Update Info


Security update for libdxfrw, librecad

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-03-02
This update for libdxfrw, librecad fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 1.0.1+git.20220109:

  * fixed ambiguous error for DRW_Dimension::parseDwg()
  * fixed enless while()-loop for pre 2004 versions
  * dwgReader::readDwgObjects() stop reading after 1st error
  * dwgReader::readDwgEntities() stop reading after 1st error
  * replace ENTRY_PARSE macro with template method
  * remove unused DRW_Class::parseCode() method
  * protect vector<>.reserve() calls
  * Added NULL check for hatch code 93
  * Fix bounds check in DRW_LWPolyline
  * fix, check maxClassNum for valid value
  * fixed wrong 2010+ check for 64-bit size
  * Set compiler warnings on by default, because makes harder for bugs to go undetected. 	modified:   CMakeLists.txt
  * Fixed fall through and other warnings (#54)
  * fix "Vertex ID" printout

- Update to version 1.0.1+git.20211110:

  * fixed heap use after free vulnerability CVE-2021-21900 (boo#1192938)
  * minor improvements to dwg2dxf, formatting and message output on success
  * fixed heap buffer overflow vulnerability CVE-2021-21899 (boo#1192937)
  * dwg2dxf - enable debug output of libdxfrw by command line switch
  * fixed out-of-bounds write vulnerability CVE-2021-21898 (boo#1192936)
  * fixed please note section formatting
  * updated README.md for LibreCAD_3 branch and sf.net successor
  * fixed LibreCAD 2 issue #1371, read failed with binary DXF
  * Use ununordered_map instead of map
  * manual merge changes from LibreCAD2
  * and much more

- Update to version 1.0.1+git.20200429:

  * Fix includes install dir
  * Export target as libdxfrw::libdxfrw to keep consistency with Conan packages
  * Add archive destination in install
  * Install DXFRW::dxfrw target
  * Remove duplicate target properties
  * Remove version from pkg-config file
  * Let CMake handle C++11 compiler definition
  * Change minimal required CMake version to 3.0
  * cmake: add doc target
  * README.md: fix typo
  * cmake: generate and install pkgconfig
  * cmake: add one for dwg2dxf
  * cmake: set library VERSIONs
  * cmake: use GNUInstallDirs

- Update to version 0.6.3+git.20190501:

  * Add build status and update example link
  * Add Travis-CI script
  * [#10] Fix compilation on GCC
  * Fix bugs with .dwg import of TEXT and MTEXT entities
  * This was unnecessary
  * Link libdxfrw against libstdc++
  * Return an error when the file ends prematurely
  * Add version getter
  * Fix polyline 2d/3d write
  * Initialize return buffers in GetRawChar8 et al.

- update to 2.2.0-rc3

  * major release
  * DWG imports are more reliable now
  * and a lot more of bugfixes and improvements



  • libdxfrw-1.0.1+git.20220109-bp153.2.3.1
  • librecad-2.2.0~rc3-bp153.2.3.1