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Recommended update for vmaf

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-11-17
This update for vmaf fixes the following issues:

- Drop recommends on vmaf-data, the package is gone since vmaf 2.x.
  Build model data into the library, since `make install` does not
  do anything by default. [boo#1189023]

- Update to release 2.3.1

  * CAMBI extensions: full reference, PQ eotf, up to 16 bit-depth
    support, max_log_contrast parameter.
  * CAMBI: option to output heatmaps.

- Update to release 2.3.0

  * Added Contrast Aware Multiscale Banding Index.
  * Added pixel format VMAF_PIX_FMT_YUV400P.

- Update to release 2.2.1

  * Fix a race condition in vmaf_thread_pool_wait().
  * Avoid chroma resampling for 420mpeg2 y4m input.

- Update to release 2.2.0

  * Fixed a CIEDE-2000 precision issue, where cross-platform
    mismatches were seen.
  * Added function vmaf_feature_dictionary_free().

- update to 2.1.1:

  * Fixes a SSIM/MS-SSIM precision bug where a lossless comparison did not
    always result in a perfect 1.0 score. (#796).
  * Adds feature extractor options to clip the dB scores for both PSNR/SSIM.
    --aom_ctc v1.0 has been updated to use these clipping options according to
    the AOM CTC. (#802). 

- Update to 2.1.0

  * New features:
    - Per-model feature overloading via new API 
    - Multiple unique configurations of the same feature extractor
      may be registered run at the same time.
    - --aom_ctc v1.0 preset, encompassing all metrics specified by
      the AOM CTC.
- Changes from 2.0.0

  * New features:
    - Add PSNR-HVS and CIEDE2000 metrics.
    - ci/actions: upload linux/macos artifacts (#738)
    - libvmaf/feature: deprecate daala_ssim (#735)
    - libvmaf: remove support for pkl models
    - libvmaf/psnr: rewrite using integer types, 2x speedup
    - vmaf: if no model is specified, enable v0.6.1 by default (#730)
    - libvmaf/x86: add AVX2/AVX-512 optimizations for adm, vif and
    - ci/actions: add xxd to build dependencies for Windows
    - libvmaf: add support for built-in models
    - libvmaf/integer_vif: use symmetrical mirroring on edges
    - Fix log2 by replacing log2f_approx with log2f
    - libvmaf_rc: provide a backwards compatible compute_vmaf(),
      link vmafossexec with libvmaf
    - libvmaf: add framework support for json models
    - libvmaf/libsvm: update libsvm to version 324
    - libvmaf/motion: add motion_force_zero to motion fex
    - return sha1 if Asset string is longer than 255
    - Add CID/iCID Matlab source code
    - build: unbreak x86 builds (Fixes: #374)
    - Add 12bit and 16bit support for python YUV reader; add tests.
    - Add PypsnrFeatureExtractor
    - Add processes to FeatureAssembler. (#662)
  * Fixed bugs:
    - fix motion flush for single frame input
    - Fixing the perf_metric for a single entry list input
- Remove data subpackage because models now build in.

- Initial package (version 1.5.3) for build.opensuse.org



  • vmaf-2.3.1-bp154.2.1