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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-03-03
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

Update to version 1.0.2

+ Bugfixes:

 + Fixed showing menu when clicking icon for collection and internet search tool buttons
 + Fixed ignoring devices with system mounts as defined by GIO (#410).
 + Fixed updating database when deleting songs from filesystem devices.
 + Fixed unregistered metatype when listing songs from MTP devices with Qt 6.
 + Fixed using entered password when testing Subsonic settings before pressing save (#879).
 + Fixed downloading Subsonic album covers.
 + Fixed subsonic album covers downloaded several times for each album when MD5 authentication was enabled (#885).
 + Fixed volume going to 100% when pressing volume down with MRPIS2 and global shortcuts (#884).
 + Fixed incorrect rounding when setting volume through MPRIS2 (#894).
 + Fixed delete from disk not showing up in the menu when one or more CUE songs were selected.
 + Fixed possible crashes when switching songs when fading is enabled (#890).
 + Fixed X11 global shortcuts not working unless window was in focus with Qt 6.2 and higher (#893).
 + Fixed scrobbler re-sending scrobbles to fast on error (#898).

+ Enhancements

 + Log Qt version on startup.
 + Added button for deleting existing Subsonic songs (#883).
 + Make collection watcher ignore files with "qt_temp" filename and tmp extension.
 + Require Qt 5.9 or higher.
 + Added scrollbars to edit tag dialog (#888).
 + Added advanced settings for configuring collection watcher.
 + Disable open audio CD menu when compiled without audio CD support.
 + Replaced use of deprecated QMouseEvent constructor as of Qt 6.4.
 + Replaced use of deprecated QCryptographicHash::addData overload as of Qt 6.4.

+ Removed features:

 + Removed broken "nomedia" / "nomusic" file handling.

Update to version 1.0.1

+ Bugfixes:

 + Fixed collection and internet search filter tool button menu arrow overlap (#796).
 + Fixed stop after this track button with Qt 6 (#795).
 + Fixed not updating the URL when songs were moved on disk when the fingerprinting feature is enabled.
 + Fixed SQL query error for songs with an invalid modification time (#815).
 + Fixed blocky rendering of the currently playing track with high resolution screens (#794).
 + Fixed incorrect playlist column filesize for radio streams.
 + Fixed deleting embedded album cover from Ogg songs.
 + Fixed parsing of Cue tracks with 1-digit minutes (#836).
 + Fixed updating of playlist summary after reloading items when adding songs from files outside of the collection (#848).
 + Fixed always saving metadata when saving playlists for Tidal, Qobuz and Subsonic songs independent of playlist setting (#851).
 + Fixed setting media shortcuts when using kglobalaccel (#849).
 + Fixed parsing of Genius lyrics when they are sometimes received in a different HTML format.
 + Fixed saving MP4 specific tags as UTF-8 (#830).
 + Fixed clearing "manually set" cover when saving album covers embedded from outside of the tag editor (#858).
 + Fixed aborting collection scan when Strawberry exists to avoid hang on exit.
 + Fixed resuming collection scan when adding a new directory after collection scan was aborted.
 + Fixed excluding hidden songs from the collection.
 + Disabled moodbar for CUE songs since they can not be supported properly (#865).

+ Enhancements:

 + Made playlist header column text elided (#801).
 + Added support for reading and writing playcounts and ratings from/to tags.
 + Added support for setting rating using the edit tag dialog.
 + Added setting to enable/disable playlist toolbar (#809).
 + Added component type, content_rating type and releases to AppStream data file (#806).
 + Removed unused "mark as listened" option in organize dialog.
 + Fixed some clazy warnings and narrowing conversions in the source code.
 + Replaced uses of macros in the source code.
 + Added a more user-friendly error message when receiving encrypted streams from Tidal (#824).
 + Added support for port-pattern entered in the device textbox when using Jack as output (#828).
 + Added Spanish (Spain) translation.
 + Added support for more CUE filenames (#835). 



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  • strawberry-1.0.2-bp153.2.6.1