Update Info


Security update for wdiff

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2022-06-25
This update for wdiff fixes the following issues:

This update ships wdiff.

Updated to 1.2.2:

  * Updated Vietnamese, Swedish, Estonian, Chinese (traditional),
    Brazilian Portuguese and Russian translations.
  * Updated gnulib.
  * Used more recent autotools: autoconf 2.69 and automake 1.14.1.

updated to 1.2.1:

  * Added Esperanto translation.
  * Updated Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Dutch,
    Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese
  * Updated gnulib.
  * Recreated build system using recent versions of autotools.
    This will avoid security issues in "make distcheck" target.

updated to 1.1.2:

  * Backport gnulib change to deal with removal of gets function.
    This is a build-time-only fix. (Mentioned in Fedora bug #821791)
  * Added Serbian translation.
  * Updated Danish and Vietnamese translations.
  * Work around a bug in the formatting of the man page.
    (Debian bug #669340)
  * Updated Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian,
    Swedish and Ukrainian translations.
  * Fix several issue with the use of screen in the test suite.
  * Allow WDIFF_PAGER to override PAGER environment variable.
  * Do not autodetect less, so we don't auto-enable less-mode.
    This should improve things for UTF8 text. (Savannah bug #34224)
    Less-mode is considered deprecated, as it isn't fit for multi-byte
    encodings. Nevertheless it can still be enabled on the command line.
  * Introduces use of ngettext to allow correct handling of plural forms

updated to 1.0.1:

  * Updated Polish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and
    Czech translations
  * Changed major version to 1 to reflect maturity of the package
  * Updated Dutch, French, Danish and Slovenian translations
  * Added Ukrainian translation
  * Improved error reporting in case a child process has problems
  * Added tests to the test suite
  * Updated gnulib

updated to 0.6.5:

  * Never initialize or deinitialize terminals, as we do no cursor 
  * Deprecated --no-init-term (-K) command line option
  * Avoid relative path in man pages
  * Updated gnulib, might be particularly important for uClibc 

updated to 0.6.4:

  * Updated Catalan translations
  * Updated gnulib

update to 0.6.3:

  * `wdiff -d' to read input from single unified diff, perhaps stdin.
  * Updated texinfo documentation taking experimental switch into account.
  * Experimental programs (mdiff & friends) and a configure switch
    --enable-experimental to control them.
  * Recent imports from gnulib, use of recent autotools.
  * Improved autodetection of termcap library like ncurses.
  * Reformatted translations, still a number of fuzzy translations.
  * Changed from CVS to bzr for source code version control.
  * Various bug fixes. See ChangeLog for a more exhaustive list.
  * Introduce --with-default-pager=PAGER configure switch.
  * Fix missing newline in info dir entry list.
  * Fix shell syntax in configure script
  * Updated gnulib and gettext, the latter to 0.18
  * Updated Dutch translation
  * Fixed a number of portability issues reported by maint.mk syntax checks
  * Updated Italian and Swedish translations
  * Updated gnulib




  • wdiff-1.2.2-bp154.2.1