Update Info


Security update for nextcloud

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-03-31
This update for nextcloud fixes the following issues:

nextcloud was updated to 21.0.9:

- CVE-2021-41239 (CWE-200): user enumeration setting not obeyed in User Status API (boo#1196905)
- CVE-2021-41241 (CWE-863): groupfolders advanced permissions is not obeyed for subfolders (boo#1196908)
- CVE-2021-41741 (CWE-400): High memory usage for generating preview of broken image (boo#1196952)
- For more changes see https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#21-0-9



  • nextcloud-21.0.9-bp153.2.12.1