Update Info


Recommended update for elinks

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-06-28
This update for elinks fixes the following issues:

Update to elinks 20190723 snapshot of version 0.13.

Update to version 0.13:

* parse_header: document parameters and return value
* doxygen: Fix link to bookmark::url
* use draw_text for titles
* iconv: Bail out of the loop when an illegal sequence of bytes occur
* Add support for the CSS list-style-type property
* Fixed problem of converting more than 256 chars
* mem_free_if where aplicable
* ssl: Make RAND_egd optional
* Better handling of content-disposition
* display lua hooks errors
* brotli code updated
* Use blacklist to skip verification of certificates
* various code cleanup
* -VERS-SSL3.0 in gnutls to avoid SSL error.
* 1024: Verify server certificate hostname with OpenSSL (boo#1082814)



  • elinks-0.13~0.20190723-bp153.2.3.1