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Security update for cobbler

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-01-14
This update for cobbler fixes the following issues:

- Add cobbler-tests subpackage for unit testing for openSUSE/SLE 
- Adds LoadModule definitions for openSUSE/SLE
- Switch to new refactored auth module.

- use systemctl to restart cobblerd on logfile rotation (boo#1169207)
  Mainline logrotate conf file uses already /sbin/service instead of
  outdated: /etc/init.d/cobblerd
- Fix cobbler sync for DHCP or DNS (boo#1169553)
  Fixed mainline by commit 2d6cfe42da
- Signatures file now uses "default_autoinstall" which fixes import
  problem happening with some distributions (boo#1159010)
- Fix for kernel and initrd detection (boo#1159010)

- New:
  * For the distro there is now a parameter remote_boot_initrd and remote_boot_kernel ()
  * For the profile there is now a parameter filename for DHCP. (#2280)
  * Signatures for ESXi 6 and 7 (#2308)
  * The hardlink command is now detected more dynamically and thus more error resistant (#2297)
  * HTTPBoot will now work in some cases out of the bug. (#2295)
  * Additional DNS query for a case where the wrong record was queried in the nsupdate system case (#2285)
- Changes:
  * Enabled a lot of tests, removed some and implemented new. (#2202)
  * Removed not used files from the codebase. (#2302)
  * Exchanged mkisofs to xorrisofs. (#2296)
  * Removed duplicate code. (#2224)
  * Removed unreachable code. (#2223)
  * Snippet creation and deletion now works again via xmlrpc. (#2244)
  * Replace createrepo with createrepo_c. (#2266)
  * Enable Kerberos through having a case sensitive users.conf. (#2272)
- Bugfixes:
  * General various Bugfixes (#2331, )
  * Makefile usage and commands. (#2344, #2304)
  * Fix the dhcp template. (#2314)
  * Creation of the management classes and gPXE. (#2310)
  * Fix the scm_track module. (#2275, #2279)
  * Fix passing the netdevice parameter correctly to the linuxrc. (#2263)
  * powerstatus from cobbler now works thanks to a wrapper for ipmitool. (#2267)
  * In case the LDAP is used for auth, it now works with ADs. (#2274)
  * Fix passthru authentication. (#2271)
- Other:
  * Add Codecov. (#2229)
  * Documentation updates. (#2333, #2326, #2305, #2249, #2268)
  * Buildprocess:
    *  Recreation and cleanup of Grub2. (#2278)
    *  Fix small errors for openSUSE Leap. (#2233)
    *  Fix rpmlint errors. (#2237)
    *  Maximum compatibility for debbuild package creation. (#2255, #2292, #2242, #2300)
  * Fixes related to our CI Pipeline (#2254, #2269)
  * Internal Code cleanup (#2273, #2270)
- Breaking Changes:
  * Hash handling in users.digest file. (#2299) 

- Updated to version 3.1.1.
  * Introduce new packaging from upstream
  * Changelog see below
- New:
  * We are now having a cross-distro specfile which can be build in the OBS
    (#2220) - before rewritten it was improved by #2144 & #2174
  * Grub Submenu for net-booting machines (#2217)
  * Building the Cent-OS RPMs in Docker (#2190 #2189)
  * Reintroduced manpage build in setup.py (#2185)
  * mgmt_parameters are now passed to the dhcp template (#2182)
  * Using the standard Pyhton3 logger instead of a custom one (#2160 #2139 #2151)
  * Script for converting the settings file from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 (#2154)
  * Docs now inside the repo instead of cobbler.github.io and improved with sphinx (#2117)
- Changes:
  * The default tftpboot directory is now /var/lib/tftpboot instead of previously /srv/tftpboot (#2220)
  * Distro signatures were adjusted where necessary (#2219 #2134)
  * Removed requirements.txt and placed the requirements in setup.py (#2204)
  * Display only entries in grub which are from the same arch (#2191 #2216)
  * Change the name of the cobbler manpage form cobbler-cli to cobbler back and move it to section 8 (#2188 #2186)
- Bugfixes:
  * Incremented Version to 3.1.1 from 3.0.1
  * S390 Support was cleaned up (#2207 #2178)
  * PowerPC Support was cleaned up (#2178)
  * Added a missing import while importing a distro with cobbler import (#2201)
  * Fixed a case where a stacktrace would be produced so pass none instead (#2203)
  * Rename of suse_kopts_textmode_overwrite to kops_overwrite to utils (#2143 #2200)
  * Fix rsync subprocess call (#2199 #2179)
  * Fixed an error where the template rendering did not work (#2176)
  * Fixed some cobbler import errors (#2172)
  * Wrong shebang in various scripts (#2148)
  * Fix some imports which fixes errors introduced by the remodularization (#2150 #2153)
- Other:
  * Issue Templates for Github (#2187)

- Update to latest git HEAD code base
  This version (from mainline so for quite a while already)
  also includes fixes for "boo#1149075" and boo#1151875

- Fix for cobbler import and buildiso (boo#1156574)
- Adjusted manpage creation (needs sphinx as BuildRequires)
- Fix cobbler sync for dhcp and dns enabled due to latest module
  renaming patches

- Update to latest git HEAD
   - Fixes permission denied in apache2 context when trying to write
     cobbler log
   - Fixes a bad import in import_signature (item)
   - Fixes bad shebang bash path in mkgrub.sh (used in post section)

- Now track Github master branch
  WARNING: This release contains breaking changes for your settings file! 
  * Notable changes:
    - Now using standard python logger
    - Updated dhcpd.template 
- Removed fix_shebang.patch: now in upstream. 
- added -s parameter to fdupes call to prevent hardlink across 

- Update to latest v3.0.0 cobbler release
- Add previouly added patch: exclude_get-loaders_command.patch to
  the list of patches to apply.

- Fix log file world readable (as suggested by Matthias Gerstner)
  and change file attributes via attr in spec file
- Do not allow get-loaders command (download of third party
  provided network boot loaders we do not trust)
- Mainline fixes:
  3172d1df9b9cc8 Add missing help text in redhat_management_key field
  c8f5490e507a72 Set default interface if cobbler system add has no
                 --interface= param
  31a1aa31d26c4a Remove apache IfVersion tags from apache configs

- Integrated fixes that came in from mainline from other products
  (to calm down obs regression checker):
  CVE-2011-4953, fate#312397, boo#660126, boo#671212, boo#672471, boo#682665
  boo#687891, boo#695955, boo#722443, boo#722445, boo#757062, boo#763610
  boo#783671, boo#790545, boo#796773, boo#811025, boo#812948, boo#842699
  boo#846580, boo#869371, boo#884051, boo#976826, boo#984998
  Some older bugs need boo# references as well:
  boo#660126, boo#671212, boo#672471, boo#682665
  boo#687891, boo#695955, boo#722443, boo#722445, boo#757062, boo#763610
  boo#783671, boo#790545, boo#796773, boo#811025, boo#812948, boo#842699
  boo#846580, boo#869371, boo#884051

- Fix for redhat_management_key not being listed as a choice
  during profile rename (boo#1134588)
- Added:
  * rhn-mngmnt-key-field-fix.diff

- Fixes distribution detection in setup.py for SLESo
- Added:
  * changes-detection-to-distro-like-for-suse-distributions.diff

- Moving to pytest and adding Docker test integration
- Added:
  * add-docker-integration-testing.diff
  * refactor-unittest-to-pytest.diff

- Additional compatability changes for old Koan versions.
- Modified:
  * renamed-methods-alias-part2.patch

- Old Koan versions not only need method aliases, but also need
  compatible responses
- Added:
  * renamed-methods-alias-part2.patch

- Add the redhat_managment_* fields again to enable templating in SUMA.
- Added:
  * revert-redhat-management-removal.patch  

- Changes return of last_modified_time RPC to float
- Added:
  * changes-return-to-float.diff

- provide old name aliases for all renamed methods:
  - get_distro_for_koan     =>  get_distro_as_rendered
  - get_profile_for_koan    =>  get_profile_as_rendered
  - get_system_for_koan     =>  get_system_as_rendered
  - get_repo_for_koan       =>  get_repo_as_rendered
  - get_image_for_koan      =>  get_image_as_rendered
  - get_mgmtclass_for_koan  =>  get_mgmtclass_as_rendered
  - get_package_for_koan    =>  get_package_as_rendered
  - get_file_for_koan       =>  get_file_as_rendered
- Renamed:
  get_system_for_koan.patch => renamed-methods-alias.patch

- provide renamed method "get_system_for_koan" under old name
  for old clients.
- Added:
  * get_system_for_koan.patch

- Bring back power_system method in the XML-RPC API
- Changed lanplus option to lanplus=true in fence_ipmitool.template
- Added:
  * power_system_xmlrpc_api.patch
- Changed:
  * fence_ipmitool.template

- Disables nsupdate_enabled by default
- Added:
  * disable_nsupdate_enabled_by_default.diff

- Fixes issue in distribution detection with "lower" function call.
- Modified:
  * remodeled-distro-detection.diff  

- Adds imporoved distribution detection. Since now all base products
  get detected correctly, we no longer need the SUSE Manager patch.
- Added:
  * remodeled-distro-detection.diff  

- fix grub directory layout
- Added:
  * create-system-directory-at-the-correct-place.patch

- fix HTTP status code of XMLRPC service
- Added:
  * fix-http-status-code.patch

- touch /etc/genders when it not exists (boo#1128926)
- Add patches to fix logging
- Added:
  * return-the-name-of-the-unknown-method.patch
  * call-with-logger-where-possible.patch

- Switching version schema from 3.0 to 3.0.0

- Fixes case where distribution detection returns None (boo#1130658)
- Added:
  * fixes-distro-none-case.diff

- Removes newline from token, which caused authentication error (boo#1128754)
- Added:
  * remove-newline-from-token.diff

- Added a patch which fixes an exception when login in with a non-root user.
- Added:
  * fix-login-error.patch

- Added a patch which fixes an exception when login in with a non-root user.
- Added:
  * fix-login-error.patch

- Remove patch merged at upstream:
  * 0001-return-token-as-string.patch

- change grub2-x86_64-efi dependency to Recommends

- grub2-i386pc is not really required. Changed to recommended
  to allow building for architectures other than x86_64

- Use cdrtools starting with SLE-15 and Leap-15 again. (boo#1081739)
- Update cobbler loaders server hostname (boo#980577)
- Update outdated apache config (boo#956264)
- Replace builddate with changelog date to fix build-compare (boo#969538)
- LOCKFILE usage removed on openSUSE (boo#714618)
- Power management subsystem completely re-worked to prevent
  command-injection (CVE-2012-2395)
- Removed patch merged at upstream:
  * cobblerd_needs_apache2_service_started.patch

- Checking bug fixes of released products are in latest develop pkg:
  - remove fix-nameserver-search.fix; bug is invalid (boo#1029276)
    -> not needed anymore
  - fix cobbler yaboot handling (boo#968406, boo#966622)
    -> no yaboot support anymore
  - support UEFI boot with cobbler generated tftp tree (boo#1020376)
    -> upstream
  - Enabling PXE grub2 support for PowerPC (boo#986978)
    -> We have grub2 support for ppc64le
  - (boo#1048183) fix missing args and location for xen
    -> is in
  - no koan support anymore:
    boo#969541, boo#924118, boo#967523
  - not installed (boo#966841)
- These still have to be looked at:
  SUSE system as systemd only (boo#952844)
  handle list value for kernel options 
  correctly (boo#973413) 
  entry in pxe menu (boo#988889)
- This still has to be switched off (at least in internal cobbler versions):
  Disabling 'get-loaders' command and 'check' fixed. boo#973418

- Add explicity require to tftp, so it is used for both SLE
  and openSUSE (originally from jgonzalez@suse.com)
- Moved Recommends according to spec_cleaner

- Require latest apache2-mod_wsgi-python3 package
  This fixes interface to http://localhost/cblr/svc/...
- Use latest github cobbler/cobbler master branch in _service file
- cobblerd_needs_apache2_service_started.patch reverted, that is mainline
- Only recommend grub2-arm and grub2-ppc packages or we might not be
  able to build on factory where arm/ppc might not be built
- Remove genders package requires. A genders file is generated, but
  we do not need/use the genders package.

- Update to latest cobbler version 3.0 mainline git HEAD version
  and remove already integrated or not needed anymore patches.
- Serial console support added, did some testing already
  Things should start to work as expected

- Add general grub2 support

- Put mkgrub.* into mkgrub.sh

- Add git date and commit to version string for now

- Add grub2 mkimage scripts:
  and generate grub executables with them in the %post section

- build server wants explicite package in BuildRequires; use tftp
- require tftp(server) instead of atftp
- cleanup: cobbler is noarch, so arch specific requires do not make
- SLES15 is using /etc/os-release instead of /etc/SuSE-release, use
  this one for checking also
- add sles15 distro profile (boo#1090205)
- fix signature for SLES15 (boo#1075014)
- fix signature for SLES15 (boo#1075014)
- fix koan wait parameter initialization
- Fix koan shebang
- Escape shell parameters provided by the user for the
  reposync action (CVE-2017-1000469) (boo#1074594)
- detect if there is already another instance of "cobbler sync"
  running and exit with failure if so (boo#1081714)
- do not try to hardlink to a symlink. The result will be a
  dangling symlink in the general case (boo#1097733)
- fix service restart after logrotate for cobblerd (boo#1113747)
- rotate cobbler logs at higher frequency to prevent disk fillup
- Forbid exposure of private methods in the API (CVE-2018-10931)
  (CVE-2018-1000225) (boo#1104287) (boo#1104189) (boo#1105442)
- Check access token when calling 'modify_setting' API endpoint
  (boo#1104190) (boo#1105440) (CVE-2018-1000226)

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.




  • cobbler-3.1.2-bp152.4.3.1