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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-03-15
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

Update to version 1.0.15

 + Bugfixes:

   + Fixed playlist column showing invalid last played date for streams.
   + Fixed crash when the audio bin failed to initialize (#1123, #1133).
   + Fixed duplicated filename when organizing files using dot in the filename (#1136).
   + Fixed tag inline editing for streams (#1130).
   + Fixed resetting play statistics using tag edit dialog (#1124).
   + Fixed compilation songs not showing if group by was set to other than (Album) Artist / Album (#1140).

 + Enhancements:

   + Added lyrics from stands4 (lyrics.com).
   + Added Sonogram analyzer.
   + Use GStreamer playbin3 with GStreamer 1.22.0 and higher.

 + Code improvements:

   + Made use of C++11 enum class where possible.
   + Use new QNativeIpcKey based QSharedMemory constructor with Qt 6.6 and higher.

- Update to version 1.0.14

 + Fix initial volume not set when using Auto as output (#1104).
 + Fix saving moodbar if the URL contains host, ie.: UNC paths for SMB (#1101).
 + Fix CollectionBackendTest compile error (#1100).
 + Remove explicitly enabling debug messages (#1106).

- Update to version 1.0.13

 + Fixed volume synchronization leading to infinite loop resulting in crash when adjusting volume while playing (#1089).
 + Fixed incorrect volume.
 + Fixed collection organizing incorrectly handling slashes inside {} brackets for variables (#1091).
 + Fixed saving relative playlists to non-existing playlist files (#1092).
 + Fixed intermittent crash on collection model query (#1095).
 + Require system icons for fancy tabbar and settings sidebar to be larger than 22x22 (#1084).

- Update to version 1.0.12

 + Fixed crash when adjusting volume with mouse wheel (#1089).
 + Fixed playback stopping in certain cases where the next track was unavailable (#958).
 + Removed appearance settings for changing palette colors, it was never properly implemented.

- Update to version 1.0.11

 + Bugfixes:
 + Capitalize GLib application name so it appears nicely in GNOME and PulseAudio Volume Control (#1066).
 + Fixed missing application icon for PulseAudio Volume Control (#1066).
 + Ignore errors for missing albums when updating Tidal collection if there are results (#1061).
 + Only run periodic collection scan when moitoring collection setting is on.
 + Fixed an edge case where the context headline text was being cut short (#1067).
 + Made "Show in file browser" support SpaceFM filemanager (#1073).
 + Fixed incorrect tab order in edit tag dialog (#1075).
 + Changed "FMPS_PlayCount" to "FMPS_Playcount" when saving tag (#1074).
 + Fixed compilation tag read and write for MP4 (#1076).
 + Removed incorrect use of "TPE1" for performer when reading ID3 tags (#1076).
 + Disable tag fields for unsupported tags in tag editor.
 + Don't allow organizing files without unique tags (track or title) for filename (#1077).
 + Don't remove disc from album title when creating cover hash to allow different covers for each disc on an album (#1069).
 + Fixed incorrect relative paths for song filenames when saving playlists if the saved playlist location is a symablic link to the song filename (#1071).
 + Scrobble "Various Artists" as album artist (#1082).
 + Enhancements:
 + Use system volume instead of own software volume when available (#1037).
 + Improved Tidal and Qobuz support with timed requests.
 + Support MPRIS2 xesam:userRating.

- Update to version 1.0.10

 + Bugfixes:
 + Fixed "Could not open settings file for writing: No such file or directory" error before settings file is created.
 + Fixed visual glitch on currently playing track (#1051).
 + Fixed "Unknown error" on Tidal search (#1047).
 + Fixed incomplete lyrics from Genius.
 + Fixed icons not showing in the file view on some systems (#1024).
 + Fixed issues with context and playing widget stopping when using VLC (#1054).
 + Enhancements:
 + Fixed narrowing conversions in connects.
 + Fixed casts from QByteArray.
 + Removed subdir for generated dbus files
 + Removed use of fixed font in context (#1040).
 + Improve Musixmatch lyrics search.

- Update to version 1.0.9

 + Fixed parsing album title from radio stream metadata (#1023).

- Update to version 1.0.8

 + Bugfixes:
 + Fixed backslash being appended to filter text when switching playlist (#1005).
 + Fixed OSD notifications service registering taking too long to timeout when not available.
 + Fixed radio stream added twice when double-clicked (#1015).
 + Fixed translating undo and redo buttons (#1017).
 + Enhancements:
 + Use ICU instead of iconv to transliterate characters for filenames.
 + Make separating albums by grouping tag optional in collection group by album.
 + Added support for video game music formats VGM and SPC.
  + Added setting for explicitly turning on HTTP/2 for streaming. Strawberry will set the libsoup SOUP_FORCE_HTTP1 environment variable when the HTTP/2 is not checked (#1016).



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  • strawberry-1.0.15-bp154.2.9.1