Update Info


Security update for bitcoin

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-03-03
This update for bitcoin fixes the following issues:

Update to version 0.21.2

* P2P protocol and network code
  * use NetPermissions::HasFlag() in CConnman::Bind()
  * Rate limit the processing of rumoured addresses
* Wallet
  * Do not iterate a directory if having an error while accessing it
  * Reset scantxoutset progress before inferring descriptors
* Build System
  * depends: update Qt 5.9 source url
  * Update Windows code signing certificate
  * Use custom MacOS code signing tool
  * Fix build with Boost 1.77.0
* Tests and QA
  * Build with --enable-werror by default, and document exceptions
  * Fix intermittent feature_taproot issue
  * Fix macOS brew install command
  * add missing ECCVerifyHandle to base_encode_decode
  * Run fuzzer task for the master branch only
  * Do not use QClipboard::Selection on Windows and macOS.
  * Remove user input from URI error message
  * Draw "eye" sign at the beginning of watch-only addresses
* Miscellaneous
  * Fix crash when parsing command line with -noincludeconf=0
  * util: Properly handle -noincludeconf on command line (take 2)

Update to version 0.21.1

* Consensus:
  * Speedy trial support for versionbits
  * Speedy trial activation parameters for Taproot
* P2P protocol and network code
  * allow CSubNet of non-IP networks
  * Avoid UBSan warning in ProcessMessage
* Wallet
  * Introduce DeferredSignatureChecker and have
    SignatureExtractorClass subclass it
  * Avoid requesting fee rates multiple times during coin selection
* RPC and other APIs:
  * Disallow sendtoaddress and sendmany when private keys disabled

Update to version 0.21.0:

* For full details see release-notes-0.21.0.md

Update to version 0.20.1

* Mining
  * Fix GBT: Restore "!segwit" and "csv" to "rules" key
* P2P protocol and network code
  * Replace automatic bans with discouragement filter
* Wallet
  * Handle concurrent wallet loading
  * Minimal fix to restore conflicted transaction notifications 
* RPC and other APIs
  * Increment input value sum only once per UTXO in decodepsbt
  * psbt: Increment input value sum only once per UTXO in decodepsbt
  * psbt: Include and allow both non_witness_utxo and witness_utxo for segwit inputs
  * Add missing QPainterPath include
  * update Qt base translations for macOS release
* Misc
  * util: Don't reference errno when pthread fails
  * Fix locking on WSL using flock instead of fcntl

Update to version 0.20.0:

* See https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/release-notes/release-notes-0.20.0.md

- Do not run bitcoind in daemon mode. Running it not as a
  background process makes it working properly with journald
  (instead of writing logs in /var/log).

Update to version 0.19.1:

* Wallet
  * Fix origfee return for bumpfee with feerate arg
  * Fix unique_ptr usage in boost::signals2
  * Fix issue with conflicted mempool tx in listsinceblock
  * Bug: IsUsedDestination shouldn't use key id as script id for
  * IsUsedDestination should count any known single-key address
  * Reset reused transactions cache
* RPC and other APIs
  * cli: Fix fatal leveldb error when specifying
    -blockfilterindex=basic twice
  * require second argument only for scantxoutset start action
  * zmq: Fix due to invalid argument and multiple notifiers
  * psbt: handle unspendable psbts
  * psbt: check that various indexes and amounts are within
  * Fix missing qRegisterMetaType for size_t
  * disable File->CreateWallet during startup
  * Fix comparison function signature
  * Fix unintialized WalletView::progressDialog
* Tests and QA
  * Appveyor improvement - text file for vcpkg package list
  * fix "bitcoind already running" warnings on macOS
  * add missing #include to fix compiler errors
* Platform support
  * Update msvc build for Visual Studio 2019 v16.4
  * Updates to appveyor config for VS2019 and Qt5.9.8 + msvc
    project fixes
  * bug-fix macos: give free bytes to F_PREALLOCATE
* Miscellaneous
  * init: Stop indexes on shutdown after ChainStateFlushed
  * util: Add missing headers to util/fees.cpp
  * Unbreak build with Boost 1.72.0
  * scripts: Fix symbol-check & security-check argument passing
  * Log to net category for exceptions in ProcessMessages
  * Update univalue subtree




  • bitcoin-0.21.2-bp153.2.3.1