Update Info


Security update for froxlor

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-03-19
This update for froxlor fixes the following issues:

- Upstream upgrade to version 0.10.23 (boo#846355)
- Upstream upgrade to version 0.10.22 (boo#846355)

- BuildRequire cron as this contains now the cron directories
- Use %license for COPYING file instead of %doc [boo#1082318]

Upstream upgrade to version (boo#846355)

new features besides API that found their way in:

- 2FA / TwoFactor Authentication for accounts
- MySQL8 compatibility
- new implementation of Let's Encrypt (acme.sh)
- customizable error/access log handling for webserver (format, level, pipe-to-script, etc.)
- lots and lots of bugfixes and small enhancements

Upstream upgrade to version (boo#846355)

- PHP rand function for random number generation fixed in previous
  version (boo#1025193) CVE-2016-5100
- upstream upgrade to version 0.9.39 (boo#846355)
- Add and change of froxlor config files and manual
- Change Requires to enable use with php7
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  • froxlor-0.10.23-bp152.4.3.1