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Recommended update for pcm

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-02-02
This update for pcm fixes the following issues:

pcm was updated to version 202212:

  * pcm-memory: add SPR HBM support
  * support multiple hosts for Grafana dashboard with prometheus
  * fixes for pcm-iio/pcm-accel

updated to the new upstream repository location and the name

- Update to version 202211:

  * added Sapphire Rapids processor support
  * added new pcm-accel utility to monitor Sapphire Rapids accelerator performance
  * added --version option to all pcm tools
  * pcm: new "enforce flush output" option
  * pcm-raw: support ocr_msr_val and tid modifiers
  * fixed default value for CHA filter1 on CLX and SKX
  * pcm-sensor-server: allow build on FreeBSD
  * pcm-raw: adopt new JSON event file format, new URLs for perfmon event lists

- Synchronize pcm package from openSUSE to SLES15-SP* supported
  produces (jsc#PED-395, jsc#PED-1004)

- Update to version 202210:

  * Add simdjson submodule and move simdjson lib to version 2.0.4
  * Add  SNR register definitions
  * Fix some build related issues
  * Improvement on printing error messages
  * Fix sporadic crashes
  * Fix top-down events on some Linux kernels
  * Remove 32 bit code from DriverInterface
  * Remove public header file and remove header files from installation
  * Add IOUserClient class to CMake builds, and add fields in kernel
    topology structure to match userland structure
  * Remove of use of volatile and make memory allocation only for the
    lifetime of a function that needs it
  * Move DriverInterface code into MSRAccessor
  * Expand custom counter memory for PCM-Service
  * Removing of potentially existed files (symlinks) before writing
  * pcm-memory: option to enforce output flush
  * Implement RPL support
  * Introduce Raptor Lake IDs

- Update to version 202207:

  * pcm-raw: add json output to pcm-raw
  * pcm-memory: fix csv output inconsistency for channels without traffic
  * fix automatic version generation on checkout
  * use GNUInstallDirs for install paths
  * pcm-iio: optionally display root port pci device id
  * automatically increase limit on open files on Linux
  * pcm-daemon: add 'memory mode hit approximation' metric + client sample app fixes
  * pcm-daemon: document all pcm-daemon metrics in the common.h header
  * add CPU model number in processor information list
  * correct hardcoded QPI strings and change to UPI when applicable
  * pcm-iio: add missing header item
  * pcm-raw: fix "EDP" format prints for offlined cores
  * PCM_KEEP_NMI_WATCHDOG=1 env variable to keep NMI watchdog running
  * support pcm-iio on ICX-D
  * support additional Alderlake cpu model
  * document -pid option in pcm-numa and pcm-tsx

- Update to version 202203:

  * Add experimental pcm csv data plot and background collection scripts
  * Print 4 digits for MPI metrics
  * Uncore linux perf event robustness enhancements
  * pcm-raw: additional overhead reduction for multi-group collection
  * general overhead reduction (skip restoring thread affinity when not required)
  * pcm-numa, pcm-tsx: add -pid option
  * Fix compilation of examples on old gcc
  * Fix: restore affinity for caller process
  * Fixed race condition in resctrl (when not available)



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  • pcm-202212-bp154.2.3.1