Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-01-17
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

Chromium 97.0.4692.71 (boo#1194331):

* CVE-2022-0096: Use after free in Storage
* CVE-2022-0097: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools
* CVE-2022-0098: Use after free in Screen Capture
* CVE-2022-0099: Use after free in Sign-in
* CVE-2022-0100: Heap buffer overflow in Media streams API
* CVE-2022-0101: Heap buffer overflow in Bookmarks
* CVE-2022-0102: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2022-0103: Use after free in SwiftShader
* CVE-2022-0104: Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE
* CVE-2022-0105: Use after free in PDF
* CVE-2022-0106: Use after free in Autofill
* CVE-2022-0107: Use after free in File Manager API
* CVE-2022-0108: Inappropriate implementation in Navigation
* CVE-2022-0109: Inappropriate implementation in Autofill
* CVE-2022-0110: Incorrect security UI in Autofill
* CVE-2022-0111: Inappropriate implementation in Navigation
* CVE-2022-0112: Incorrect security UI in Browser UI
* CVE-2022-0113: Inappropriate implementation in Blink
* CVE-2022-0114: Out of bounds memory access in Web Serial
* CVE-2022-0115: Uninitialized Use in File API
* CVE-2022-0116: Inappropriate implementation in Compositing
* CVE-2022-0117: Policy bypass in Service Workers
* CVE-2022-0118: Inappropriate implementation in WebShare
* CVE-2022-0120: Inappropriate implementation in Passwords

- Revert wayland fixes because it doesn't handle GPU correctly



  • chromium-97.0.4692.71-bp153.2.54.1