Update Info


Recommended update for prosody

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-01-08
This update for prosody fixes the following issues:

Update to 0.11.11:

Fixes and improvements:

  * net.server_epoll: Prioritize network events over timers to improve
    performance under heavy load
  * mod_pep: Add some memory usage limits
  * mod_pep: Prevent creation of services for non-existent users
  * mod_pep: Free resources on user deletion (needed a restart previously)

Minor changes:

  * mod_pep: Free resources on reload
  * mod_c2s: Indicate stream secure state in error text when no stream features to offer
  * MUC: Fix logic for access to affiliation lists
  * net.server_epoll: Improvements to shutdown procedure #1670
  * net.server_epoll: Fix potential issue with rescheduling of timers
  * prosodyctl: Fix to ensure LuaFileSystem is loaded when needed
  * util.startup: Fix handling of unknown command line flags (e.g. -h)
  * Fix version number reported as ‘unknown’ on *BSD

- Added hardening to systemd service(s) (boo#1181400). 



  • prosody-0.11.11-bp153.2.9.1