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Security update for vlc

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-05-12
This update for vlc fixes the following issues:

Update to version 3.0.13:

  + Demux:

    - Adaptive: fix artefacts in HLS streams with wrong profiles/levels
    - Fix regression on some MP4 files for the audio track
    - Fix MPGA and ADTS probing in TS files
    - Fix Flac inside AVI files
    - Fix VP9/Webm artefacts when seeking

  + Codec:

    - Support SSA text scaling
    - Fix rotation on Android rotation
    - Fix WebVTT subtitles that start at 00:00

  + Access:

    - Update libnfs to support NFSv4
    - Improve SMB2 integration
    - Fix Blu-ray files using Unicode names on Windows
    - Disable mcast lookups on Android for RTSP playback

  + Video Output: Rework the D3D11 rendering wait, to fix
    choppiness on display
  + Interfaces:

    - Fix VLC getting stuck on close on X11 (#21875)
    - Improve RTL on preferences on macOS
    - Add mousewheel horizontal axis control
    - Fix crash on exit on macOS
    - Fix sizing of the fullscreen controls on macOS

  + Misc:

    - Improve MIDI fonts search on Linux
    - Update Soundcloud, Youtube, liveleak
    - Fix compilation with GCC11
    - Fix input-slave option for subtitles
  + Updated translations.

Update to version 3.0.12:

  + Access: Add new RIST access module compliant with simple
    profile (VSF_TR-06-1).
  + Access Output: Add new RIST access output module compliant with
    simple profile (VSF_TR-06-1).
  + Demux: Fixed adaptive's handling of resolution settings.
  + Audio output: Fix audio distortion on macOS during start of
  + Video Output: Direct3D11: Fix some potential crashes when using
    video filters.
  + Misc:

    - Several fixes in the web interface, including privacy and
      security improvements
    - Update YouTube and Vocaroo scripts.

  + Updated translations.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.



  • vlc-3.0.13-bp152.2.12.1