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Recommended update for os-autoinst

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-01-20
This update for os-autoinst fixes the following issues:

Update to version 4.6.1634046033.a9024b37:

* validate_script_output: Fix static timeout when typing command
* testapi: Fix POD parsing for "distri->script_run" with escaping
* Reformat code to current perltidy style
* tools/tidy: Disable aligning assignments
* Revert "qemu: fall back to HDDSIZEGB value, even for backing file"
* Use proper perl "signatures" in OpenQA::Isotovideo
* Document `imgsearch` script
* Add test for imgsearch script
* Add standalone script for using fuzzy image comparison
* Use proper perl "signatures" in OpenQA
* Use proper perl "signatures" in OpenQA::Qemu
* OpenQA: Simplify variable use to avoid typo
* CI: Allow exception for "git subrepo pull" messages
* git subrepo pull (merge) external/os-autoinst-common
* qemu: fall back to HDDSIZEGB value, even for backing file

Update to version 4.6.1633618600.9b31e877:

* testapi: Remove redundant "use 5.018" replaced by Mojo::Base -strict
* Use proper perl "signatures" in t
* t: Output backend state message on error for debugging
* tools: Use git for faster tidy file cleanup if possible
* Select sensible default of 5 minutes for SSH command timeout
* ssh_screen::type_string(): Print error code if write() fails
* Add unit tests for baseclass::wait_serial
* Avoid tidy script failures when a filename has spaces
* Allow running tidy on single files
* Rename subroutine to clear serial line buffer
* Set offset in serial output buffer
* Use consistent abbreviated SPDX license identifiers
* Speedup, simplify and fix log format with Time::Moment
* Use consistent "Copyright" header without problematic characters
* t: Add Test::Warnings to 08-autotest
* t: Fix "Useless use of a constant"
* Fully tidy consoles/VNC.pm
* Use proper perl "signatures" in tools
* Use proper perl "signatures" in t/data
* workflows/commit_message_checker.yml: Fix file based prefix
* Replace all possible occurences of docker with generic version
* Use simpler 'podman' as drop-in replacement for our checks

Update to version 4.6.1632799442.f77d4e14:

* Add support for timeout on SSH based commands if possible
* Allow spaces and comma as delimiter for SCHEDULE variable
* Flush Python's `stderr` to ensure error messages end up in logs
* Adapt container path in README in accordance with 16d2b42e0960
* Use Leap 15.3 container
* Correctly use QEMU_COMPRESS_QCOW2
* Use Leap 15.3 as TW's glibc 2.34 breaks CI

Update to version 4.6.1632416043.04a757ed:

* Remove check for qemu >= 4 in qemu backend

Update to version 4.6.1632209573.6778e83a:

* mmapi: Allow for longer and more retries after observed failures
* Fix spelling for svirt xml file
* Add OPENQA_HOSTNAME to xml metadata

Update to version 4.6.1631879042.64c44cb2:

* Add aarch64 qemu binary
* Add missing files section to spec for s390-deps subpkg
* Install fonts-config needed by x3270 and require everything

Update to version 4.6.1631697994.f5fcf5e7:

* Regression in 'consoles::sshVirtsh::get_remote_vmm'
* Extend unit tests for svirt backend
* Write condition in `attach_to_running` in a more compact way
* Fix parameters of `attach_to_running`

Update to version 4.6.1631543245.9bb4b0ca:

* Recommend dependencies xterm xterm-console xdotool
* Recommend dependency icewm required by consoles/localXvnc.pm
* Recommend dependency x3270 needed by consoles/s3270.pm

Update to version 4.6.1631277879.0da8130f:

* mmapi: Add get_current_job_id() function

Update to version 4.6.1631168368.97814235:

* Deduce format of backing file from extension
* Fix `qemu-img` failure with QEMU 6.1.0 due to missing file format

Update to version 4.6.1630918490.b349ba2a:

* consoles::sshVirtsh: Remove the unused argument
* consoles::sshVirtsh: Remove unnecessary second argument
* Allow more modern perl style with consistent "use Mojo::Base -strict"
* t: Add more low-level python module test with more details
* consoles::sshVirtsh: Extract methods for copy_image variants
* consoles::sshVirtsh: Extract helper methods in consoles::sshVirtsh
* consoles::sshVirtsh: Extract methods for create_disk/copy_image
* Use signatures in consoles::sshVirtsh
* Allow overriding Mojolicious limits for the file upload
* Add test for upload exceeding error
* Fix error handling when creating target directory for upload
* Add tests for upload API
* Fix render calls in error handling of asset upload
* tests: Verify that serialization works after cloning
* Fix incorrect serialization attempts of paths leading to error

Update to version 4.6.1629993316.ad40aced:

* git subrepo pull (merge) --force external/os-autoinst-common
* Consistently replace File::Spec uses with Mojo::File
* Remove unused import File::Spec
* dist: Bump timeout scaling factor for slow OBS tests
* Add tests for console::sshVirtsh::add_disk() in t/22-svirt.t
* Do not override bus and dev types for xen
* Add YAML file for commit message checks
* testapi: Use "use Mojo::Base -strict;" to also enforce strictness

Update to version 4.6.1629812293.642d6bac:

* Fix unintended code sections in documentation
* testapi: Simplify host_ip and data_url
* t: Add tests for host_ip and data_url
* testapi: Fix implementation sections erroneously rendered into documentation
* testapi::compat_args: Fix if given value contains invalid regex
* Disable certain warnings in the XS file as it is generated by xsubpp
* Allow one to easily configure a build with commonly useful warnings
* Fix disabling of compression in qemu
* qemu: remove medium from cd when ejecting
* t: Prevent git test destroying user-local git config
* qemu: Ensure chattr ends within reasonable time to prevent potential blockage
* qemu: Add three debug log statements near potential blocking processes
* t: save multiple calls into handle_qmp_command
* Create backing file of arbitrary size for disk image
* Simplify code in qemu modules
* Revert "Workaround "No route to ..." after upstream fix
* Update tidy to 20210717
* mmapi: Prevent API failures due to short server unavailabilities
* mmapi: Use simpler module variables rather than constants
* mmapi: Prevent API errors in wait functions being ignored
* t: Fix missing '$_' for test debug output
* t: Add test for current error-handling of wait_for_children
* mmapi: Simplify incomplete host variable handling
* t: Save around 30s from the full stack test
* Use Time::Seconds instead of magic numbers
* lockapi: Simplify record_info call
* Remove unused method baseclass::reduce_deadline
* qemu: Make QEMU_BALLOON_TIMEOUT configurable replacing magic number
* t: Delete unused mock line
* Display curl progress meter in upload_logs() & upload_assets()
* Run make update-deps
* git subrepo pull (merge) --force external/os-autoinst-common
* Allow additional spaces when suppressing warning
* Fix warning about expected termination
* Workaround "No route to host" error on `wget` command in fullstack test
* Fix formatting timestamp (after f1f1e966c)
* Remove contradicting timezone stamps  Delete contradicting timezone stamps observed in the autoinst-log.txt  Ammending basetest.pm deletes the second timestamp that is UTC contradicting  with the initial CEST obserbved at the begening of the line  The changes should be should produce the following example [2021-07-05T17:14:58.348 CEST] [debug] ||| finished grub_test installation (8 s) instead of [2021-07-05T17:14:58.348 CEST] [debug] ||| finished grub_test installation at 2021-07-05 15:14:58 (8 s)
* Revert "Merge pull request #1717"
* Simplify baseclass with post-conditions
* baseclass: Extract function for capture-loop eval-body
* Simplify some code in baseclass
* Remove unused method baseclass::reduce_deadline
* t: Delete unused mock line

Update to version 4.6.1625796159.4048f0f9:

* Improve error message when cloning git repository
* Set default value for HDDSIZEGB as in QEMU or PVM backends

Update to version 4.6.1625603601.8466828c:

* t: Simplify log parsing in 99-full-stack.t
* t: Add trivial s390x test
* Remove "SUSEMIRROR" check now being in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse
* t: Add test for bmwqemu::save_json_file
* Fix a few typos
* Remove 10-virtio_terminal from OBS tests
* Allow specifying multiple tests via `TESTS` variable as documented in README
* Fix use of QEMU_NUMA on qemu >= 5.2
* Add unit tests for the vagrant backend
* Strip down qemu-backend symptom reporting to focus on real errors
* Show likely QEMU errors more prominently
* Skip empty ISO_X variables when configuring block devices
* Add brief documentation of the vagrant backend
* Add vagrant backend to os-autoinst
* Update tidy to 20210625
* bmwqemu: Remove deprecated fileContent method

- Update to version 4.6.1624262954.5361bf1c:
* bmwqemu: Mark fileContent function as deprecated before removing
* Replace bmwqemu::fileContent usage with cleaner Mojo::File
* Simplify bmwqemu::fileContent with Mojo::File
* Remove broken 'vncpw' handling after regression in 6d2d8062
* Remove unused bmwqemu fileContent and save_vars references
* Remove unused use-statements in backend::amt
* Fix QEMU_COMPRESS_QCOW2 missing implementation introduced with c670720d
* t: Add missing letter to the test data
* ci: Workaround ci_extended container setup gid issue

Update to version 4.6.1623757687.3f64b638:

* Add tests for new_ssh_connection with a custom port
* Allow to specify the port for a ssh connection
* Correct user -> username in sshSerial::activate
* Correct docs of get_ssh_credentials: host -> hostname

Update to version 4.6.1623425960.44a81109:

* t: Compare similarities with some tolerance to avoid test failures
* Fix typo in README
* virtio_terminal: Store activated state on (save_|load_)snapshot()

Update to version 4.6.1623266740.54327cdf:

* Add shell style checks based on ShellCheck
* Fix all shell style issues reported by ShellCheck
* No longer convert to 16 colours
* Add one more needle test case for small checkboxes in select_patterns

Update to version 4.6.1622595893.93f70700:

* Find out if qemu is killed because of out-of-memory

Update to version 4.6.1622545881.99ce6034:

* dist: Try to fix still appearing sporadic test timeouts in OBS environment
* Reformat python files with black
* Add 'black' for python code style check

Update to version 4.6.1622223685.2259c969:

* Improve coding style in Utils.pm
* Improve documentation of CASEDIR/PRODUCTDIR/NEEDLES_DIR
* Increase timeout scaling of test for isotovideo's runtime
* Fix test execution - force users to specify test directory
* signalblocker: Fix typo in log message

Update to version 4.6.1621420911.f21226c3:

* Add note about GENERAL_HW_CMD_DIR ignored by openQA
* Fix table formatting
* Add test for log indentation
* Indent the new lines in logs using the log format

Update to version 4.6.1621025086.2605c1fc:

* Improve log output of bare "CORE::say" in vnc_base

Update to version 4.6.1620833632.f1d52cb5:

* Replace raw prints with the correct logs messages in qemu
* Support UEFI_PFLASH_VARS is a basename
* Add checks for 'info' type in serial failure detection
* t: Reduce runtime of 31-sshSerial by mocking time based methods

Update to version 4.6.1620235366.b165997a:

* consoles: Simplify single-line statements in serial_screen
* consoles: Fix language and wrapping in serial_screen comments
* t: Slightly simplify mocked methods in 31-sshSerial.t
* t: Specify proper test messages on each test statement in 31-sshSerial.t
* proxy_console: Tidy the code, replace tabs with spaces
* console_proxy: Proxy also the caller context (list or scalar)

Update to version 4.6.1620044708.f7851280:

* Extend QEMU backend tests for functions `eject_cd` and `execute_qmp_command`
* Fix `eject_cd` command by using `id` and `force` parameters
* Add function to QEMU backend which allows executing any QMP command
* Make device to eject via `eject_cd` command configurable

Update to version 4.6.1619585128.5d4663ae:

* Support assets symlink

Update to version 4.6.1619442285.14cadbcb:

* Enable smbd usage to upload assets from worker pool
* stop appending the basename to a set log_name

Update to version 4.6.1619173284.645c6c12:

* dist: Install testapi.py along with other files for easier inclusion

Update to version 4.6.1619083988.b15e5e5e:

* Make persistent SOL console configurable
* Update qemu argument used to disable floppy drive for qemu 6.0
* Make ipmi SOL console persistent
* container: Fix Dockerfile style issues DL3059

Update to version 4.6.1618839153.ad5932c7:

* Correct url to npm docs in backend_vars.asciidoc
* dist: Bump test timeout due to failures in OBS tests

Update to version 4.6.1618564966.3ff78d0c:

* Update tidy to 20210402
* mergify: Wait for all requested reviews
* 22-svirt.t: Simplify SSH tests for svirt console sshVirtsh
* 23-baseclass.t: Extent SSH test coverage
* baseclass: Add use OpenQA::Exceptions
* 23-baseclass.t: Use MockObject for Net::SSH2
* baseclass: Recover broken SSH connection with keep_open=>1

Update to version 4.6.1618465785.f3f4079f:

* Fix return value of _dbus_do_call
* sshVirtsh: Allow additional parameters for run_cmd()
* Re-connect to dbus for each call
* signalblocker: Also block SIGCHLD

Update to version 4.6.1618238732.abb1c9e7:

* Add USBSIZEGB var to set the size of the overlay for USBBOOT
* tests: Avoid failures when running openQA's test suite

Update to version 4.6.1617787694.965960f5:

* autotest: Improve test module loading error handling
* README: Add section to describe test modules with python support
* t: Fix flaky coverage with deterministic code
* backend: Use named variable in place of magic number
* Fix lookup of perl module from python
* t: Slightly extend 04-testapi-python.t
* autotest: Use more prominent output format for errors in test modules
* Fix lookup of os-autoinst modules from Python context
* Add python binding/import/wrapping code for testapi
* external: Move hadolint commands into config file
* Optimize hadolint call with passing project dir

- Update to version 4.6.1616752214.24ec8f98:
* t: Fix deprecation warning about 'ide-drive'
* Also accept test modules with file extension in SCHEDULE
* Use proper logging calls instead of bare print

- Update to version 4.6.1615799823.a1b2e4ba:
* Add current path to lib when CASEDIR is a relative path
* Add background_script_run() testapi function
* Add more tests for '&' in script_run()

- Update to version 4.6.1615462203.793fdffe:
* Make hyperv powershell commands work in non-interactive ssh session

- Update to version 4.6.1614955627.711a5797:
* testapi: Add convenience function "enter_cmd"
* Catch incorrect use of '&' at end of script_run calls
* testapi: Add optional "lf" parameter to type_string
* Handle already present '&' terminator in "script_run" gracefully

- Update to version 4.6.1614711054.7b334c37:
* Simplify the CMake invocation within the convenience Makefile
* Create symlinks by default in convenience Makefile

- Update to version 4.6.1614612897.75967767:
* tools: Update Tumbleweed based new dev image
* Fix missing dependency for 'cpio'
* t: Fix check for 'cpio' producing warning if cpio not installed
* Allow following test execution when running check targets via ninja
* Clarify where the path come from when init needles failed

- Update to version 4.6.1614171005.a4459c0c:
* spec: Account for sporadic slowness in build environments
* Slightly simplify needle.pm with condensed lines

- Update to version 4.6.1613739162.3c1f4d7d:
* Simplify some code in baseclass
* Improve scoping of '$current_test' variable
* autotest: Fix tab in POD
* Delete unused autotest methods

- Update to version 4.6.1612977597.496edb5a:
* t: Explicitly import Test::Output functions

- Update to version 4.6.1612868503.2e2b378a:
* doc: Correct explanation for NICVLAN

- Update to version 4.6.1611071183.d4854e5a:
* tools/tidy: Use the perltidy version from the calling repo
* docker: Upgrade os-autoinst_dev image to Tumbleweed
* Fix 14-isotovideo.t by using Perl's qx()
* Use Mojolicious::Routes::Route::any instead of deprecated …::route
* Update Perl::Tidy to 20210111

- Update to version 4.6.1610429804.fb1c49e4:
* docker: Use travis-CI independant name for dev image
* Move the DIE handler down to prevent an error with version
* Simpler invocation and output checks in isotovideo tests
* README: Use updated github actions badge
* README: Replace "travis CI" reference by more generic term
* t: Prevent "uninitialized value" on 02-test_ocr.t test fail
* t: Bump timeout for 99-full-stack.t after local timeout in coverage run
* doc: Add missing variables to fix t/04-check_vars_docu.t
* t: Sort all non-qemu backend tests together with higher numbers
* codecov: Bump coverage threshold to current level
* t: Properly mark all test modules as executables
* t: Delete dead code in 10-terminal.t

- Update to version 4.6.1609752238.01857082:
* Add static checks for our container definitions
* external: Fix style issues in container files based on hadolint reports
* container: Fix style issues based on hadolint reports
* tools: Add prove arg --timer to be consistent with openQA
* Add test for our container definitions
* Use more general folder name "container" rather than docker

- Update to version 4.6.1608558896.743495da:
* Support relative path when loading test modules specified by SCHEDULE

- Update to version 4.6.1608301075.2287dabd:
* Add unit test for sshSerial
* t: Prevent sporadic timeout failure in 10-virtio_terminal.t
* Implement SSH serial terminal
* Implement ssh_screen::type_string()
* ssh_screen::read(): Allow direct logging into file
* t: Bump timeout in 10-virtio_terminal.t due to fail in OBS
* Filter out carriage returns Jobs running on hyperv or vmware usually contain LF and CR. In our particular case `0d  0d  0a` seems to be present in each line of SUTs output.

- Update to version 4.6.1608149831.eea793d2:
* Update tidy version to 20201207
* Delete travis CI config to completely disable
* t: Catch output in t/29-backend-generalhw.t
* t: Catch output in t/19-isotovideo-command-processing.t
* Makefile: Fix call of make without argument on already existing build dir
* Separate developer-centric tests into "xt/" for faster coverage analysis runs
* t: Catch output in t/14-isotovideo.t
* t: Catch output in t/10-virtio_terminal.t
* t: Catch output in t/10-terminal.t
* t: Add OpenQA::Test::Timelimit to all modules where useful
* tools/tidy: Allow to run on mismatching tidy version
* t: Catch all output in 03-testapi.t
* docker_run_ci: Add command line parsing with getopt
* Add support for 'Codecovbash' to upload results in GHA
* Fix qemu test timeouts based on coverage runs
* .github: Enable codecov report uploading with "action"
* tools: docker_run_ci: Bump timeout for github actions behaviour
* Add github actions CI definitions
* t: Add 'external' to search path of tests
* t: Output gathered stdout on error in 27-update-deps
* Update perltidy to 20201202
* Move dev container base to Leap 15.2
* backend: ipmi: Bring back proper return code for module
* backend: ipmi: Add quoting for ping command
* t: Add test for backend::ipmi
* backend: ipmi: Make "mc reset" parameters configurable
* Use other log functions from bmwqemu as well according to severity

- Update to version 4.6.1607343404.748c0f7c:
* .gitignore: Remove all old autotools related entries

- Update to version 4.6.1607122640.3bb9e173:
* Add convenience Makefile after we removed autotools
* git subrepo commit (merge) external/os-autoinst-common
* Delete unused "diag" imports
* Phrase debug message "Extract" as a progress description rather than command
* Delete not helpful debug message about a qmpsocket file descriptor
* Add tests for wait_for_children and wait_for_children_to_start
* Mark sleeps in mmapi/lockapi for retrying/polling as uncoverable
* Avoid hard-coded retry count and poll intervals in mmapi
* Improve mmapi test
* lockapi tests: Add checks for mocked record_info
* Improve error handling in mmapi/lockapi
* Add better tests for lockapi
* Return 0 instead of undef when destroying a barrier fails
* lockapi: Make hard-coded intervals and retry attempts overridable



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