Update Info


Security update for firejail

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2022-06-20
This update for firejail fixes the following issues:

firejail was updated to version 0.9.70:

-CVE-2022-31214: - root escalation in --join logic (boo#1199148)
 Reported by Matthias Gerstner, working exploit code was provided to our
 development team. In the same time frame, the problem was independently
 reported by Birk Blechschmidt. Full working exploit code was also provided.

- feature: enable shell tab completion with --tab (#4936)
- feature: disable user profiles at compile time (#4990)
- feature: Allow resolution of .local names with avahi-daemon in the apparmor
- profile (#5088)
- feature: always log seccomp errors (#5110)
- feature: firecfg --guide, guided user configuration (#5111)
- feature: --oom, kernel OutOfMemory-killer (#5122)
- modif: --ids feature needs to be enabled at compile time (#5155)
- modif: --nettrace only available to root user
- rework: whitelist restructuring (#4985)
- rework: firemon, speed up and lots of fixes
- bugfix: --private-cwd not expanding macros, broken hyperrogue (#4910)
- bugfix: nogroups + wrc prints confusing messages (#4930 #4933)
- bugfix: openSUSE Leap - whitelist-run-common.inc (#4954)
- bugfix: fix printing in evince (#5011)
- bugfix: gcov: fix gcov functions always declared as dummy (#5028)
- bugfix: Stop warning on safe supplementary group clean (#5114)
- build: remove ultimately unused INSTALL and RANLIB check macros (#5133)
- build: mkdeb.sh.in: pass remaining arguments to ./configure (#5154)
- ci: replace centos (EOL) with almalinux (#4912)
- ci: fix --version not printing compile-time features (#5147)
- ci: print version after install & fix apparmor support on build_apparmor (#5148)
- docs: Refer to firejail.config in configuration files (#4916)
- docs: firejail.config: add warning about allow-tray (#4946)
- docs: mention that the protocol command accumulates (#5043)
- docs: mention inconsistent homedir bug involving --private=dir (#5052)
- docs: mention capabilities(7) on --caps (#5078)
- new profiles: onionshare, onionshare-cli, opera-developer, songrec
- new profiles: node-gyp, npx, semver, ping-hardened
- removed profiles: nvm



  • firejail-0.9.70-bp153.2.6.1