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Recommended update for singularity

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-03-22
This update for singularity fixes the following issues:

singularity was updated to version 3.7.2:

  - Bug Fixes

    - Fix progress bar display when source image size is unknown.
    - Fix a memory usage / leak issue when building from an existing
      image file.
    - Fix to allow use of ``--library`` flag to point push/pull at
      default cloud library when another remote is in use.
    - Address false positive loop test errors, and an e2e test registry
      setup issue.

New version 3.7.1

  - Bug Fixes

    - Accommodate /sys/fs/selinux mount changes on kernel 5.9+.
    - Fix loop devices file descriptor leak when shared loop devices 
      is enabled.
    - Use MaxLoopDevices variable from config file in all appropriate 
    - Use -buildmode=default (non pie) on ppc64le to prevent crashes 
      when using plugins.
    - Remove spurious warning in parseTokenSection()
    - e2e test fixes for new kernels, new unsquashfs version.
    - Show correct web URI for detached builds against alternate remotes.

New version 3.7.0

  - New features / functionalities

    - Allow configuration of global custom keyservers, separate from
      remote endpoints.
    - Add a new global keyring, for public keys only (used for ECL).
    - The `remote login` commmand now suports authentication to Docker/OCI
      registries and custom keyservers.
    - New `--exclusive` option for `remote use` allows admin to lock usage
      to a specific remote.
    - A new `Fingerprints:` header in definition files will check that
      a SIF source image can be verified, and is signed with keys
      matching all specified fingerprints.
    - Labels can be set dynamically from a build's `%post` section by
      setting them in the `SINGULARITY_LABELS` environment variable.
    - New `build-arch` label is automatically set to the architecure of
      the host during a container build.
    - New `-D/--description` flag for `singularity push` sets
      description for a library container image.
    - `singularity remote status` shows validity of authentication token if
    - `singularity push` reports quota usage and URL on successful push
      to a library server that supports this.
    - A new `--no-mount` flag for actions allows a user to disable
      proc/sys/dev/devpts/home/tmp/hostfs/cwd mounts, even if they are
      enabled in `singularity.conf`.

  - Changed defaults / behaviours

    - When actions (run/shell/exec...) are used without `--fakeroot` the
      umask from the calling environment will be propagated into the
      container, so that files are created with expected permissions.
      Use the new `--no-umask` flag to return to the previous behaviour
      of setting a default 0022 umask.
    - Container metadata, environment, scripts are recorded in a
      descriptor in builds to SIF files, and `inspect` will use this if
    - The `--nv` flag for NVIDIA GPU support will not resolve libraries
      reported by `nvidia-container-cli` via the ld cache. Will instead
      respect absolute paths to libraries reported by the tool, and bind
      all versioned symlinks to them.
    - General re-work of the `remote login` flow, adds prompts and token
      verification before replacing an existing authentication token.
    - The Execution Control List (ECL) now verifies container
      fingerprints using the new global keyring. Previously all users
      would need relevant keys in their own keyring.
    - The SIF layer mediatype for ORAS has been changed to
      `application/vnd.sylabs.sif.layer.v1.sif` reflecting the published
    - `SINGULARITY_BIND` has been restored as an environment variable
      set within a running container. It now reflects all user binds
      requested by the `-B/--bind` flag, as well as via
    - `singularity search` now correctly searches for container images
      matching the host architecture by default. A new `--arch` flag
      allows searching for other architectures. A new results format
      gives more detail about container image results, while users and
      collections are no longer returned.

  - Bug Fixes

    - Support larger definition files, environments etc. by passing
      engine configuration in the environment vs. via socket buffer.
    - Ensure `docker-daemon:` and other source operations respect
      `SINGULARITY_TMPDIR` for all temporary files.
    - Support double quoted filenames in the `%files` section of build
    - Correct `cache list` sizes to show KiB with powers of 1024,
      matching `du` etc.
    - Don't fail on `enable fusemount=no` when no fuse mounts are
    - Pull OCI images to the correct requested location when the cache
      is disabled.
    - Ensure `Singularity>` prompt is set when container has no
      environment script, or singularity is called through a wrapper
    - Avoid build failures in `yum/dnf` operations against the 'setup'
      package on `RHEL/CentOS/Fedora` by ensuring staged `/etc/` files
      do not match distro default content.
    - Failed binds to `/etc/hosts` and `/etc/localtime` in a container
      run with `--contain` are no longer fatal errors.
    - Don't initialize the cache for actions where it is not required.
    - Increase embedded shell interpreter timeout, to allow slow-running
      environment scripts to complete.
    - Correct buffer handling for key import to allow import from STDIN. 
    - Reset environment to avoid `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` issues when resolving
      dependencies for the `unsquashfs` sandbox.
    - Fall back to `/sbin/ldconfig` if `ldconfig` on `PATH` fails while
      resolving GPU libraries. Fixes problems on systems using Nix /
    - Address issues caused by error code changes in `unsquashfs`
      version 4.4.
    - Ensure `/dev/kfd` is bound into container for ROCm when `--rocm`
      is used with `--contain`.
    - Tolerate comments on `%files` sections in build definition files.
    - Fix a loop device file descriptor leak.

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