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Recommended update for zmusic

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-07-08
This update for zmusic fixes the following issues:

Update to release 1.1.8

* support dynamic loading of FluidSynth 2.2
* fixed file header in MIDI wave writer

Update to release 1.1.6

* Add detection of Opus comment tags in Ogg files.
* Multiply master volume for module player by 4.

Update to release 1.1.4

* MIDS-format MIDI support
* libADL/libOPN update

- Demote Recommends to Suggests. Add suggests for Fluidsynth
  as an alternative to EAW (and the OPL mixer that's built-in).

- Initial package (v1.1.2) for build.opensuse.org



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  • zmusic-1.1.8-bp153.2.1