Update Info


Security update for pdns-recursor

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-10-30
This update for pdns-recursor fixes the following issues:

pdns-recursor was updated to 4.6.3:

* fixes incomplete exception handling related to protobuf message generation (boo#1202664, CVE-2022-37428)

pdns-recursor was updated to 4.6.2:

* Reject non-apex NSEC(3)s that have both the NS and SOA bits set
* A CNAME answer on DS query should abort DS retrieval
* Allow disabling of processing the root hints
* If we get NODATA on an AAAA in followCNAMERecords, try native dns64



  • pdns-recursor-4.6.3-bp154.2.3.1