Update Info


Recommended update for xfce4-terminal

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-11-16
This update for xfce4-terminal fixes the following issues:

* backport fix for crash on window close (gxo#apps/xfce4-terminal#282)

Update to version 1.1.1

  * build: Simplify and clarify X11/Wayland distinction
  * Fix xfce_titled_dialog_create_action_area() deprecation
  * build: Define our own windowing macro instead of extending GDK's
  * wayland: Fix drop-down keep-above for non-prefs dialogs
  * wayland: Fix drop-down terminal keep-above
  * wayland: Fix window activation
  * wayland: Fix drop-down terminal positioning (Fixes #141)
  * wayland: Fix new window size
  * Replace XDT_CHECK_LIBX11 and use HAVE_LIBX11 when appropriate
  * Use the same windowing environment test everywhere
  * Fix build when X11 is disabled
  * drop-down: Make settings easier to understand
  * drop-down: Fix allocation warnings
  * Apply 7 suggestion(s) to 2 file(s)
  * Save and restore terminal window workspace in X11 session
  * doc: Remove reference to terminalrc
  * app: Put GtkSettings:gtk-menu-bar-accel overwrite back in place
  * Translation Updates



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  • xfce4-terminal-1.1.1-bp155.2.6.1