Update Info


Security update for python-djangorestframework

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2021-02-25
This update for python-djangorestframework fixes the following issues:

Update to 3.11.2

* Security: Drop urlize_quoted_links template tag in favour of 
  Django's built-in urlize. Removes a XSS vulnerability for some 
  kinds of content in the browsable API. (boo#1177205, CVE-2020-25626)
* update Django for APIs book to 3.0 edition
* decode base64 credentials as utf8; adjust tests
* Remove compat urls for Django < 2.0

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  • python-djangorestframework-3.11.2-bp152.2.3.1
  • python-djangorestframework-test-3.11.2-bp152.2.3.1