Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2023-03-13
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

Chromium 111.0.5563.64

* New View Transitions API
* CSS Color Level 4
* New developer tools in style panel for color functionality
* CSS added trigonometric functions, additional root font units
  and extended the n-th child pseudo selector.
* previousslide and nextslide actions are now part of the Media
  Session API
* A number of security fixes (boo#1209040)
* CVE-2023-1213: Use after free in Swiftshader
* CVE-2023-1214: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2023-1215: Type Confusion in CSS
* CVE-2023-1216: Use after free in DevTools
* CVE-2023-1217: Stack buffer overflow in Crash reporting
* CVE-2023-1218: Use after free in WebRTC
* CVE-2023-1219: Heap buffer overflow in Metrics
* CVE-2023-1220: Heap buffer overflow in UMA
* CVE-2023-1221: Insufficient policy enforcement in Extensions API
* CVE-2023-1222: Heap buffer overflow in Web Audio API
* CVE-2023-1223: Insufficient policy enforcement in Autofill
* CVE-2023-1224: Insufficient policy enforcement in Web Payments API
* CVE-2023-1225: Insufficient policy enforcement in Navigation
* CVE-2023-1226: Insufficient policy enforcement in Web Payments API
* CVE-2023-1227: Use after free in Core
* CVE-2023-1228: Insufficient policy enforcement in Intents
* CVE-2023-1229: Inappropriate implementation in Permission prompts
* CVE-2023-1230: Inappropriate implementation in WebApp Installs
* CVE-2023-1231: Inappropriate implementation in Autofill
* CVE-2023-1232: Insufficient policy enforcement in Resource Timing
* CVE-2023-1233: Insufficient policy enforcement in Resource Timing
* CVE-2023-1234: Inappropriate implementation in Intents
* CVE-2023-1235: Type Confusion in DevTools
* CVE-2023-1236: Inappropriate implementation in Internals



  • chromium-111.0.5563.64-bp154.2.73.1