Update Info


Security update for varnish

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-05-27
This update for varnish fixes the following issues:

varnish was updated to release 7.1.0 [boo#1195188] [CVE-2022-23959]

* VCL: It is now possible to assign a BLOB value to a BODY
  variable, in addition to STRING as before.
* VMOD: New STRING strftime(TIME time, STRING format) function
  for UTC formatting.

Update to release 6.6.1

* CVE-2021-36740: Fix an HTTP/2.0 request smuggling vulnerability. [boo#1188470]

Update to release 6.6.0:

* The ban_cutoff parameter now refers to the overall length of
  the ban list, including completed bans, where before only
  non-completed (“active”) bans were counted towards ban_cutoff.
* Body bytes accounting has been fixed to always represent the
  number of body bytes moved on the wire, exclusive of
  protocol-specific overhead like HTTP/1 chunked encoding or
  HTTP/2 framing.
* The connection close reason has been fixed to properly report
  SC_RESP_CLOSE where previously only SC_REQ_CLOSE was reported.
* Unless the new validate_headers feature is disabled, all newly
  set headers are now validated to contain only characters
  allowed by RFC7230.
* The filter_re, keep_re and get_re functions from the bundled
  cookie vmod have been changed to take the VCL_REGEX type. This
  implies that their regular expression arguments now need to be
  literal, not e.g. string.
* The interface for private pointers in VMODs has been changed,
  the VRT backend interface has been changed, many filter
  (VDP/VFP) related signatures have been changed, and the
  stevedore API has been changed. (Details thereto, see online

Update to release 6.5.1

* Bump the VRT_MAJOR_VERSION number defined in the vrt.h

Update to release 6.5.0

* `PRIV_TOP` is now thread-safe to support parallel ESI
* varnishstat's JSON output format (-j option) has been changed.
* Behavior for 304-type responses was changed not to update the
  Content-Encoding response header of the stored object.

- Update Git-Web repository link

Update to release 6.4.0

* The MAIN.sess_drop counter is gone.
* backend "none" was added for "no backend".
* The hash algorithm of the hash director was changed, so
  backend selection will change once only when upgrading.
* It is now possible for VMOD authors to customize the
  connection pooling of a dynamic backend.
* For more, see changes.rst.

Update to release 6.3.2

* Fix a denial of service vulnerability when using the proxy
  protocol version 2.

Update to release 6.3.0

* The Host: header is folded to lower-case in the builtin_vcl.
* Improved performance of shared memory statistics counters.
* Synthetic objects created from vcl_backend_error {} now
  replace existing stale objects as ordinary backend fetches
  would (for details see changes.rst)



  • varnish-7.1.0-bp153.2.3.1