Update Info


Recommended update for hamlib

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-02-08
This update for hamlib fixes the following issues:

- Be less strict with required interpreters for tcl and perl
  subpackages (boo#1195260)
- Drop python2 subpackage as its not relevant to any supported
  openSUSE release

- Update to version 4.4

  * Icom rigs now default filter 2 when setting PKTUSB but user can
  * Fix FTDX9000 meter readings
  * Add Android sensor as a rotator
  * Added rig_get_vfo to some Icom rigs that have XCHG or 0x25
    command capability
  * Added ability to build hamlib with docker
  * Added M0NKA mcHF URP rig
  * Faster serial i/o noticeable on higher baud rates
  * IC7300/9700/7800/785x set_clock/get_clock routines
    added -- no auto set yet
  * Yaesu FT1200/891/991/DX10/DX101/DX101MP set_clock/get_clock
    routines added

- Update to version 4.3.1

  * Bug fix release

    - Do not do vfo_fixup on satmode rigs
    - Fix compilation of misc.c with gmtime_r replacement function
      for mingw
    - Fix python build.  For some reason casting tp vfo_t in the
      RIG_VFO_N macro broke the swig parsing
    - Append the missing information to build hamlib v4.3 for
      Android NDK
    - Change set_icom_set_mode_with_data to not change mode unless
    - Since Icom rigs default to filter 2 if a filter is not
      selected we will do the same when turning on data mode
    - Fix segfault in kenwood_set_vfo
    - scripts: Update example in readme, since 4.0 817 is 1020
    - Make testlibusb.c compatible with libusb < 1.0.23
      Note: On systems with libusb < 1.0.23 a warning will be
      emmitted but compliation should proceed without error.
    - Update testlibusb.c warning to "may be" instead of "will be"
    - Change kenwood to only set VFOA default on 1st rig_open call

- Update to version 4.3

  * libusb-1.0.23 or greater is now required or use --without-libusb
  * Generating documentation now requires GNU source-highlighter.
  * Added IC-575
  * Less VFO swapping of newer Icom rigs -- zero swapping in WSJTX
    and JTDX
  * Dual rotator control in rotctl -R option
  * Started work on simulators -- very crude right now but usable
    to debug some things
  * Overhaul of rig split -- reverse split (VFOA=RX VFOB=TX) should
    work for rigs capable of it
    Starting VFO does not matter -- rig will end up on RX VFO
      S VFOA 1 VFOB
      S VFOB 1 VFOA
      S Main 1 Sub
      S Sub 1 Main

- Update to version 4.2

  * New rig_get_mode_bandwidths: returns token set for bandwidths
    for given mode
  * New rig_get_info: returns token set for all vfos where order
    does not matter.
  * New rig_get_vfo_info
  * USRP lib and gnuradio are deprecated and will be removed in 5.0
  * Added Radan rotator
  * Added Malachite SDR
  * Major rework for PRM80
  * Add twiddle_timeout and twiddle_rit --set-conf options
  * rigctld --twiddle is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0
    along with get_twiddle and set_twiddle

- Update to version 4.1

  * rigctld and rigs should be more robust for disconnect problems
  * Several fixes for Icom and Yaesu rigs
  * Nobody should need to use rig->caps or rig->state anymore
  * New rig_get_caps_int and rig_get_caps_cptr functions to replace
    using caps-> values
  * New rig_get_function to replace using caps-> function pointers
  * Fix shared library problem with WSJTX, JTDX, and JS8Call
  * New model Barrett 950

- Update to version 4.0

  * Major changes in 4.0 affecting usage
  * Most rig model numbers have changed
  * RIG_LEVEL_VOX has been deprecated and replaced by RIG_LEVEL_VOXDELAY
  * rigctl 'f' command now returns VFO argument too
  * rigctl 'y' and 'Y' command now take/show antenna argument and option.
  * range_list items are undergoing changes towards a different model TBD
  * RTS/DTR PTT sharing is off by default now -- use serial_share=1
    option to enable



  • hamlib-4.4-bp153.2.3.1