Update Info


Security update for cacti, cacti-spine

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2021-05-20
This update for cacti, cacti-spine fixes the following issues:

cacti-spine was updated to 1.2.17:

* Avoid triggering DDos detection in firewalls on large systems
* Use mysql reconnect option properly
* Fix possible creashes in various operations
* Fix remote data collectors pushing too much data to main when
  performing diagnostics
* Make spine more responsive when remote connection is down
* Fix various MySQL issues
* Make spine immune to DST changes

cacti-spine 1.2.16:

* Some developer debug log messages falsely labeled as WARNINGS
* Remove the need of the dos2unix program
* Fix Spine experiencing MySQL socket error 2002 under load
* Under heavy load MySQL/MariaDB return 2006 and 2013 errors on query
* Add backtrace output to stderr for signals
* Add Data Source turnaround time to debug output

cacti-spine 1.2.15:

* Special characters may not always be ignored properly

cacti was updated to 1.2.17:

* Fix incorrect handling of fields led to potential XSS issues
* CVE-2020-35701: Fix SQL Injection vulnerability (boo#1180804)
* Fix various XSS issues with HTML Forms handling
* Fix handling of Daylight Saving Time changes
* Multiple fixes and extensions to plugins
* Fix multiple display, export, and input validation issues
* SNMPv3 Password field was not correctly limited
* Improved regular expression handling for searcu
* Improved support for RRDproxy
* Improved behavior on large systems
* MariaDB/MysQL: Support persistent connections and improve
  multiple operations and options
* Add Theme 'Midwinter'
* Modify automation to test for data before creating graphs
* Add hooks for plugins to show customize graph source and customize
  template url
* Allow CSRF security key to be refreshed at command line
* Allow remote pollers statistics to be cleared
* Allow user to be automatically logged out after admin defined
* When replicating, ensure Cacti can detect and verify replica



  • cacti-spine-1.2.17-14.1
  • cacti-1.2.17-20.1