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Recommended update for fwts

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-01-30
fwts was updated to fix:

Update to version 21.12.00:

* lib: fwts_version.h - update to V21.12.00
* dmicheck: skip scanning smbios in /dev/mem on aarch64
* s3: increase s2idle_residency to u64 to avoid overflows
* s3: fix incorrect error messages for s2idle_residency
* acpi: uniqueid: clean up pedantic static analysis warnings
* s4: clean up pedantic static analysis warnings

Update to version 21.11.00:

* lib: fwts_version.h - update to V21.11.00
* fwts-test: sync up the adding sleep type for s2idle testing
* s3: add sleep type setting for testing with s3 or s2idle
* acpi: madt: De-initialise ACPICA core engine in case of error.
* lib: fwts_smbios: fix loading SMBIOS table from uefi
* acpi: uniqueid: skip comparison of _HID and _CID of the same device
* ACPICA: Update to version 20210930



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  • fwts-21.12.00-bp153.2.12.2