Update Info


Security update for rxvt-unicode

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-11-30
This update for rxvt-unicode fixes the following issues:

Update to 9.26

- ev_iouring.c was wrongly required during compilation, and wrongly
  not packaged.

Update to 9.25 (boo#1186174 CVE-2021-33477)

- for the 17.5th anniversary, and because many distributions seem to
  remove rxvt in favour of urxvt, this release resurrects rclock as
- add support for systemd socket-based activation - debian bug #917105,
  freebsd bug #234276.
- do not destruct perl on exit anymore: this might fail for a variety of
  reasons, and takes unneccessary time.
- remove any macros from urxvtperl manpage(s), should fix debian
  bug 858385.
- the old bg image resources are now provided by the background
  extension, and perl is thus required for bg image support. No
  configuration change is needed: urxvt autoloads the background
  ext if any bg image resource/option is present (for OSC sequences to
  work you need to enable it explicity). The old bg image
  resources are also now deprecated; users are encouraged to
  switch to the new bg image interface (see man urxvt-background).
- confirm-paste now checks for any ctlchars, not just newlines.
- searchable scrollback will now ignore bracketed paste mode sequences
  (prompted by Daniel Gröber's patch).
- drop ISO 2022 locale support. ISO 2022 encodings are not supported in
  POSIX locales and clash with vt100 charset emulation (the luit
  program can be used as a substitute).
- perl didn't parse rgba colours specified as an array correctly,
  only allowing 0 and 100% intensity for each component (this affected
  fill and tint).
- when iterating over resources, urxvt will now try to properly handle
  multipart resources (such as "*background.expr"), for the benefit
  of autoloading perl extensions.
- ESC G (query rxvt graphics mode) has been disabled due to security
  implications. The rxvt graphics mode was removed in rxvt-unicode 1.5,
  and no programs relying on being able to query the mode are known.
- work around API change breakage in perl 5.28, based on a patch by
  Roman Bogorodskiy.
- improved security: rob nation's (obsolete) graphics mode queries
  no longer reply with linefeed in secure/default mode.
- ISO 8613-3 direct colour SGR sequences (patch by Fengguang Wu).
- xterm focus reporting mode (patch by Daniel Hahler).
- xterm SGR mouse mode.
- implement DECRQM. Patch by Přemysl Eric Janouch.
- add missing color index parameter to OSC 4 response. Patch
  by Přemysl Eric Janouch.
- in some window managers, if smart resize was enabled, urxvt
  erroneously moved the window on font change - awesome bug
  #532, arch linux bug ##34807 (patch by Uli Schlachter).
- fix urxvtd crash when using a background expression.
- properly restore colors when using fading and reverse video
  is enabled while urxvt is focused and then disabled while it
  is not focused, or vice versa (patch by Daniel Hahler).
- fix high memory usage when an extension repeatedly hides and
  shows an overlay (reported by Marcel Lautenbach).
- expose priv_modes member and constants to perl extensions
  (patch by Rastislav Barlik).
- fix a whole slew of const sillyness, unfortunately forced upon
  us by ISO C++.
- update to libecb 0x00010006.
- disable all thread support in ecb.h as we presumably don't need it.
- slightly improve Makefile source dependencies.
- work around bugs in newer Pod::Xhtml versions (flags incorrect formatting codes
  in xhtml/html sections but does not interpret correct ones).
- New file: /usr/bin/urclock
- restore the -256color binaries



  • rxvt-unicode-9.26-bp154.2.3.1