replace function
  + support for new languages added: Google Go, Vala and Ada
  + some shortcut key combinations were added.
- small specfile cleanup
* Sun Sep 18 2011
- update to 2.0.3:
  + improves syntax highlighting performance
  + improves performance when scrolling in large files
  + It adds a couple of features such as:
    a split view feature, Clojure syntax, Wordpress syntax,
    Pascal syntax, jQuery syntax, Processing syntax and R syntax
  + Various features have improved
  + a "jump to reference" feature has been added to quickly open
    a referenced filename
  + Finally, two new translations are added: Nynorsk and Hungarian
* Sat Jul 31 2010
- update to 2.0.1:
  + minor bugfix and minor feature enhancement release
  + Enhancements include improved spell checking,
  + right margin display,
  + improved indenting functionality,
  + and CFML (cold fusion) support.
  + Bugfixes include fixes in a couple of HTML tag dialogs and
    two exotic segfault fixes.
* Fri May 14 2010
- provide/obsolete older bluefish-unstable versions
* Sun May 09 2010
- update to 2.0
- fix BuildRequires
- enable python and libgnomeui
- remove macros for old openSUSE versions
* Mon Sep 22 2008
- moved to Education base repository
* Tue Jul 17 2007
- use /usr for builds > openSUSE 10.2
- Update to 1.0.7:
  + Updated translations: Finnish, French, German, Japanese,
    Norwegian, Polish, Swedish
  + Fixes Tcl highlighting
  + Fixes a bug when trying to save a file with a new install and
    a file has never been opened or a project is not open.
    Closes Bluefish bug #360401.
  + Fix a bug where Bluefish would crash when deleting
    multiple bookmarks.
  + Fix a bookmark memory leak
  + README: more complete README
  + Data filetypes: adds the .pm extension for Perl files.
    Closes Bluefish bug #343569.
  + Highlighting: small fix to XML highlighting (adding general
    support for namespaces). Highlight numbers in Java.
  + Adds XTHTM 1.1 DOCTYPE in creators. Closes Bluefish bug #338586
  + Fixes a bug in smart cursor positioning.
  + Fixes a bug where the old file was deleted before the new file
    was saved successfully.
  + Removes redundant show hidden checkbox from file chooser dialog.
    Closes Bluefish bug #316298
  + Fixes Definition list formatting
  + Fixes a bug where the backup file was not deleted after
    renaming it. Closes Bluefish bug #324788.
  + Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when closing and
    saving a project. Closes Bluefish bug #330544.
  + Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when pressing the
    Esc key in the Search:no match found dialog.
    Closes Bluefish bug #337739
  + Fixes a bug where undoing did not behave correctly for text
    pasted from the clipboard over other text.
    Closes Bluefish bug #340262.
  + Fixes a bug in python syntax highlighting.
    Closes Bluefish bug #349662.
  + Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when pressing the
    green info dialog button. Closes Bluefish bug #349743
  + ... (see NEWS file for more Changes)
* Tue Sep 05 2006
- Cleanup BuildRequires.
* Mon May 22 2006
- Don't strip binaries.
* Fri Feb 24 2006
- Improved Categories.
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires