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Recommended update for SUSE Manager Client Tools

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-06-29
This update fixes the following issues:


- Add tarball with vendor modules and web assets
- Read formula data from exporters map
- Add support for TLS targets
- Upgrade to upstream version 2.26.0
  + Changes
    * Alerting: Using Alertmanager v2 API by default.
    * Prometheus/Promtool: Binaries are now printing help and usage to stdout instead of stderr.
    * UI: Make the React UI default.
    * Remote write: The following metrics were removed/renamed in remote write.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_succeeded_samples_total was removed and
      prometheus_remote_storage_samples_total was introduced for all the samples attempted to send.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_sent_bytes_total was removed and replaced with
      prometheus_remote_storage_samples_bytes_total and prometheus_remote_storage_metadata_bytes_total.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_failed_samples_total -> prometheus_remote_storage_samples_failed_total.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_retried_samples_total -> prometheus_remote_storage_samples_retried_total.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_dropped_samples_total -> prometheus_remote_storage_samples_dropped_total.
      > prometheus_remote_storage_pending_samples -> prometheus_remote_storage_samples_pending.
    * Remote: Do not collect non-initialized timestamp metrics.
  + Features
    * Remote: Add support for AWS SigV4 auth method for remote_write.
    * PromQL: Allow negative offsets. Behind --enable-feature=promql-negative-offset flag.
    * UI: Add advanced auto-completion, syntax highlighting and linting to graph page query input.
    * Include a new `--enable-feature=` flag that enables experimental features.
    * Add TLS and basic authentication to HTTP endpoints.
    * promtool: Add check web-config subcommand to check web config files.
    * promtool: Add tsdb create-blocks-from openmetrics subcommand to backfill metrics data from an
      OpenMetrics file.
  + Enhancements
    * PromQL: Add last_over_time, sgn, clamp functions.
    * Scrape: Add support for specifying type of Authorization header credentials with Bearer
      by default.
    * Scrape: Add follow_redirects option to scrape configuration.
    * Remote: Allow retries on HTTP 429 response code for remote_write.
    * Remote: Allow configuring custom headers for remote_read.
    * UI: Hitting Enter now triggers new query.
    * UI: Better handling of long rule and names on the /rules and /targets pages.
    * UI: Add collapse/expand all button on the /targets page.
    * Add optional name property to testgroup for better test failure output.
    * Add warnings into React Panel on the Graph page.
    * TSDB: Increase the number of buckets for the compaction duration metric.
    * Remote: Allow passing along custom remote_write HTTP headers.
    * Mixins: Scope grafana configuration.
    * Kubernetes SD: Add endpoint labels metadata.
    * UI: Expose total number of label pairs in head in TSDB stats page.
    * TSDB: Reload blocks every minute, to detect new blocks and enforce retention more often.
    * Cache basic authentication results to significantly improve performance of HTTP endpoints.
    * HTTP API: Fast-fail queries with only empty matchers.
    * HTTP API: Support matchers for labels API.
    * promtool: Improve checking of URLs passed on the command line.
    * SD: Expose IPv6 as a label in EC2 SD.
    * SD: Reuse EC2 client, reducing frequency of requesting credentials.
    * TSDB: Add logging when compaction takes more than the block time range.
    * TSDB: Avoid unnecessary GC runs after compaction.
    * Remote write: Added a metric prometheus_remote_storage_max_samples_per_send for remote write.
    * TSDB: Make the snapshot directory name always the same length.
    * TSDB: Create a checkpoint only once at the end of all head compactions.
    * TSDB: Avoid Series API from hitting the chunks.
    * TSDB: Cache label name and last value when adding series during compactions making
      compactions faster.
    * PromQL: Improved performance of Hash method making queries a bit faster.
    * promtool: tsdb list now prints block sizes.
    * promtool: Calculate mint and maxt per test avoiding unnecessary calculations.
    * SD: Add filtering of services to Docker Swarm SD.
  + Bug fixes
    * API: Fix global URL when external address has no port.
    * Deprecate unused flag --alertmanager.timeout.


- Modified to build on RHEL8.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.



  • ansible-2.9.21-bp152.2.3.1
  • python-multidict-4.5.2-bp152.2.6.1
  • python-pyvmomi-6.7.3-bp152.2.3.1
  • python-straight-plugin-1.5.0-bp152.4.3.1
  • python-yarl-1.3.0-bp152.2.6.1