Update Info


Recommended update for fwts

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-11-26
This update for fwts fixes the following issues:

Update to version 22.09.00:

  * lib: fwts_version.h - update to V22.09.00
  * debian: update changelog
  * acpi: iort: remove redundant code
  * fwts-test: add regression test for SVKL
  * acpi: svkl: add test for SVKL table (mantis 2162)
  * acpi: nhltdump: add endpoint discriptor string description
  * acpi: nhltdump: add dumping nhlt table for audio configurations

  * acpi: fadt: get _CST c2 c3 for p_lvl2 and p_lvl3 tests
  * uefi: securebootcert: fix the attribute set for AuditMode and DeployedMode
  * lib: acpi: update battery charge limiting state for _BST
  * acpi: dbg2: update the subtype for DBG2 table



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  • fwts-22.09.00-bp154.2.9.1