Update Info


Recommended update for librecad

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-03-06
This update for librecad fixes the following issues:

librecad was updated to release 2.2.0 [boo#1208447]

* many causes of crashes have been eliminated
* eliminated DWG issues in libdxfrw, which caused several crashes
* the performance of panning and zooming in large files has
  been significantly improved
* the undo/redo engine has been completely revised due to
  several problems
* adjustments for new compiler and Qt versions were required
* extension of the command line, multi-line commands, paste and
  open command files
* improvement of the print preview, with tiled printing and
  line widths adjustment
* multiple selection and bulk actions in block and layer lists

update to 2.2.0 rc4:

* symbols to unicode.lff
* new error code from libdxfrw update
* build Windows, MacOS and Linux packages in one action
* added tool tips to Categories tool widget (#1519)
* added @ symbol to relative coordinates in status bar (#1452)
* changed misleading unit label in curent drawing preferences (#1453)
* changed tab order in text dialog (#1432)
* maximum size of status bar for hidpi displays
* sync libdxfrw (072aecd)
* copy/rename media files in desktop folder to remove whitespaces
* fixed renaming of nested blocks (#1527)
* preserve list position in block and layer list (#1515)
* fixed polyline issue when line type was changed (#1496)
* add minutes label to auto save time in application preferences (#1412)
* add files saved as with new name to recent files (#1364)
* snap on middle point failed for spline through points (#1395)
* spline issue with tolerance on ascii to double conversion
* DXF viewport reading issue by updating libdxfrw
* status bar height toggling on auto save
* solid fill hatch issues
* Ukrainian and symbol characters in unicode.lff
* possible out of bounds read with MText entities
* AppImage was broken by fix for (#1488)
* wrong translations folder for additionals paths from settings
* getDirectoryList() failed on Linux when librecad is in $PATH (#1488)
* bounds check in LWPolyline
* NULL check for hatch code 93
* vulnerabilities in JWW parser 




  • librecad-2.2.0-bp154.3.6.1