Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-05-16
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

Chromium was updated to 101.0.4951.64 (boo#1199409)

* CVE-2022-1633: Use after free in Sharesheet
* CVE-2022-1634: Use after free in Browser UI
* CVE-2022-1635: Use after free in Permission Prompts
* CVE-2022-1636: Use after free in Performance APIs
* CVE-2022-1637: Inappropriate implementation in Web Contents
* CVE-2022-1638: Heap buffer overflow in V8 Internationalization
* CVE-2022-1639: Use after free in ANGLE
* CVE-2022-1640: Use after free in Sharing
* CVE-2022-1641: Use after free in Web UI Diagnostics



  • chromium-101.0.4951.64-bp153.2.91.1