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Recommended update for orthanc, orthanc-ohif, orthanc-volview

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2023-07-17
This update for orthanc, orthanc-ohif, orthanc-volview fixes the following issues:

orthanc was updated to version 1.12.1

  * Orthanc now anonymizes according to Basic Profile of PS 3.15-2023b Table E.1-1
  * Added metrics:
    - "orthanc_storage_read_bytes" 
    - "orthanc_storage_written_bytes"
    - "orthanc_memory_trimming_duration_ms"
  * API version upgraded to 21
  * "/tools/create-dicom" can now be used to create Encapsulated 3D
    Manufacturing Model IODs (MTL, OBJ, or STL)
  * Added a route to delete the output of an asynchronous job (right now
    only for archive jobs): e.g. DELETE /jobs/../archive
  * Added "OrthancPluginLoadDicomInstance()" to load DICOM instances from the database
  * Added "OrthancPluginSetMetricsIntegerValue()" to track metrics with integer values
  * Fix decoding of YBR_FULL RLE images for which the "Planar Configuration" 
    tag (0028,0006) equals 1
  * Made Orthanc more resilient to common spelling errors in SpecificCharacterSet
  * Modality worklists plugin: Allow searching on private tags (exact match only)
  * Fix orphan files remaining in storage when working with MaximumStorageSize
  * When deleting a resource, the "LastUpdate" metadata of its parents are now updated
  * Reduced the memory usage when downloading archives when "ZipLoaderThreads" > 0
  * Metrics can be stored either as floating-point numbers, or as integers
  * Reduce the frequency of memory trimming from 100ms to 30s to avoid high idle
    CPU load (https://discourse.orthanc-server.org/t/onchange-callbacks-and-cpu-loads/3534).
  * Upgraded dependencies for static builds:
    - boost 1.82.0

orthanc-volview is shipped new in version 1.1.

orthanc-ohif is shipped new in version 1.0.



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  • orthanc-ohif-1.0-bp155.2.1
  • orthanc-volview-1.1-bp155.2.1
  • orthanc-1.12.1-bp155.2.3.1