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Recommended update for keepassxc

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-03-05
This update for keepassxc fixes the following issues:

- keepassxc was updated to 2.6.4
  - Added
    - Automatically adapt to light/dark system theme changes
      (Windows/macOS only) [#6034]
  - Changed
    - Show window title as tooltip on system tray [#5948]
    - Compress Snap release as LZO for faster initial startup
    - Password generator: Set maximum selectable password length to
      999 [#5937]
  - Fixed
    - Fix crash on app close when using SSH agent [#5935]
    - Fix KDF selection showing wrong item when using Argon2id
    - Automatically close About dialog on database lock if it is
      still open [#5947]
    - Linux: Fix automatic launch at system startup with AppImages
    - Linux: Fix click-to-move on empty area activating when using
      menus [#5971]
    - Linux: Try multiple times to show tray icon if tray is not
      ready yet [#5948]
    - macOS: Fix KeePassXC blocking clean shutdown [#6002]

- from version 2.6.3 
  - Added
    - Support Argon2id KDF [#5778]
    - Support XMLv2 key files [#5798]
  - Changed
    - Improve CSV Import/Export, include time fields and TOTP
    - Support empty area dragging of the application window [#5860]
    - Display default Auto-Type sequence in preview pane [#5654]
    - Remove strict length limit on generated passwords [#5748]
    - Hide key file path by default when unlocking database [#5779]
    - Document browser extension use with Edge in managed mode
    - Windows: Prevent clipboard history and cloud sync [#5853]
    - macOS: Update the application icon to Big Sur styling [#5851]
  - Fixed
    - Re-select previously selected entry on database unlock
    - Properly save special character choice in password generator
    - Fix crash in browser integration with multiple similar
      entries [#5653]
    - Remove offset on username field in classic theme [#5788]
    - Ensure entry history is copied when drag/dropping entries and
      groups [#5817]
    - Close modal dialogs when database is locked [#5820]
    - Prevent crash when KeeShare modifies an entry that is
      currently being edited [#5827]
    - Improve preview of entry attributes [#5834]
    - Always activate/focus database open dialog preventing mistype
    - Reports: fix calculation of average password length [#5862]
    - Linux: Delay startup on login to correct tray icon issues

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  • keepassxc-2.6.4-bp152.3.17.1