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Change Logs

* Mon Jan 01 2018
- update to 0.4.6
  This version includes:
  * yinfast, a new version of the YIN pitch detection algorithm,
    that uses spectral convolution to compute the same results as
    the original yin, but with a cost O(N log(N)), making it much
    faster than the plain implementation (O(N^2))
  * Intel IPP optimisations (thanks to Eduard Mueller)
  * improved support for emscripten (thanks to Martin Hermant),
    which compiles the aubio library as a javascript module and
    lets you run aubio's algorithm directly from within a web-page.
  0.4.6 also comes with several bug fixes and improvements.
* Fri May 26 2017
- Rectify RPM groups.
* Thu May 18 2017
- Correct the license tag to GPL-3.0+
* Fri Apr 28 2017
- Do not install libaubio.a
* Mon Apr 24 2017
- Update soname and generate libaubio5 package
- Update to version 0.4.5
  * src/io/source_avcodec.c: add support for libswresample
  * aubio: new python command line tool to extract information
  * src/onset/onset.c: add spectral whitening and compression, improve default
  * use centralized script to get current version, adding git
  sha when building from git repo (thanks to MartinHN)
  * src/spectral/awhithening.h: add adaptive whitening
  * src/{cvec,mathutils,musicutils}.h: add cvec_logmag, fvec_logmag, and fvec_push
  * src/onset/onset.h: add aubio_onset_set_default_parameters to load optimal
  parameters of each novelty function, _{set,get}_compression and
  _{set,get}_awhitening to turn on/off compression and adaptive whitening
  * src/spectral/specdesc.h: add weighted phase
  * src/onset/onset.c: improve default onset parameters (thanks to @superbock
  for access to his evaluation database), see commit dccfad2 for more details
  * src/pitch/pitch.c: avoid segfault when using invalid parameters
  * src/temporal/biquad.c: fix biquad parameters initialization (thanks to
  * examples/aubio{onset,track}.c: add options --miditap-note and
  - -miditap-velo to set which midi note is triggered at onset/beat (thanks to
  * examples/aubioonset.c: show actual parameters in verbose mode
  * examples/utils.c: improve memory usage to emit midi notes
  * python/ext/py-source.c: add with (PEP 343) and iter (PEP 234) interface
  * python/ext/py-sink.c: add with interface (PEP 343)
  * python/lib/aubio/ new `aubio` command line tool
  * python/lib/aubio/ moved from python/scripts/aubiocut
  * doc/*.rst: reorganize and improve sphinx manual
  * doc/*.txt: update manpages, add simple manpage for aubio command line
  * doc/full.cfg: derive from doc/web.cfg
  * simplify and add contribute information
  * wscript: prefer libswresample over libavsamplerate when available, use
  current version in manpages, doxygen, and sphinx, update to newest waf
  * use entry_points console_scripts to generate scripts, use
  centralized version from, clean up
  * python/lib/ detect if libswresample is available
- Update to version 0.4.4
  * src/utils/log.h: new function to redirect log, error, and warnings
  * python/: AUBIO_ERR raises python exception, AUBIO_WRN to emit py warning
  * doc/: add some documentation, fix errors in manpages
  * wscript: new rules to build 'manpages', 'doxygen', and 'sphinx', new
  - -build-type=<release|debug> option (thanks to Eduard Mueller)
  * src/notes/notes.h: add minioi and silence methods
  * examples/: add --minioi (minimum inter-onset interval) option
  * src/pitch/pitchyin.c: improve msvc compiler optimisations (thanks to
  Eduard Mueller)
  * python/, src/: improve error messages, fix minor memory leaks
  * src/io/source_avcodec.c: improve compatibility with latest ffmpeg and with
  older libav/ffmpeg versions
  * python/demos/: new demos to capture microphone in real time
  * src/aubio.h: include utils/log.h
  * src/utils/log.h: add new aubio_log_set_function to redirect log messages
  * src/notes/notes.h: add aubio_notes_{get,set}_minioi_ms, add
  _{get,set}_silence methods
  * src/aubio_priv.h: add AUBIO_INF to print to stdout with header, use new
  logging function, add ATAN alias, add stdarg.h, move #include "config.h"
  * src/{fmat,fvec}.c: avoid integer division
  * src/pitch/pitchyin.c: [msvc] help compiler to optimize aubio_pitchyin_do
  by giving it addresses for all arrays which are referenced in inner loops,
  thanks to Eduard Mueller.
  * src/pitch/pitch.c: declare internal functions as static, fail on wrong
  method, warn on wrong unit, improve error messages, fix error string
  * src/spectral/specdesc.c: return NULL if wrong mode asked, remove trailing
  * src/onset/onset.c: return null and clean-up if new_aubio_specdesc failed,
  fix error message
  * src/notes/notes.c: use midi note to store pitch candidate, round to
  nearest note, add a variable to define precision, fix out-of-bound write,
  fix unset silence_threshold, fix error message
  * src/spectral/ooura_fft8g.c: add cast to avoid conversion warnings, prefix
  public function with aubio_ooura_ to avoid with other apps using ooura (e.g.
  puredata), make internal functions static,
  * src/spectral/fft.c: add message about fftw3 being able to do non-power of
  two sizes, make calls to fftw_destroy_plan thread-safe, use prefixed
  * src/spectral/phasevoc.c: fix error string
  * src/temporal/resampler.c: throw an error when using libsamplerate with doubles
  * src/io/ioutils.h: add functions to check samplerate and channels, use in sink_*.c
  * src/io/source.c: add error message when aubio was compiled with no source,
  only show error message from last child source_
  * src/io/source_avcodec.c: call avformat_free_context after
  avformat_close_input, keep a reference to packet to remove it when closing
  file, avoid deprecation warnings with ffmpeg 3.2, add backward compatibility
  for libavcodec55, fix for old libavcodec54, use AV_SAMPLE_FMT_DBL when
  compiling with HAVE_AUBIO_DOUBLE, fix missing samples in eof block, avoid
  function calls before declarations, improve error messages, replace with new
  context before closing old one, make sure s->path is set to null
  * src/io/{source_wavread,sink_wavwrite}.c: declare internal functions as static
  * src/io/source_wavread.c: fix bytes_read for JUNK headers, improve error
  messages, initialize buffer, skip chunks until data is found, or abort, skip
  junk chunk
  * src/io/source_sndfile.c: add support for multi-channel resampling, set
  handle to null after sucessful close, add missing floor in ratio comparison,
  improve formatting
  * src/io/sink.c: only show error message from last child sink_
  * src/io/sink_apple_audio.c: avoid crash on empty file name
  * src/io/sink_sndfile.c: improve error message
  * src/io/sink_{sndfile,wavwrite}.c: use AUBIO_MAX_CHANNELS, fix error message
  * update copyright dates, use https
  * src/aubio.h: add some links to examples, use https
  * src/pitch/pitch.h: add aubio_pitch_get_tolerance, add basic description of
  unit modes
  * src/notes/notes.h: add doxygen header
  * src/spectral/fft.h: strip example path
  * doc/*.rst: improve sphinx documentation
  * doc/android.rst: add reference to it scripts/build_android
  * doc/debian_packages.rst: added page on debian packages
  * doc/python_module.rst: add, add note on pip, add
  * doc/cli.rst: include command line manpages
  * doc/cli_features.rst: add matrix of command line features
  * doc/requirements.rst: add a note about --notests (closes #77), document
  - -msvc options, improve description of options
  * doc/download.rst: added page on download
  * doc/installing.rst: update
  * doc/xcode_frameworks.rst: added page on xcode frameworks
  * doc/**: use
  * doc/ use pyramid theme, update copyright, remove hardcoded path
  * doc/web.cfg: exclude ioutils from doc
  * doc/aubionotes.txt: document -M option (see #18),
  * doc/aubioonset.txt: add documentation for -M, --minioi, improve threshold
  description (thanks to Peter Parker), fix typo (onset, not pitch)
  * doc/aubio*.txt: document -T/--timeformat option
  * Makefile: add a brief intro, avoid offline operations, add html and dist
  targets, add rules for documentation, simplify listing, avoid offline
  operations, bump waf to 1.9.6, check for waf before clean, chmod go-w
  waflib, improve clean, use pip to install, factorise pip options, generate
  more test sounds, improve test_python and test_pure_python, pass build_ext
  in test_pure_python{,_wheel}, quieten uninstall_python if already
  uninstalled, improve test targets, use bdist_wheel in test_pure_python,
  build_ext only for --enable-double, verbose waf rules, add cleanwaf
  * wscript: added debug/release build type configurations release (default)
  enables optimizations, debug symbols are enabled in both configurations,
  thanks to Eduard Mueller.
  * wscript: add options to disable source_wavread/sink_wavwrite, add check
  for stdarg.h, new rules 'manpages', 'sphinx', and 'doxygen' to build
  documentation, add version to sphinx and manpages, disable libsamplerate
  if double precision enabled (libsamplerate only supports float), fix typos,
  remove trailing spaces, improve tarball creation (./waf dist), remove
  full.cfg from tarball, prepend to CFLAGS to honor user cflags
  * wscript, src/wscript_build: improve install locations using DATAROOTDIR,
  * wscript: default to no atlas for now
  * src/wscript_build: always build static library
  * scripts/build_android: add an example script to build aubio on android,
  * examples/aubionotes.c: use new notes, set minioi, send last note off when
  needed, add warning for missing options
  * examples/aubioonset.c: add minioi option, in seconds
  * examples/: only send a last note off when using jack
  * examples/: return 1 if object creation failed
  * examples/: use PROG_HAS_OUTPUT, add PROG_HAS_SILENCE
  * tests/src/spectral/test-fft.c: fix default size
  * tests/src/spectral/test-phasevoc.c: fix typos
  * tests/src/utils/test-log.c: add AUBIO_INF, add example for
  aubio_log_set_function, improve messages
  * python/ext/aubiomodule.c: add aubio._aubio.__version__ and import it as
  aubio.version, use custom logging function for errors and warnings, remove
  duplicated add_generated_objects, use <> for non local aubio
  * python/ext/py-cvec.c: use NPY_INTP_FMT
  * python/ext/py-fft.c: use error string set in src/spectral/fft.c
  * python/ext/py-phasevoc.c: use error string set in src/spectral/phasevoc.c
  * python/ext/py-sink.c: always set samplerate and channels in init
  * python/ext/py-source.c: use error string set in src/io/source.c
  * python/lib/aubio/ add unicode double sharp and double flat,
  improve unicode handling, skip UnicodeEncodeError on python 2.x
  * add src/**.c, exclude full.cfg, include waflib, remove
  * define AUBIO_VERSION use sorted glob.glob to improve
  reproducibility, remove extra quotes, remove status from version string,
  update description, use custom build_ext instead of 'generate' command,
  define HAVE_AUBIO_DOUBLE to 1 if needed
  * python/lib/ add support for multiple _do outputs, fix number
  of output, improve del_ function, safer DECREF, fix indentation, emit RuntimeError
  * python/lib/ clean-up, enable tss, remove duplicate,
  sort generated files
  * python/lib/ add HAVE_STDARG_H, also check for
  HAVE_AUBIO_DOUBLE, cleaner clean, look first for system library, then for
  local build, then local sources, mo nore fake config.h here, use
  samplerate in single precision only
  * python/ add a note about nose2 for python tests (closes #74)
  * scripts/ python3 compat
  * python/demos/ add example using alsaaudio (closes #72)
  * python/demos/ add options to plot first and second
  derivatives, and set samplerate/win_s/hop_s, thanks to @jhoelzl (closes #68)
  * python/demos/ add simple notes demos
  * python/demos/ added simple demo for pyaudio, see #6,
  closes #78, thanks to @jhoelzl and @notalentgeek, add some comments, avoid
  overwriting aubio.pitch
  * python/demos/ fix indentation, make executable
  * python/demos/demo_timestretch{,_online}.py: fix usage string, remove
  unused import, use // to yield an integer (closes #71)
  * python/demos/ use 512, fix block counter
  * python/demos/ improve default parameters, exit before plotting
  * python/tests/: use local import, add
  * python/tests/ simplify
  * python/tests/ skip test fft(zeros).phas == 0 if needed, expected powerpc
  * python/tests/ reduce alpha norm precision to 10.-4
  * python/tests/test_{midi2note,note2midi}.py: use nose2.params, add unicode tests
  * python/tests/ add basic tests
  * python/tests/ test results are correct for 44100Hz_44100f_sine441.wav
  * python/tests/ add more tests, quiet warnings
  * python/tests/ break long line, check the tail of the file
  is non-zero on non silent test files, filter user warnings to avoid spamming
  the console, only check if last frames are non silent on brownnoise (weak),
  remove fragile brownnoise test, check duration on short files, use nose2
  params to process one sound file per test
  * python/tests/ RuntimeError is now raised on wrong mode
  * python/tests/ by default, use 5 seconds brownoise
- Update to version 0.4.3
  * src/io/source.h, src/io/source_*.h: add _get_duration
  * src/notes/notes.h: add basic notes object
  * src/tempo/beattracking.{c,h}: add _get_period and _get_period_s
  * src/mathutils.h: add fvec_ishift
  * src/fvec.{c,h}: add fvec_weighted_copy
  * src/tempo/tempo.{c,h}: add _get_period and _get_period_s, also add tatum,
  a subdivision of the beat period, default to 4, implement get/set_delay
  * src/**.{c,h}: use #ifdef HAVE_FOO, not #if _HAVE_FOO, add const qualifiers
  to unmodified pointers (see #35)
  * src/{fmat,fvec,mathutils}.c: optimisations (using atlas or Accelerate when
  available) for fvec_sum, fvec_mean, fvec_shift, aubio_level_lin,
  fvec_set_all, fvec_zeros, fvec_weight, fvec_copy, fvec_weighted_copy,
  * src/aubio_priv.h: check for atlas cblas, use cblas_xswap, vDSP_dotpr,
  protect SQR parameters, avoid redefining MIN/MAX, define PATH_MAX and PI
  when needed, use _isnan on windows msvc 9 to avoid linking error, more
  windows hacks
  * src/mathutils.c: avoid for loop initial declarations [gcc], use
  HAVE_ATLAS, use smpl_t for constants
  * src/fmat.c: skip asserts
  * src/spectral/{filterbank,mfcc}.c: use accelerated fmat_vecmul
  * src/spectral/fft.c: fftw can be used odd length sizes, not Ooura,
  factorise double / single flags, use memcpy
  * src/spectral/phasevoc.c: fix arguments checks, return NULL when fft
  creation failed , apply windowing for resynthesized grain, use ishift for
  odd windows, fix scaling factors for correct reconstruction at 50 and 75%
  * src/pitch/pitch.c: allow for silence == 0, improve error messages
  * src/pitch/pitchmcomb.c: fix candidates sorting function, really comparing
  current to next
  * src/notes/notes.c: equivalent to previous examples/aubionotes.c results
  * src/onset/onset.c: simplify selection of first onset, fix for "conversion
  from 'smpl_t' to 'uint_t', possible loss of data" with msvc
  * src/pitch/pitchmcomb.c: scan across all spectrum
  * src/pitch/pitchyinfft.c: use fvec_weighted_copy
  * src/{spectral/*.c,onset/*.c,tempo/*.c}: make sure win_size > 1
  * src/io/*.c: use custom defines for {source,sink}_apple_audio, take a copy
  of const char* path
  * src/io/source_avcodec.c:
  - update to libav10, libavcodec 55.34.1
  - avoid deprecation warning, detect if we use ffmpeg or libav version
  - check if the uri is a network stream using av_url_split, call
  avformat_network_init() if needed
  - check if we still need max_analyze_duration2 (closes #53, thanks to
  * src/io/source_{avcodec,sndfile}.c: avoid modifying input param
  * src/io/{sink,source,utils}_apple_audio.c: fix memory leak calling
  CFRelease (closes #26, closes #27, and closes #28)
  * src/io/sink_apple_audio.c: disable async mode for now, factorise code
  * src/io/source_apple_audio.c: check out of bounds _seek, set s->path, quiet
  * src/io/source_sndfile.c: fix crash, zero-pad output vector when
  upsampling, use sf_read_double when compiling with AUBIO_DOUBLE, approximate
  duration when resampling
  * src/io/sink_sndfile.c: fix for double precision
  * src/synth/sampler.c: fix typo, keeps a copy of uri
  * src/tempo/tempo.c: do not write novelty function in output[1]
  * src/temporal/resampler.c: make msvc happier adding a dummy variable
  * src/temporal/filter.c: check parameters, fix filter_do_outplace to really
  avoid modifying input
  * src/utils/windll.c: add dll main entry point
  * General:
  - new build system, new code generator
  - Python 3 compatibility (#33), thanks to Nils Philippsen (@nphilipp)
  - double precision compatibility
  - simplify memory allocations, removed unneeded malloc/free calls
  - fix memory leak (#49), check input sizes (#63) and output sizes (#60)
  - improve indentation, clean up unused imports and variables
  - fix comparison to None and to False
  * move from python/, add option to build libaubio inside
  python-aubio (for instance with pip), add command 'generate' with option
  '--enable-double', build with -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Werror
  * python/ext/aubiomodule.c: fix PyMethodDef sentinel
  * python/ext/aubioproxy.c: factorize input checks into
  PyAubio_IsValidVector, fix windows c89 compilation, use npy_intp, not long
  * python/ext: rewrite and simplify, safer and improved memory usage (#49),
  improve error strings, verify actual object creation
  * python/ext/py-source.c: added duration, check seek is not negative
  * python/ext/py-musicutils.c: do not overwrite PyArg_ParseTuple messages
  * python/lib/ new generator, switch to using custom PyObjects
  instead of fvec, cvec, fmat, ready for double precision (defaults to single)
  * python/lib/ use new aubio.float_type, make sure length is
  not zero and float_type is imported
  * python/lib/aubio/ fix instance checks, make sure midi2note
  uses midi int (#33)
  * python/lib/aubio/ fix samplerate
  * python/ext/aubio-types.h: add new_py_ functions to create PyObjects
  instead of fvec_t, apply to generated and hard-coded objects
  * python/lib/ improve compiler detection, fixes build on
  windows (#55)
  * python/lib/ helpers for windows and macos compilations
  * python/demos/ new reading speed tests, external
  packages disabled by default
  * python/demos/ new timescale algorithm
  * python/demos/ new timescale algorithm (online
  * python/demos/ add script to create simple sound
  files to test on using sox
  * python/demos/ add simple demo for a_weighting
  * python/demos/ moved from _a_weighting
  * python/demos/ use n_coeffs
  * python/demos/ add exception type, avoid {} as default
  argument value
  * python/demos/demo_pysoundcard_*: update to pysoundcard 0.5.2 (closes #42)
  * python/scripts/aubiocut: fix usage string output
  * python/tests/run_all_tests,*.py: switch to nose2, fix most prospect warnings
  * python/tests/ add test_pass_to_numpy, cope with accumulated
  * python/tests/ simplify, add more tests
  * python/tests/ more tests, to clash on wrong size
  inputs, f.rdo input size, cvec is large enough, memory tests, avoid
  * python/tests/ check for wrong values, ValueError raised
  * python/tests/ add tests
  * python/tests/ simplify, check TypeError is raised
  * python/tests/ more tests, check for wrong input size (see #63)
  * python/tests/test_mathutils: fix test_miditobin test, can also raise
  NotImplementedError (darwin)
  * python/tests/ more tests, use unicode_literals
  * python/tests/ add a note about ocasional crash check
  perfect reconstruction for overlap > 75% add 50% overlap test, fix duplicate
  test name, add wrong sized input tests
  * python/tests/ remove useless many_sinks_not_closed and cruft
  * python/tests/ simplify, quieten, skip tests if no test sounds
  * python/tests/ check for wrong values, skip wrong name
  test, use correct input size (see #63)
  * python/tests/ try reopening the file is deleting it fails on windows
  * python/VERSION: removed, use same VERSION file for libaubio and python-aubio
  * move from python/, update contents
  * nose2.cfg: add minimal config, set multiprocess always-on=false (fixes
  coverage, pass -N to speed up the tests)
  * examples/*.c: add time format option
  * examples/{aubioonset,aubiotrack}.c: also emit midi note, thanks to
  @topas-rec (closes #62)
  * examples/: use outmsg to print notes (fixes #8)
  * examples/aubionotes.c: use new aubio_notes object
  * examples/aubiotrack.c: enable -O and -t options, fix is_beat/is_silence
  * examples/{parse_args,utils}.h: check in config.h if getopt.h was found, or
  build without for msvc, more windows hacks
  * examples/utils.c: change send_noteon to accept floating point midi note number
  * tests/src/io/test-source_apple_audio.c: shorten long line
  * tests/src/io/test-source_avcodec.c: use HAVE_LIBAV, closes #10
  * tests/src/temporal: avoid crash, clarify
  * tests/src/tempo/test-tempo.c: tempo back to only one output
  * tests/src/test-delnull.c: improve test, avoid segfaults
  * tests/src/test-lvec.c: use AUBIO_LSMP_FMT
  * tests/utils_tests.h: add VA_ARGS versions of variadic macros
  * tests/utils_tests.h: also use custom srandom/random when compiling with
  - std=c99
  * tests/utils_tests.h: make sure M_PI and RAND_MAX are defined
  * Makefile: set waf to 1.8.22 for now, new targets create_test_sounds,
  build_python, test_python, clean_python, build_python3, clean_python3,
  test_pure_python, test_pure_python_wheel, (use test_pure_* targets to build
  without libaubio), use 'HAVE_DOUBLE=1 make' to build in double precision
  * scripts/build_apple_frameworks: add script to build macosx and ios
  frameworks (see #34, #43)
  * scripts/build_emscripten: add script to build with emcc and co
  * scripts/build_mingw: add script to cross-compile using mingw
  * scripts/ added simple script to fetch latest waf
  * scripts/ set environment to run from built source tree
  * scripts/ update to new python-aubio build location
  * tests/wscript_build: do not install test programs
  * tests/wscript_build, src/wscript_build: use 'use =', simplify
  * src/wscript_build: enable shared lib on ios, static lib on windows
  * wscript:
  - update --enable-foo to fail if foo is not found
  - add -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 on darwin
  - add '-fembed-bitcode' on ios (closes #31), min to 6.1
  - make fat build, add option to not build with Accelerate framework
  - add option to not build with CoreAudio/AudioToolbox
  - add --disable-docs option
  - add -lm detection
  - pass HAVE_AUBIO_DOUBLE in compiler arguments
  - first check for headers, make getopt.h and unistd.h optional
  - check HAVE_AV* from ctx.env
  - make msvc compiler quieter, add /MD and /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS
  - check if we find atlas/cblas.h
  - new build platform emscripten
  - more cleanups and updates
  * src/: remove trailing spaces, improve doxygen strings, update copyrights,
  fix typos
  * src/onset/onset.h: fix description of get/set_delay functions
  * src/spectral/mfcc.h: add link to reference implementation
  * src/spectral/filterbank_mel.h: update reference url
  * src/musicutils.h: update link to Bernardini's paper, improve doc
  * doc/aubiomfcc.txt: add a note about the output
  * doc/*.cfg: update to Doxygen 1.8.8
  * python/ fix typo (thanks to Sam Alexander), document how to
  build in a virtualenv (see #2)
  * minor updates, link to python/, switch to https
* Sun Apr 17 2016
- Use pkgconfig instead of libffmpeg-devel
* Tue Oct 27 2015
- Update to version 0.4.2
  * src/onset/onset.h: add aubio_onset_get_silence(), fix description of
  aubio_onset_get/set_delay functions
  * src/tempo/tempo.h: add aubio_tempo_get_silence and aubio_tempo_get_threshold
  * src/io/audio_unit.c: fix deprecation warning (closes #16)
  * src/io/sink_apple_audio.c: avoid opening null path
  * src/io/sink_sndfile.c: improve error messages, set nsamples after write
  * src/io/sink_wavwrite.c: fail if samplerate is way too large, assume
  windows is little endian to build with mingw32
  * src/io/source_apple_audio.c: check out of bounds _seek, set s->path, quiet
  * src/io/source_avcodec.c: update to libav10, libavcodec 55.34.1
  * src/io/source_sndfile.c: cast to uint_t for now, clarify some variables
  names, fix crash, zero-pad output vector when upsampling, improve
    seek errors and strings
  * src/io/source_wavread.c: avoid orphan parenthesis , cast size_t to int to
  avoid warning on win64 , improve seek errors processing , sync error message
  * src/onset/onset.c: avoid doubled onset at start, check parameters
  * src/pitch/pitch.c: add Hertz as valid unit string, check parameters
  * src/pitch/pitchyin.c, src/pitch/pitchyinfft.c: avoid producing
    NaN on silence (closes #7)
  * src/pitch/pitchyin.{c,h}: fix typo, developed
  * src/spectral/phasevoc.c: fix argument checks, improve error messages
  * src/synth/sampler.c: make sure blocksize > 0
  * src/tempo/beattracking.c: avoid segfault on silence (closes #24)
  * src/tempo/tempo.c: add silence detection (closes #23), add old behavior in
  examples/aubiotrack.c, check parameters
  * src/*.c: fix some useless float conversion
  * python/ext/aubiomodule.c: improve documentation
  * python/ext/py-musicutils.c: add silence_detection (closes #21),
  level_detection, db_spl, level_lin, complete window implementation
  * python/ext/py-source.c: add channels, add seek (closes #9)
  * python/demos/ add simple demo for a_weighting
  * python/demos/ add multi channel version
  * python/demos/, python/demos/: minor improvements, improve syntax (closes #19)
  * python/ use setuptools, add numpy to install_requires
  * waf: removed, now automatically downloaded with make, updated to 1.8.12
  * Makefile: add target to fetch waf and basic instructions
  * .travis.yml: added template for travis continuous integration
  * {examples,src,tests}/wscript_build: add external libs and uselib to targets
  * src/wscript_build: do not hardocode install path
  * wscript, src/io/*.c: use custom defines instead of __APPLE__
  * wscript: make fat build optional, remove iOS sdk versioning
  * examples/: use outmsg to print notes (fixes #8)
  * examples/parse_args.h: improve short documentation (closes #12)
  * doc/*.cfg: remove html timestamps to make build reproducible
    (see debian bug #779216)
  * doc/aubiocut.txt: improve documentation
  * doc/*.rst: add sphinx documentation basis with Makefile and
  * minor updates
  * python.old: removed old code
  * tests/: minor bug fixing
- Add doxygen, ffmpeg-devel and txt2man dependencies
- Replace python with python-devel
Version: 0.4.1-bp150.3.6.1
* Tue Aug 07 2018
- Fix minor security issues leading to segfault or buffer overread
  (CVE-2018-14522, bsc#1102359, CVE-2018-14523, bsc#1102364):
- Refresh the previous fixes from the upstream version
* Fri Jun 08 2018
- Fix segfault with malformed input file (CVE-2017-17554,
* Fri Mar 23 2018
- Fix divide-by-zero at wavread (CVE-2017-17054, bsc#1070399):
* Sun Aug 03 2014
- update to 0.4.1 (to fix build in Factory):
  * The most interesting feature in this release concerns aubiocut.
  Thanks to the sponsoring of Mark Suppes, the python script to slice
  sound streams was extended to be sample accurate, cut overlapping
  segments, and work on multiple channels.
  * New source and sink objects have been added to let aubio read and
  write WAV files, even when built with no external libraries.
  This should simplify the use of aubio on platforms such as Android or Windows.
  * Existing sources and sinks have been extended to read and write from
  and to multiple channels. This makes python-aubio one of the fastest
  and most versatile Python module to read and write media files.
  This release also comes with a stack of bug fixes and code clean-ups.
- 0.4 is a huge step in this library, as:
  * more portable: with no required dependencies, the core of aubio library,
  written in ANSI C, is known to compile and run on most modern platforms
  (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, ...).
  * more stable: several bugs fixes and a battery of tests make this new
  release more robust and less prone to errors.
  * faster: several enhancements to the C library and a brand new Python
  interface help make this release orders of magnitude faster than the
  previous ones.
- switched from autotools to waf
* Fri Sep 30 2011
- add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Sun Apr 24 2011
- Add 32bit compatibility libraries
* Wed Oct 22 2008
- fix debug_packages_requires define
* Fri Aug 01 2008
- fix requires for debuginfo package
* Wed Jul 16 2008
- initial version: 0.3.2