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Version: 2.11.1-bp150.2.4
* Thu Dec 07 2017
- Drop useless provides/obsoletes
- Use cmake macros
- Use source for url
* Tue Dec 05 2017
- Update to 2.11.1:
  * Details:
- Swith to Qt5
- Cleanup spec file: remove line for other distros.
* Wed Feb 01 2017
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Wed Apr 08 2015
- No longer package bibletime.xpm: there are perfectly good icons
  inside the tarball (even in scalable svg format).
- Fix the installation location of the icon: ensure the real file
  is located in /usr/share/icons/[..].
* Mon Jul 07 2014
- udpate to 2.10.1:
  * Implemented support for localized module config entries.
  * Fixed an OSIS rendering bug.
  * Fixed some HTML rendering issues.
  * Fixed key chooser bug in book windows.
  * Fixed double loading of some settings.
  * Fixed Text Filter settings not being saved.
  * Various install manager bug fixes.
  * Various other minor fixes and optimizations.
* Tue Dec 31 2013
- update to 2.10.0:
  + Enhancements:
  ++ Uses Sword library version 1.7.
  ++ Added Find context menu for search within each window. Matching
    words are highlighted and navigated using next or previous buttons.
  ++ Added support for HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP transports in BibleTime.
  ++ Implemented saving of font family and size in HTML commentary editor.
  + Bugs fixed:
  ++ Fixed problem where certain alternate versification bibles did not
    display old testament.
  ++ Fixed Windows Control Panel version was to be correct.
  ++ Fixed search analysis save dialog filters.
  ++ Fixed search analysis save asking for overwrite confirmation twice.
  ++ Optimized and enhanced search analysis to output proper XHTML.
  ++ Fixed widget ending up disabled after removing install source.
  ++ Mag Window uses current module if no default cross reference is set.
  ++ Fixed a bug in the HTML commentary editor which resulted in text
    formatting from the cursor to be applied to the whole selection.
  ++ Allow comboxboxes on config dialog desk page to resize.
  ++ Fixed some lexicons never working.
  ++ Fixed high stack memory usage on indexing.
  ++ Fixed unexpected exception with encrypted modules.
  ++ Fixed application freeze during installation of works.
* Tue Jun 04 2013
- update to 2.9.2:
  + Fixed settings dialog tab contents not being translated
  + Fix crash when closing window with tab
  + Fix bug 14 - Headers displayed as plain text in some modules
  + Fix problem with text not displaying when using QtWebKit 2.3
  + added changes needed for Qt5
  + Fix multi-arch path issue in FindCLucene.cmake
- removed fix-movetoanchor-for-qt5.patch (upstream)
* Fri May 03 2013
- Added fix-movetoanchor-for-qt5.patch, fixes non visible text when
  used with libQtWebkit 2.3
* Sat Dec 15 2012
- specfile cleanup
- fix license to be in SPDX format
- fix build on Fedora and Mandriva
* Fri Dec 30 2011
- update to 2.9.1:
  + Fixed Portuguese translation not being included.
  + Updated British translation.
  + Updated handbooks.
- Notable changes since the 2.8 series:
  + Add close buttons to tabbed works windows.
  + Hovering over works in the bookshelf views shows tooltips.
  + Hovering over works in the bookshelf dock shows info in the mag view.
  + Add toolbar icons to toggle visibility of docking windows.
  + Switch off footnotes in display options.
  + Bible windows can have parallel commentaries.
* Sat Sep 10 2011
- update to 2.8.2:
  + Fixed bookshelf manager install page taking long to open.
  + Fix restoring from fullscreen to a maximized window.
  + Fixed Personal Commentary texts being saved to wrong
  + Fixed an assert-crash caused by not catching indexing failures
* Sat Jan 29 2011
- update to 2.8.1:
  + Fixed a bug which caused many works to be incorrectly categorized
  + Fixed a Bookshelf Manager crash caused by installation sources
    which provide invalid data
* Sat Dec 18 2010
- update to 2.8.0:
  + Redesigned and refactored the bookshelf manager
  + Implemented the Tip Of The Day dialog
  + Made BibleTime handle missing default template gracefully
  + Made the "Remove modules" confirmation dialog a bit prettier
  + Fixed a crash triggered by an assertion in legacy code
  + Fix main window toolbar key changer to save a modified entry
    in Personal Commentary
* Thu Oct 21 2010
- update to 2.7.3:
  + Backported "Fixed invalid bibletimerc creation; removed unused
    CResMgr::init_tr()." by Jaak Ristioja
  + Backported "Fix crash opening first window in manual arrangement
    mode." by Gary Holmlund.
  + Backported "Fixed a bug that caused some users home directories
    to be deleted" by Jaak Ristioja.
  + Backported "Save the "grouping" setting of the Bookshelf"
    by Gary Holmlund.
* Fri Jul 09 2010
- update to 2.7:
  + Fix bug #2969498 : Resize bug in magnification area
  + Fix main window view menu so that shortcuts can be assigned
    to them.
  + Modified retranslateUi to work correctly with the shortcut
  + Add option to show toolbar on main window instead of
    text windows
* Sun Mar 28 2010
- update to 2.6:
  + Fixed an issue causing data loss when closing the main window,
    because open sub-windows were not properly queried for unsaved
  + Refactored the module unlocking GUI to provide more info on
    failures and made opening a locked module also initiate the
    unlocking procedure.
  + Fixed a bug that some display/filter settings were not applied
    on startup
  + Add tabbed window arrangement mode
  + Fix problems with manual arrangement mode
  + Implemented a menu item and tool button for opening installed works
  + Refactored a couple of other dialogs to use the new bookshelf model.
    This means they now also have search and grouping fields.
  + Refactored search dialog module chooser dialog
- removed all patches
* Sun Dec 20 2009
- update to 2.5:
  + improvements to the subwindow arrangement algorithms
  ++ many bugfixes
  ++ new window arrangement modes "Tile" and "Auto Tile"
  + new module selection header in the text windows
  + tons of bugfixes
  + many improvements to the windows port
  + improved debug mode of the application
  + improvements to build system
  + translation updates
  + Christmas splash screen and display template
* Sun Dec 13 2009
- update to 2.4:
  + many, many bugfixes
  + Improved search dialog
  + Added "get list of install sources from server" functionality
  + BibleTime can now open TEI modules
  + Added new feature called "Change location". It is a shortcut
    (Ctrl-L) that changes the focus to the toolbar field for the
    bible reference or book location.
    This is like the Ctrl-L feature of FireFox.
  + Add shortcut page to config settings dialog
- fix build for fedora
* Thu Jul 23 2009
- update to 2.0.1:
  + Completed the port to QT. KDE is no longer required.
  + Use default browser instead of just konqueror or firefox.
  + Use docking windows instead of splitters for the left
    side windows.
  + Add Czech translation
  + Add Hungarian Handbook translation
  + Fix drag/drop onto the display window
  + Fix clicking of links in the Mag Window
  + Fix problem causing Mag window to update when it should not
- obsolete bibletime-i18n and bibletime-devel
* Thu Jul 23 2009
- update to 1.7:
  + tons of bugfixes
  + Port to KDE4/QT4, reduced KDE dependency to a minimum
  + Command line options have changed (--help is out of date)
  + Configuration files have been moved to ~/.bibletime/
  + i18n of UI strings is now handled by QT
  + Massive code cleanups and internal refactoring
  + New bookshelf manager
  + New external communications interface DBUS (instead of DCOP)
  + many Bookshelf improvements
  + Corrections and enhancements to session management
  + Search dialog now has a history for the modules to search in
Version: 2.11.2-bp151.1.4
* Wed Sep 19 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim bias from description.
* Mon Sep 17 2018 Cor Blom <>
- Update to 2.11.2:
  * Updated translations.
  * Improved compatibility with Qt 5.11 (including bug #140)
  * Fixed crash when clicking on "full syntax" (bug #134)
  * Fixed Mag not always working with Hebrew / Strongs (bug #132)
  * Fixed BibleTime startup on some versions of Windows (bug #119)
  * Fixed Bookshelf Wizard buttons not being translated (bug #131)
  * Fixed application icon directory to match the FreeDesktop standard
  * Fixed bug which prevented installing of works (bug #124)