Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-06-29
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

Chromium 103.0.5060.53 (boo#1200783)

* CVE-2022-2156: Use after free in Base
* CVE-2022-2157: Use after free in Interest groups
* CVE-2022-2158: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2022-2160: Insufficient policy enforcement in DevTools
* CVE-2022-2161: Use after free in WebApp Provider
* CVE-2022-2162: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API
* CVE-2022-2163: Use after free in Cast UI and Toolbar
* CVE-2022-2164: Inappropriate implementation in Extensions API
* CVE-2022-2165: Insufficient data validation in URL formatting



  • chromium-103.0.5060.53-bp153.2.104.1