Update Info


Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-10-22
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 1.0.20
  + Fixed appdata validation.

- Update to version 1.0.19
  + Bugfixes:
   + Use shared pointers for objects to fix potential crashes on exit (#1239).
   + Fixed smart playlist search not matching unrated songs (#1244).
   + Fixed reading FMPS_Playcount for MP3 ID3v2 tags (#1248).
   + Always stop playing after 100 errors to prevent flooding the error dialog (#1220).
   + Fixed volume going to 100% when decreasing volume beyond zero (#1262).
   + Fixed error dialog sometimes showing empty.
  + Enhancements:
   + Add Mpris2 property to read/write rating (#1246).
   + Capitalize playlist column names (#1264).
   + Added lyrics from songlyrics.com, azlyrics.com, elyrics.net and lyricsmode.com.
  + New features:
   + Support performing song loudness analysis using `libebur128` (#1216).
   + Support song playback loudness normalization, as per EBU R 128 (#1216).
  + Other:
   + Removed last.fm HTTPS workaround and GnuTLS dependency
   + Removed broken lyrics.com lyrics provider.

- Update to version 1.0.18
  + Bugfixes:
   + Fixed reading disc from QObuz songs (#1168).
   + Fixed volume being reset on playback with PulseAudio (#1174).
   + Fixed <br> tags in SQL query error message.
   + Fixed compile with Qt 6 without XCB (QX11Application).
   + Fixed smart playlist editor not properly loading search terms (#1172).
   + Fixed use of fixed icon for playlist favorite star icon (#1178).
   + Possible fix for collection thumbnails using disk cache having identical covers for albums with hashtag (#) in the album title (#1183).
   + Fixed listenbrainz scrobbling for songs with multiple artist mbids.
   + Fixed listenbrainz scrobbling for songs without duration.
   + Fixed gapless playback sometimes not working.
   + Fixed writing PNG images as embedded covers (#1209).
   + Fixed greyscale album covers not working in OSD D-Bus (#1205).
   + Fixed collection thumbnail disk cache with Qt 6.5.1 and newer.
   + Fixed moodbar disk cache with Qt 6.5.1 and newer.
   + Fixed playlist edit tag F2 shortcut only working for title tag (#1210).
   + Append number to filename if the destination file already exist when transcoding audio (#1200).
   + Fixed abseil linking issues with protobuf 1.22.0 and newer.
 + Enhancements:
   + Reduce memory overhead with album cover handling (#1046).
   + Improved listenbrainz error handling.
   + Show error dialog for listenbrainz errors similar to last.fm/libre.fm.
   + Reduce NetworkAccessManager instances.
   + Replace SingleApplication with KDSingleApplication.
   + Require Qt 5.12 or higher.
   + Add new database fields for art_embedded and art_unset.
   + Rewrite album cover loader.
   + Move cover filename settings from collection to covers settings.
   + Add setting to set priorities for album cover types.
   + Add rating filtering to playlist search (#1212).



  • strawberry-1.0.20-bp155.2.3.1