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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2024-01-09
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

Update to version 1.0.22:

  + Bugfixes:

   + Fixed KDSingleApplication cmake version check.
   + Fixed KDSingleApplication Qt 5 detection (#1299).
   + Fixed timer started in wrong thread (#1302).
   + Fixed erratic seeking behaviour if buffer duration is set to zero (#1302).
   + Fixed SCollection related crash on exit with Qt 5 (#1316).
   + Fixed track about to end related crash on playback failure (#1332).
   + Fixed playlist column widths not remembered if stretch mode is off with Qt 6.6.1 and higher (#1328).

  + Enhancements:

   + Increase thread priority for playback threads.
   + Allow drag and drop of songs to favorite playlists.

Update to version 1.0.21:

  + Bugfixes:

   + Fixed seekbar position resetting to zero before showing actual position when seeking.
   + Fixed compressed files showing up in collection (#1274).
   + Fixed connecting devices (#1288).
   + Fixed device schema missing ebur128 fields.
   + Fixed collection search by tag not working with space between colon and search term (#1290).
   + Fixed seeking when 5 seconds is remaining of the song resetting position to beginning (#1258).
   + Fixed intermittent crash when seeking with Auto as output (#1123).

  + Enhancements:

   + Support using system KDSingleApplication when available.
   + Improved lyrics matching.



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  • strawberry-1.0.22-bp155.2.6.1