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Recommended update for warewulf4

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-12-05
This update for warewulf4 fixes the following issues:

- fixed symlink dhcpd.conf collision 

Updated to 4.3.0:

* fixed bug which for single node profile set

Update to 4.3.0rc6 what should the final release candidate:

* using compressed images again, as PXE else would fail

Update to v4.3.0rc2 with following major changes:

* Provision interface is not tied to 'eth0' any more. The provision interface
  must be named 'default' now. The file `nodes.yaml' must be changed accordingly.
* Creating of '/etc/exports' can now be disabled, so that wwctl configure -a
  wont overwrite a existing '/etc/exports'.
* All configurations files for the host (/etc/exports, /etc/dhcpd.conf,
  /etc/hosts) are now populated from the
  (OVERLAYDIR/host/etc/{exports|dhcpd|hosts}.ww . Also other configuration
  files like prometheus.yml.ww or slurm.conf.ww which depend on the cluster
  nodes can be placed. Also the new templated functions {{ abort }}, 
  {{ IncludeBlock }} abd {{ no_backup }} are allowed now.
* nodes and profiles can now have multiple system and runtime overlays, as a
  comma separated list.
* The overlays of the profile and the nodes are combined.
* Simple ipv6 support is now enabled. In warewulf.conf the option
  ipaddr6/Ipv6net must be set to enable ipv6. If enabled on of these options
  is set a node will get a derived ipv6 in the scheme ipv6net:ipaddr4. This
  address can also be overwritten for every node
* Multiple files can now created from a single template.ww file with the {{ file FILENAME }}
  command in the template. The command is expanded to the magic template command
  {{ /* file FILENAME */}} which is picked up by wwctl and everything which comes after this
  magic comment will be written to the file FILENAME. This mechanism is leveraged in the
  configuration files for the network, see ifcfg.xml.ww and ifcgf.ww.
* Networks can now have arbitrary keys value pairs in the profiles and on the node, so that
  things like bridges and mtu sizes can be set
* The yaml format for nodes has now sub-keys for ipmi and kernel, old nodes.conf files have to
  to be changed accordingly
* uids and gids of a container now get synced at import time, so that at least users with the
  same name have the same uid. This is not necessarily needed for warewulf, but services like
* backward compatibility for nodes.conf
* added file:// uri for importing archived containers



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  • warewulf4-4.3.0-bp154.2.3.1