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Recommended update for rxvt-unicode

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-12-03
This update for rxvt-unicode fixes the following issues:

Update to version 9.30:

  * the background extension did not initialise properly when automatically
    loaded via the OSC.
  * new "on_attach" hook type implemented, to initialise late-loading

Update to version 9.29:

  * libptytty (http://dist.schmorp.de/libptytty/) is now a required
    external dependency.
  * enable confirm-paste extension by default, can be disabled by e.g.
    URxvt.perl-ext: -confirm-paste
  * Key bindings specified with the -keysym option or with resources of
    the form URxvt*keysym work again. Such resources, as opposed to
  * resources of the form URxvt.keysym, were not officially allowed but
    accepted, so ignoring them is considered a regression.
  * new option/resource -rm/rewrapMode, which sets the line rewrap
    mode to auto, never or always.
  * new option/resource -dpb/disablePasteBrackets, which can be used to
    disable bracketed paste mode sequences, as more and more programs
  * abuse these sequences (typically in the name of security, but these
    sequences are not improving security). Also, bracketed paste mode
    is now under frills.
  * add manpage for urclock.
  * confirm-paste wrongly considered brackets as ctrlchars (patch by
    Jakub Wilk, debian bug #995244).
  * if urxvt cannot detect a good estimate for font width (because a font does
    not contain latin characters at all for example), it will now fall
    back to xft's max_advance_width, which works well with some fonts. It
    currently will warn about this.
  * do not render variation selectors in the default font as boxes, treat
    them as zero-width characters.
  * change combining character architecture to allow fonts to handle
    combining sequences on their own. This could allow future renderers
    to be more intelligent about these sequences.
  * use the previous enhancement to allow unicode characters outside of the
    BMP to be rendered even without --enable-unicode3, as long as an
    xft with the character is configured.
  * It's recommended to stay with disabled unicode3 even more now.
  * freetype/xft have been verified to return nonsensical offsets for
    combining characters. urxvt tries to compensate to some extent,
    but diacritics will be slightly off in many cases, and far off in
    some cases (e.g. input mono).
  * when checking for overlap/careful handling, take non-basefont
    character shifts into account.
  * extensions can now request autoloading on OSC and Perl OSC sequences,
    implement this for the background, clipboard-osc and overlay-osc
  * the background extension will now be autoloaded when the OSC 20 or 705
    sequence is received.
  * added OSC 776 sequence to return character cell width, height and font
    ascent, which is useful when using urxvt as slave to calculate window
    size form or to row/column count.
  * matcher extension documentation now points out some requirements for
    regular expressions. the default url matching regex will now try
    to match IRLs in addition to URLs.
  * The view_start perl method now scrolls to the bottom also when the
    argument is greater than 0.
  * eval scroll actions now scroll to the bottom when scrolling down and
    there are less lines to scroll than the ones requested (reported by
    Stephen Talley).
  * allow perl-ext and perl-ext-common to override autoloaded extensions.
    this allows tabbed to disable itself in subtabs, avoiding recursive
  * update precompose table to unicode 13.0.
  * update charset conversion tables to perl 5.32 (this only affected
  * unicode characters > 0x100000 were not handled correctly w.r.t.
    font rendering.
  * replace bitstream vera by dejavu sans, as it has replaced the former
    almost everywhere.
  * urxvt will now try tic -x first and only fall back to tic without -x
    when tic -x fails.
  * fix urclock not erasing the old date on the clock face, causing
    overdraw, plus a host of other small fixes and improvements.
  * shave off over 1K of code size from urclock by replacing the sine table
    with a slightly less accurate fixed point approximation.
  * do not specify indentation with =over in pod, this is no longer
    needed with semi-modern pod tools and gives the formatter more
    stylistic freedom.
  * background extension did not set the "size-sensitive" flag
    when repeat mode wasn't normal.
  * extensions are now subjected to "use strict 'subs'".
  * avoid crashing when xft successfully opens a font but then somehow
    can't lock the face.
  * locale_decode/encode api methods now pass through undef unchanged.
  * fix undefined behaviour in the perl hook function, as diagnosed by clang.



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  • libptytty-2.0-bp153.2.1
  • rxvt-unicode-9.30-bp153.2.6.1