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Recommended update for charliecloud

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-03-22
This update for charliecloud fixes the following issues:

Update to version 0.22.

  - “ch-image” can now push images to a registry, with the “push” subcommand
  - As a reminder, “ch-grow” has been renamed to “ch-image”. 
    The old name still works but will be removed in 0.23.
  - ch-image: new subcommand “delete”
  - ch-image pull:
    * now keeps some metadata from pulled image
    * now works with public images in nVidia NGC registry
    * setuid/setgid bits in pulled image now cleared
    * performance improvements for images with many whiteouts
  - ch-image build:
    * environment variables now kept from base image
    * SHELL instruction now supported 
  - several scripts now work correctly if image name contains slash
  - “sudo make install” now works correctly with restrictive umasks
  - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Update to version 0.21.

  - renamed the internal builder ch-grow to ch-image to reflect 
    its broader functionality. ch-grow still works but will be 
    deprecated in 0.23
  - ch-image unprivileged build workarounds using fakeroot
    now default to off and must be requested with --force; 
    the option --no-fakeroot has been removed. ch-image will 
    by default print a warning if it thinks --force might fix 
    a build failure.
  - ch-image pull now works with registries that use HTTP basic auth 
    and with images that use manifest schema version 1.
  - ch-image build has a new option --bind to bind-mount directories
    during build and COPY: improve symlink and directory handling 
  - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
  - Full changelog at https://groups.io/g/charliecloud/message/108

Update to version 0.20. 

  - improvement for unprivileged image build using fakeroot
    This feature can be turned off with “ch-grow build --no-fakeroot”
    Further details are in the ch-grow man page 
  - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
  - Full changelot at https://groups.io/g/charliecloud/message/107

Update to version 0.19. Two particularly notable changes:

  - ch-grow now supports multi-stage build (#768), which as always 
    is fully unprivileged. This represents a big step forward in 
  - ch-grow now has subcommands; what used to be plain ch-grow 
    is now ch-grow build, and ch-tug has become ch-grow pull.
  - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
  - Full changelog at https://groups.io/g/charliecloud/message/106

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