Update Info


Security update for python-jupyterlab

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-08-02
This update for python-jupyterlab fixes the following issues:

Update to 2.2.10:

* Remove `form` tags' `action` attribute during sanitizing, to prevent an
  XSS (CVE-2021-32797) (boo#1196663)
* Header ‘Content-Type’ should not be overwritten
* Do not use token parameters in websocket urls
* Properly handle errors in async browser_check
* Cells can no longer be executed while kernels are terminating or
  restarting. There is a new status for these events on the Kernel Indicator
* Add styling for high memory usage warning in status bar with nbresuse
* Adds support for Python version 3.10
* Support live editing of SVG with updating rendering
* Lazy load codemirror theme stylesheets
* Add feature request template + slight reorg in readme
* Add link to react example in extension-examples repo
* Close correct tab with close tab
* Remove unused css rules
* Simplified multicursor backspace code
* Fix recent breaking changes to normalizepath in filebrowser
* Handle quit_button when launched as an extension
* Add worker-loader
* Fix icon sidebar height for third party extensions
* Scrolls cells into view after deletion
* Support Node.js 10+
* Select search text when focusing the search overlay
* Throttle fetch requests in the setting registry’s data connector
* Avoid redundant checkpoint calls on loading a notebook 



  • python-jupyterlab-2.2.10-bp154.2.3.1