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Recommended update for python-attrs, python-configparser, python-importlib-metadata, python-zipp

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-03-02
This update for python-attrs, python-configparser, python-importlib-metadata, python-zipp fixes the following issues:

python-attrs was updated to 19.3.0

 * Fixed auto_attribs usage when default values cannot be compared directly
     with ==, such as numpy arrays.

- update to version 19.2.0:

  * Backward-incompatible Changes
    + Removed deprecated "Attribute" attribute "convert" per scheduled
      removal on 2019/1.  This planned deprecation is tracked in issue
      `#307 <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/307>`_.
      `#504 <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/504>`_
    + "__lt__", "__le__", "__gt__", and "__ge__" do not consider
      subclasses comparable anymore.  This has been deprecated since
      18.2.0 and was raising a "DeprecationWarning" for over a year.
      `#570 <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/570>`_
  * Deprecations
    + The "cmp" argument to "attr.s()" and "attr.ib()" is now
      deprecated.  Please use "eq" to add equality methods ("__eq__"
      and "__ne__") and "order" to add ordering methods ("__lt__",
      "__le__", "__gt__", and "__ge__") instead – just like with
      <https://docs.python.org/3/library/dataclasses.html>`_.  Both
      are effectively "True" by default but it's enough to set
      "eq=False" to disable both at once.  Passing "eq=False,
      order=True" explicitly will raise a "ValueError" though.  Since
      this is arguably a deeper backward-compatibility break, it will
      have an extended deprecation period until 2021-06-01.  After
      that day, the "cmp" argument will be removed.  "attr.Attribute"
      also isn't orderable anymore.  `#574
  * Changes
    + Updated "attr.validators.__all__" to include new validators
      added in `#425`_.  `#517
    + Slotted classes now use a pure Python mechanism to rewrite the
      "__class__" cell when rebuilding the class, so "super()" works
      even on environments where "ctypes" is not installed.  `#522
    + When collecting attributes using "@attr.s(auto_attribs=True)",
      attributes with a default of "None" are now deleted too.  `#523
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/523>`_, `#556
    + Fixed "attr.validators.deep_iterable()" and
      "attr.validators.deep_mapping()" type stubs.  `#533
    + "attr.validators.is_callable()" validator now raises an
      exception "attr.exceptions.NotCallableError", a subclass of
      "TypeError", informing the received value.  `#536
    + "@attr.s(auto_exc=True)" now generates classes that are hashable
      by ID, as the documentation always claimed it would.  `#543
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/543>`_, `#563
    + Added "attr.validators.matches_re()" that checks string
      attributes whether they match a regular expression.  `#552
    + Keyword-only attributes ("kw_only=True") and attributes that are
      excluded from the "attrs"'s "__init__" ("init=False") now can
      appear before mandatory attributes.  `#559
    + The fake filename for generated methods is now more stable.  It
      won't change when you restart the process.  `#560
    + The value passed to "@attr.ib(repr=…)" can now be either a
      boolean (as before) or a callable.  That callable must return a
      string and is then used for formatting the attribute by the
      generated "__repr__()" method.  `#568
    + Added "attr.__version_info__" that can be used to reliably check
      the version of "attrs" and write forward- and
      backward-compatible code.  Please check out the `section on
      deprecated APIs
      <http://www.attrs.org/en/stable/api.html#deprecated-apis>`_ on
      how to use it.  `#580

- update to 19.1.0

 * Fixed a bug where deserialized objects with cache_hash=True could have
    incorrect hash code values
 * Add is_callable, deep_iterable, and deep_mapping validators.
 * Fixed stub files to prevent errors raised by mypy's
    disallow_any_generics = True option.
 * Attributes with init=False now can follow after kw_only=True attributes.
 * attrs now has first class support for defining exception classes.
 * Clarified documentation for hashing to warn that hashable objects should
    be deeply immutable 

- update to version 18.2.0:

  * Deprecations
    + Comparing subclasses using "<", ">", "<=", and ">=" is now
      deprecated.  The docs always claimed that instances are only
      compared if the types are identical, so this is a first step to
      conform to the docs.  Equality operators ("==" and "!=") were
      always strict in this regard.  issue 394
  * Changes
    + "attrs" now ships its own PEP 484 type hints.  Together with
      mypy's "attrs" plugin, you've got all you need for writing
      statically typed code in both Python 2 and 3!  At that occasion,
      we've also added `narrative docs` about type annotations in
      "attrs".  issue #238
    + Added *kw_only* arguments to "attr.ib" and "attr.s", and a
      corresponding *kw_only* attribute to "attr.Attribute".  This
      change makes it possible to have a generated "__init__" with
      keyword-only arguments on Python 3, relaxing the required
      ordering of default and non-default valued attributes.  issues #281, #411
    + The test suite now runs with "hypothesis.HealthCheck.too_slow"
      disabled to prevent CI breakage on slower computers. issues
      #364, #396
    + "attr.validators.in_()" now raises a "ValueError" with a useful
      message even if the options are a string and the value is not a
      string. issue #383
    + "attr.asdict()" now properly handles deeply nested lists and
      dictionaries. issue #395
    + Added "attr.converters.default_if_none()" that allows to replace
      "None" values in attributes.  For example
      "attr.ib(converter=default_if_none(""))" replaces "None" by
      empty strings. issues #400, #414
    + Fixed a reference leak where the original class would remain
      live after being replaced when "slots=True" is set. isue #407
    + Slotted classes can now be made weakly referenceable by passing
      "@attr.s(weakref_slot=True)". issue #420
    + Added *cache_hash* option to "@attr.s" which causes the hash
      code to be computed once and stored on the object. issue #425
    + Attributes can be named "property" and "itemgetter" now. issue
    + It is now possible to override a base class' class variable
      using only class annotations. issue #431

- update to version 18.1.0:
  * "x=X(); x.cycle = x; repr(x)" will no longer raise a
    "RecursionError", and will instead show as "X(x=...)".
  * "attr.ib(factory=f)" is now syntactic sugar for the common case of
  * Added "attr.field_dict()" to return an ordered dictionary of
    "attrs" attributes for a class, whose keys are the attribute
  * The order of attributes that are passed into "attr.make_class()"
    or the "these" argument of "@attr.s()" is now retained if the
    dictionary is ordered (i.e. "dict" on Python 3.6 and later,
    "collections.OrderedDict" otherwise).
  * Before, the order was always determined by the order in which the
    attributes have been defined which may not be desirable when
    creating classes programatically.
  * In slotted classes, "__getstate__" and "__setstate__" now ignore
    the "__weakref__" attribute.
  * Setting the cell type is now completely best effort.  This fixes
    "attrs" on Jython.  We cannot make any guarantees regarding Jython
    though, because our test suite cannot run due to dependency
  * If "attr.s" is passed a *these* argument, it will not attempt to
    remove attributes with the same name from the class body anymore.
  * The hash of "attr.NOTHING" is now vegan and faster on 32bit Python
  * The overhead of instantiating frozen dict classes is virtually
  * Generated "__init__" methods now have an "__annotations__"
    attribute derived from the types of the fields.
  * We have restructured the documentation a bit to account for
    "attrs"' growth in scope.  Instead of putting everything into the
    `examples <http://www.attrs.org/en/stable/examples.html>`_ page,
    we have started to extract narrative chapters.

- update to version 17.4.0:

  * Backward-incompatible Changes
    + The traversal of MROs when using multiple inheritance was
      If you defined a class "C" that subclasses "A" and "B" like
      "C(A, B)", "attrs" would have collected the attributes from "B"
      *before* those of "A".
      This is now fixed and means that in classes that employ multiple
      inheritance, the output of "__repr__" and the order of
      positional arguments in "__init__" changes.
      Due to the nature of this bug, a proper deprecation cycle was
      unfortunately impossible.
      Generally speaking, it's advisable to prefer "kwargs"-based
      initialization anyways – *especially* if you employ multiple
      inheritance and diamond-shaped hierarchies.
    + The "__repr__" set by "attrs" no longer produces an
      "AttributeError" when the instance is missing some of the
      specified attributes (either through deleting or after using
      "init=False" on some attributes).
      This can break code that relied on "repr(attr_cls_instance)"
      raising "AttributeError" to check if any attr-specified members
      were unset.
      If you were using this, you can implement a custom method for
      checking this::
      def has_unset_members(self):
          for field in attr.fields(type(self)):
                  getattr(self, field.name)
              except AttributeError:
                  return True
          return False
  * Deprecations
    + The "attr.ib(convert=callable)" option is now deprecated in
      favor of "attr.ib(converter=callable)".
      This is done to achieve consistency with other noun-based
      arguments like *validator*.  *convert* will keep working until
      at least January 2019 while raising a "DeprecationWarning".
  * Changes
    + Generated "__hash__" methods now hash the class type along with
      the attribute values.  Until now the hashes of two classes with
      the same values were identical which was a bug.
      The generated method is also *much* faster now.
    + "attr.ib"’s "metadata" argument now defaults to a unique empty
      "dict" instance instead of sharing a common empty "dict" for
      all.  The singleton empty "dict" is still enforced.
    + "ctypes" is optional now however if it's missing, a bare
      "super()" will not work in slots classes.  This should only
      happen in special environments like Google App Engine.
    + The attribute redefinition feature introduced in 17.3.0 now
      takes into account if an attribute is redefined via multiple
      inheritance.  In that case, the definition that is closer to the
      base of the class hierarchy wins.
    + Subclasses of "auto_attribs=True" can be empty now.
    + Equality tests are *much* faster now.
    + All generated methods now have correct "__module__", "__name__",
      and (on Python 3) "__qualname__" attributes.

- add test requirements, run tests conditionally
  (not BuildRequiring pytest fixes boo#1073845)

- update to version 17.3.0:
  * Backward-incompatible Changes
    + Attributes are not defined on the class body anymore.  This
      means that if you define a class "C" with an attribute "x", the
      class will *not* have an attribute "x" for introspection
      anymore.  Instead of "C.x", use "attr.fields(C).x" or look at
      "C.__attrs_attrs__".  The old behavior has been deprecated since
      version 16.1.  (`#253
  * Changes
    + "super()" and "__class__" now work on Python 3 when
      "slots=True".  (`#102
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/102>`_, `#226
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/226>`_, `#269
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/269>`_, `#270
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/270>`_, `#272
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/272>`_)- Added
      "type" argument to "attr.ib()" and corresponding "type"
      attribute to "attr.Attribute".  This change paves the way for
      automatic type checking and serialization (though as of this
      release "attrs" does not make use of it).  In Python 3.6 or
      higher, the value of "attr.Attribute.type" can alternately be
      set using variable type annotations (see `PEP 526
      <https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0526/>`_). (`#151
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/151>`_, `#214
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/214>`_, `#215
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/215>`_, `#239
    + The combination of "str=True" and "slots=True" now works on
      Python 2.  (`#198
    + "attr.Factory" is hashable again. (`#204
    + Subclasses now can overwrite attribute definitions of their
      superclass.  That means that you can -- for example -- change
      the default value for an attribute by redefining it.  (`#221
      <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/221>`_, `#229
    + Added new option "auto_attribs" to "@attr.s" that allows to
      collect annotated fields without setting them to "attr.ib()".
      Setting a field to an "attr.ib()" is still possible to supply
      options like validators.  Setting it to any other value is
      treated like it was passed as "attr.ib(default=value)" --
      passing an instance of "attr.Factory" also works as expected.
      (`#262 <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/262>`_,
      `#277 <https://github.com/python-attrs/attrs/issues/277>`_)
    + Instances of classes created using "attr.make_class()" can now
      be pickled.  (`#282

- update to 17.2.0:
  - Validators are hashable again.
  - ``attrs`` will set the ``__hash__()`` method to ``None`` by default now.
    The way hashes were handled before was in conflict with `Python's
    This *may* break some software although this breakage is most likely just
    surfacing of latent bugs.
    You can always make ``attrs`` create the ``__hash__()`` method using
    ``@attr.s(hash=True)``. See `#136`_ for the rationale of this change.
  - Correspondingly, ``attr.ib``'s ``hash`` argument is ``None`` by default too
    and mirrors the ``cmp`` argument as it should.
  - ``attr.assoc()`` is now deprecated in favor of ``attr.evolve()`` and will
    stop working in 2018.
  - Fix default hashing behavior.
    Now *hash* mirrors the value of *cmp* and classes are unhashable by default.
  - Added ``attr.evolve()`` that, given an instance of an ``attrs`` class and
    field changes as keyword arguments, will instantiate a copy of the given
    instance with the changes applied.
  - ``FrozenInstanceError`` is now raised when trying to delete an attribute
    from a frozen class.
  - Frozen-ness of classes is now inherited.
  - ``__attrs_post_init__()`` is now run if validation is disabled.
  - Added ``attr.validators.in_(options)`` that, given the allowed `options`,
    checks whether the attribute value is in it.
    This can be used to check constants, enums, mappings, etc.
  - Added ``attr.validators.and_()`` that composes multiple validators into one.
  - For convenience, the ``validator`` argument of ``@attr.s`` now can take a
    ``list`` of validators that are wrapped using ``and_()``.
  - Accordingly, ``attr.validators.optional()`` now can take a ``list`` of
    validators too.
  - Validators can now be defined conveniently inline by using the attribute as
    a decorator.
  - ``attr.Factory()`` now has a ``takes_self`` argument that makes the
    initializer to pass the partially initialized instance into the factory.
    In other words you can define attribute defaults based on other attributes.
  - Default factories can now also be defined inline using decorators.
    They are *always* passed the partially initialized instance.
  - Conversion can now be made optional using ``attr.converters.optional()``.
  - ``attr.make_class()`` now accepts the keyword argument ``bases`` which
    allows for subclassing.
  - Metaclasses are now preserved with ``slots=True``.
  - Attributes now can have user-defined metadata which greatly improves
    ``attrs``'s extensibility.
  - Allow for a ``__attrs_post_init__()`` method that -- if defined -- will get
    called at the end of the ``attrs``-generated ``__init__()`` method.
  - Added ``@attr.s(str=True)`` that will optionally create a ``__str__()``
    method that is identical to ``__repr__()``.
  - ``__name__`` is not overwritten with ``__qualname__`` for
    ``attr.s(slots=True)`` classes anymore.
  - Added ``attr.astuple()`` that -- similarly to ``attr.asdict()`` --
    returns the instance as a tuple.
  - Converts now work with frozen classes.
  - Instantiation of ``attrs`` classes with converters is now significantly
  - Pickling now works with ``__slots__`` classes.
  - ``attr.assoc()`` now works with ``__slots__`` classes.
  - The tuple returned by ``attr.fields()`` now also allows to access the
    ``Attribute`` instances by name.
  - All instances where function arguments were called ``cl`` have been changed
    to the more Pythonic ``cls``.
  - Accessing ``Attribute`` instances on class objects is now deprecated and
    will stop working in 2017.
  - The serious business aliases ``attr.attributes`` and ``attr.attr`` have been
    deprecated in favor of ``attr.attrs`` and ``attr.attrib`` which are much
    more consistent and frankly obvious in hindsight.
  - ``attr.asdict()``\ 's ``dict_factory`` arguments is now propagated on
  - ``attr.asdict()``, ``attr.has()`` and ``attr.fields()`` are significantly
  - Add ``attr.attrs`` and ``attr.attrib`` as a more consistent aliases for
    ``attr.s`` and ``attr.ib``.
  - Add ``frozen`` option to ``attr.s`` that will make instances best-effort
  - ``attr.asdict()`` now takes ``retain_collection_types`` as an argument.

- Convert to singlespec

- update to 16.0.0
  Backward-incompatible changes:
  * Python 3.3 and 2.6 aren’t supported anymore. They may work by chance but
    any effort to keep them working has ceased.
    The last Python 2.6 release was on October 29, 2013 and isn’t supported by
    the CPython core team anymore. Major Python packages like Django and Twisted
    dropped Python 2.6 a while ago already.
    Python 3.3 never had a significant user base and wasn’t part of any
    distribution’s LTS release.
  * __slots__ have arrived! Classes now can automatically be slots-style (and
    save your precious memory) just by passing slots=True. #35
  * Allow the case of initializing attributes that are set to init=False. This
    allows for clean initializer parameter lists while being able to initialize
    attributes to default values. #32
  * attr.asdict can now produce arbitrary mappings instead of Python dicts when
    provided with a dict_factory argument. #40 Multiple performance improvements.

python-configparser was updated to 3.7.3:

  * Issue #34: Temporarily degrade to use ASCII for author's name.
  * Repackaged using setuptools_scm for file discovery and other features from `skeleton <https://pypi.org/project/skeleton`_. Fixes #33.
  * Package now unconditionally installs the configparser module.

- Update to 3.7.1
  * Fixed issue on Python 2.x when future is present (gh#jaraco/configparser#30)
- Update to 3.7.0
  * Merge functionality from Python 3.7.2. Now ConfigParser accepts bytes paths
    as well as any PathLike object, including those found in the pathlib2
    backport <https://pypi.org/project/pathlib2/>.
- Update to 3.5.3
  * Reverted the limit on DeprecationWarning, as it
    had unintended consequences (gh#jaraco/configparser#27)
- Update to 3.5.2
  * Use environment markers to indicate the 'ordereddict' dependency for
    Python 2.6 (gh#jaraco/configparser#23)
  * Limit DeprecationWarning when a filename is indicated as a bytestring on
    Python 2. Now the warning is only emitted when py3kwarning is indicated
- Update to 3.5.1
  * jaraco adopts the package.
  * Moved hosting to GitHub.
  * Updated backports namespace package to conform with other packages sharing
    the namespace (gh#jaraco/configparser#21)

- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package

- Switch to singlespec package
- Build for python3 < 3.5
- Make structure consistent with other backports packages

- Remove backports subpackage. Since configparser is unmaintained,
  this is being moved to the maintained configparser2 package.

-  %{python_sitelib}/backports is a namespace package, and so under
   python 2.x it must have a proper 
   %{python_sitelib}/backports/__init__.py file.
   python-backports provides this __init__.py to prevent backports
   packages from conflicting.
   Please see the following links for more details:

- Split backports directory into subpackage to allow the various
  packages that share the backports namespace to avoid conflicts.

python-importlib-metadata was updated to 1.5.0:

  * Additional performance optimizations in FastPath now
    saves an additional 20% on a typical call.
  * Correct for issue where PyOxidizer finder has no
    ``__module__`` attribute. Closes #110.

- update to 1.4.0
  * Renamed package parameter to distribution_name.
  * For better compatibility with the stdlib implementation and to 
    avoid the same distributions being discovered by the stdlib 
    and backport implementations, the backport now disables the 
    stdlib DistributionFinder during initialization (import time).
  * Project adopts semver for versioning.
  * EntryPoints are now pickleable.
  * Dropped support for Python 3.4.
  * Fixed repr(EntryPoint) on PyPy.
  * Repaired project metadata to correctly declare the python_requires directive.
  * Through careful optimization, distribution() is 3-4x faster.
  * When searching through sys.path, if any error occurs attempting 
    to list a path entry, that entry is skipped, making the system 
    much more lenient to errors.

- Update to 0.21:
  * various minor fixes

- update to 0.19
 * restrain over-eager egg metadata resolution.
 * Add support for entry points with colons in the name.
 * Parse entry points case sensitively. 
 * Add a version constraint on the backport configparser package

- This package is part of python 3.8 and we don't need to build
  it there
- Do not require importlib_resources on python3.7 where it is
  part of core python

- Fixup the requires for the SLE-12 build

- Enable python-pathlib2 build dependency for suse_version < 1500 to fix SLE-12 build

- Remove do-not-test-pip.patch as it seems no longer needed

- Update to 0.17:
  * Don't crash if there exists an EGG-INFO directory on sys.path.
  * Update docstrings to match PEP 8. Closes #63.
  * Merged modules into one module. Closes #62.
  * Add support for eggs.  !65; Closes #19.
  * Support generic zip files (not just wheels).  Closes #59
  * Support zip files with multiple distributions in them.  Closes #60
  * Fully expose the public API in importlib_metadata.__all__.
  * The Distribution ABC is now officially part of the public API.
  * Fixed support for older single file egg-info formats.  Closes #43.
  * Fixed a testing bug when $CWD has spaces in the path.  Closes #50.
  * Fixed issue where entry points without an attribute would raise an Exception.
  * Removed unused name parameter from entry_points(). Closes #44.
  * DistributionFinder classes must now be instantiated before being placed on sys.meta_path.

- Add missing setuptools_scm dependency to fix generated egg.info

- Some packages request importlib_metadata to ease living provide
  this symbol too

- Add do-not-test-pip.patch so tests depending on pip are not used
  (they fail when the tests are run without tox)

python-zipp was updated to 0.6.0:

  * When adding implicit dirs, ensure that ancestral directories 
    are added and that duplicates are excluded.
  * The library now relies on more_itertools.

- update to 0.5.1
  * Declared package as backport. 

- Update to 0.5.0
  * no changelog found
  * Added runtime dependencies python-unittest2 and python-contextlib2

- version update to 0.4.0
  * #4: Add support for zip files with implied directories.



  • python-attrs-19.3.0-bp153.2.1
  • python-attrs-test-19.3.0-bp153.2.1
  • python-configparser-3.7.3-bp153.2.1
  • python-importlib-metadata-1.5.0-bp153.2.1
  • python-importlib-metadata-test-1.5.0-bp153.2.1
  • python-zipp-0.6.0-bp153.2.1
  • python-zipp-test-0.6.0-bp153.2.1