Update Info


Security update for cacti, cacti-spine

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2023-01-21
This update for cacti, cacti-spine fixes the following issues:

cacti-spine 1.2.23:

* Fix unexpected reindexing when using uptime as the reindex method
* Spine should prevent the script server from connecting to remote when offline
* Improve Script Server Timeout Logging
* Add SQL_NO_CACHE to Spine Queries

cacti 1.2.23, providing security fixes, feature improvements and bug fixes:

* CVE-2022-46169: Unauthenticated Command Injection in Remote
  Agent (boo#1206185)
* Security: Add .htaccess file to scripts folder
* When using Single Sign-on Frameworks, revocation was not always
  detected in callbacks
* Fixes to the installer, and compatibility with PHP and MySQL
* Performance improvements for certain conditions
* Various UI fixes
* Bug fixes related to SNMP, RRDtools, and agents



  • cacti-spine-1.2.23-bp154.2.6.1
  • cacti-1.2.23-bp154.2.6.1